Am Dating two very good friends (Page 17)

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katung44 at 07:13 AM, 4 Jun 12 (5 years ago)
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Congrats for admitting  that you are the Stereotypical Nigerian Man who lets his peen do his thinking for him. Seems like a good part of your relationship with women begins and ends in Bed. You will soon find out that when a hunter chooses to chase two antelopes heading in different directions at the same time, he will very likely go home empty handed and hungry. Carry go with your mission of self deception. I hope you do not find out all I have said the hard way.
Timola2 at 04:11 PM, 7 Jun 12 (5 years ago)
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U beta stop that kind rubish and only face one way be say is very ok for u and stop playing hanky panky kind of life
dickman2 at 07:46 PM, 7 Jul 12 (5 years ago)
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i see..
lee22 at 06:17 AM, 12 Dec 12 (5 years ago)
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loser hissss
Okey4beth at 08:08 PM, 30 Nov 13 (4 years ago)
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Guy its allowed but play by d rules, cover ur tracks and u wont get  caught in a cross fire
Rule 1: Nevr Cheat on ur babe and if u must never her close friends
Rule 2: wen rule 1 is breached then never admit u arin love cos u are not just follow ur heart
Rule 3: if ur heart fails de be d player, nevr let ur heart involve else u end up Land crashin
Rule 4: when u becom confuse Quit, anoda game may be advicable cos ur boat just find d bottom of d sea
Rule 5: let ur girlfriend nevr knw u ar cheatin on her cos u will nevr believ d remainin years of ur life
Rule 6: And if all dis fail u, tak a walk on d red sea and drown ur miserable sef cos u ar already a loser, u dont belongs 2 d cheaters world
Sheenor at 09:31 AM, 4 Dec 13 (4 years ago)
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Crazie @ alert

Jeninflower at 01:23 PM, 4 Dec 13 (4 years ago)
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sugarbaby2392 at 02:12 PM, 4 Mar 17 (1 year ago)
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24magic at 03:16 AM, 10 Mar 17 (1 year ago)
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Clap for yourself
officynero at 12:46 PM, 25 Sep 17 (5 months ago)
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