She Rejected His Marriage Proposal Because He Earns "Just" N180K per Month

at 04:51 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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A Nigerian guy and forum user, Duchez, took to media to share how and why his friend’s girlfriend rejected a marriage proposal.

Here is the post..
My friend just shared his story with me. I have advised him but I need your thoughts.
He met a lady around March this year and they became friends. He is an Accountant and works with a Federal Government Agency in Abuja. Along the line he asked her out and she insisted he finishes his ICAN before they can start dating.
Long story short, she later accepted to date him. Probably because he passed all but one of the exams in the Professional stage of ICAN. He recently invested some huge sum of money into a biz deal. He told me it was actually all of his savings and he would become a multi millionaire if the deal works out.
He decided to test this lady to find out if she will stick with him if the going ever gets tough (as a result of our insistence that the lady isn’t really into him). And so he told her that the deal he was working on had failed and that he has become broke. He said he will like to marry her and try to sustain themselves on his current salary of about 180k pending when things become better but she replied that she can’t marry someone who is earning 180k monthly.
She feels it would make her drop from her standard of living as she wants to live inside the city of Abuja and not in the outskirts like Karu or Kubwa. Mind you, her parents live in one of these places and the guy is not even thinking of living in anywhere beyond these places like Nyanya/Mararaba.
This guy loves this girl so bad and is a very hardworking guy. He is hoping to get promoted when he completes his ICAN and is even looking at getting a better job in a bigger Government Agency or a Multinational company. He is so distraught at what the lady said. We have advised him to forget about her and move on, but he is considering opening up to the lady that what he said about the deal was just a test in the hope to make her re-consider him.
Please, were we wrong with our advice? Meanwhile, this guy’s ex loves him like there is no tomorrow and she will gladly marry him even if he was earning 30k monthly but due to family pressure on him to marry a graduate and an Igbo lady, he broke up with her. Me thinks he can still persuade his parents to accept the lady.
If you were in our shoes, will you advice your friend differently?
Thanks for your comments. The lady earns around 180k but she mentioned that she spends around 300k when going shopping and she is scared she would no longer be able to do that if she marries him as she would have to contribute almost all her salary to maintaining the family.

proly at 05:14 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Let her go she dont live the guy
mirolam at 05:39 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Really, are ladies this vain. Quite shocking that a lady would say or think like this.
gogoman at 06:11 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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ha ha ha i just dey laugh when i read this mumu guy  life for street
ruthie at 06:15 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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kacylee at 06:16 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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na wa ooo... i bet she is a lazy maggot
abrakata at 07:33 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Change is permanent. You can predict what happen next. It's better for this guy to let go of this girl now that the handwriting is boldly written than gamble with it.
aikay4real at 08:25 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Story short, tell your friend to better leave her, nobody knows tomorrow. She has shown him the sign, better leave her now and go marry someone that loves you for you.
teral at 08:28 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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fernande13 at 09:30 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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please run away from that mayerial girl. Her thinking is too shallow. she will cause you alot of harm if you decide to stick to her.
fernande13 at 09:31 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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please run away from that mayerial girl. Her thinking is too shallow. she will cause you alot of harm if you decide to stick to her.
teral at 10:07 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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mo2014 at 10:32 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Please forget  about her......She is not for you.
benosky4 at 10:45 PM, 6 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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that dude is suffering from Bitch Dependency Syndrome (BDS),
I know niggs earning half that amount still maintains a wife and girlfrnds.
Advise; break free from that ogbanje and prosper.

willyking at 12:08 AM, 7 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Anther guy who is richer than ur guy is chopping her meate and spending more money on her simple... Tell ur guy to move on with is life simple ...
Azeezo at 12:42 AM, 7 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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saintony at 09:14 AM, 7 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Okay!! my question is simple, what is the Lady bringing to the "Table of marriage" ? what work does she do? how much does she earn ? or is shee only bringing her V*gina to the table ? .

believe me at some point in life no matter how much you have suffered try and have a real taste of life , hook up , get high,  phuck them b!tches like mad , pay them off (it's called experience) In most cases only after living this crazy kinda life styles that you will truly know what you want . The Guy doesn't know what he wants in Life , a grown ass man going crazy over an obvious B!tch.  open up to her , go on and marry her and you will die before your time . i rest my case .
Platinum1982 at 09:27 AM, 7 Dec 17 (1 week ago)
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Marry her and die b4 ur time, a wife lavish life style is the beginning of a man entire life failure, do u tink dis lady will plan wit u? do u tink dis lady can manage well anytin u have and worked for? do u tink dis lady wil respect u as a man and be submissive? do u tink dis lady wil accord a respect to any of ur fmly member who is not very rich? above all any of ur rich friend or neighbour can easily browse her if he's interested, Dont kill ursef bro! love or marriage is not by force. piece of advice. reciprocate love to one who truely love u n be happy.


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