Adoption of Islamic Economy Is Sole Way To Reduce Inflation In Nigeria —Prof. Chika Aliyu (Page 2)

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xxxtacy at 03:26 PM, 27/05/2017 (1 year ago)
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Quote from: lawwy1 on 11:31 AM, 26/05/2017
Hi, i have been following this web for many years, I am surprised by the level of ignorance,  and hatred of people to other religion , tribal. People have been programmmed that nothing good come from Islam. I think we need to remove western programmming that have been bedelving us. Now , we are in era of knowlegde with internet in fronnt of . Pls google this, who started the first university, the first hospital in the world?. The answer will surprise u, may be the answer can remove some of the programming u are suffering
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