Nigerian Girls Are The Most Gullible - French Tourist Reveals How He Slept With 1400 African Ladies

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at 08:02 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Many Nigerian and African women see all westerners as very wealthy people who can change their lives, hence a man has revealed his escapades with hundreds of women.
While speaking to an online news site, Africa24, a 40-year-old French tourist, Jean Michel, admitted that he impregnated more than 600 women in six African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana and Guinea, within two years.
His confession has been translated from French to English by Simon Ateba in Washington, District of Columbia and it reads:
“Good morning Africa 24, I have a confession to make about the havoc I have wreaked in six African countries, including Cameroon, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea. I am not proud of what I have done. These were unfortunate experiences.
“In France where I hail from, I did not have money. I was very poor until one day I played and won lottery. I won 550 thousand euros. It was the largest sum of money I had received in life.
“I did not know what to do, and a friend suggested we travel to Africa. We obtained all the documents, entry visa, and the rest, and our first stop was Ivory Coast.
“In Abidjan (the capital of Ivory Coast), we rented a furnished apartment. We had money to spend and met Ivorian people and we became friends. They introduced young Ivorian girls to us, and that’s when it all started.
“I began having sex with girls every day. Sometimes, I would sleep with three girls at the same time. It was a marvelous experience.
“I worried less about my health. All I wanted was to have fun. My friends and I were in a night club in the town every day looking for girls.
“One time, I met a girl and gave her money, and she told me to be engaged to her. She was ready to get pregnant for me. I don’t know whether it was the money they liked or the fact that I was from France that attracted them.
“I spent three months in Ivory Coast, spent 60, 000 euros and slept with more than 80 girls. After leaving Ivory Coast, I went to Togo where I slept with over 100 girls and spent 40, 000 euros.
“I spent three months in Togo and went to Nigeria. Nigeria was where I got more girls. I did not speak English, and it seems Nigerian girls love foreigners.
“I rented a furnished apartment in Nigeria and I was in Lagos for six months. I spent 100,000 euros and slept with 230 girls. Nigeria was the place I appreciated the most. Girls were always available and easy to deceive.
“From Nigeria, I went to Ghana, and then Cameroon and ended what I describe as my sex tour in Guinea. I was in those three countries for more than a year and spent over 200, 000 euros. If I told you I slept with more than 700 girls in those three countries, you won’t believe me, but it was unbelievable!
“In all, I slept with more than 1,400 girls in six different African countries. I have all their pictures in my photo album, including the dates we met, their names and phone numbers. I opened a Facebook account only for them.
“Since I returned to France, I have had more than 600 of them who told me they got pregnant for me. Some committed abortion, and I do not know exactly how many finally gave birth.
“Africa is a marvelous continent. Girls are beautiful and very sexy. All they want is a man who has money, and the worst is when he’s white.
“I realised that they love having mixed race babies. I do not know why, but many would do anything to get pregnant for you. 100 euros is plenty of money in Africa.
“To summarise, I went on a sex tour in Africa, I slept with 1,400 girls in two years and more than 600 got pregnant.
“I know many of you would judge me, but I do not care about your insults. I know that what I did is not good, but I enjoyed my stay in Africa, and I am planning another trip to Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Benin, Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo.
“The day after I returned to France, I went to the hospital for medical exams, and luckily, I was HIV negative, and I did not have any other infectious disease.
“My friend was also negative and we are planning another trip. I did not go to secondary school, so disregard my grammatical errors. Thank you for reading my story”
osarobo62 at 08:09 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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it's the same way black men screw your women when we travel no hard feelings
teral at 08:17 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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teral at 08:18 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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slimber at 08:24 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Useless white dirty man anyways I pity those girls that re after you and I hope you didn't go to Africa to spread diseases there.nonsense
ruthie at 08:25 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Mykie010 at 08:33 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Useless person
tonyigho at 08:35 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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You might not be lucky next time so keep it up. Wen dey kidnap u n beat you well well and take ur money den u go see Africa run no worry.
fineboy77 at 09:52 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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when i start to dey doubt this guys story na for where him talk say naija girls are the easiest to deceive. thats not true because i have been to many African countries too,i can communicate in french,English is basic so,i can tell you that naija babes are not easy to deceive.
favourita at 09:53 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Idiot fellow Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Ifybright at 09:57 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Girls and money... Una don see una life....  taaa
Sniper101 at 10:54 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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he said Nigerian women are the most gullible and yet he spent more money in Nigeria than he did in other countries.

why wasn't he able to take Nigerian ladies to bed, for free, since he said they were the most easy?

again, he said he slept with and impregnated about 600 women; which means he slept with 600 women without condoms and he's HIV negative?

well, its possible though

but what's not possible is where he said he didn't contract any sexual disease whatsoever ...that bit got me

so, I must say, this guy is either a clown, a joker or he's just a miscreant
Bebold at 11:38 PM, 21 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Please come to nigeria again for more girls
WhaleDog at 01:08 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Let me know when u making ya next trip Paris boy .It is true African girls are so stupid in d head .No exceptional ,Pls do not disregard this guy confession ,our girls will sleep with anything in white color or anything carrying a foreign passport .If in Africa just bcaz they know u from foreign country dem am open it d most sexy way for u ,bang bang bang ! !! No lie

proly at 01:35 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Nawaooo white irritates me guy's are the best especially my nija brothers i still cherish them
willyking at 07:17 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Shame to all our kidnapper if na better person now who come do better business una go kidnap am, now see idiot wey come useless una sister una no feet catch am collect all him gamble money una phyuk up Angry
Zadok1 at 07:25 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Quote from: slimber on 08:24 PM, 21 Feb 18
Useless white dirty man anyways I pity those girls that re after you and I hope you didn't go to Africa to spread diseases there.nonsense
African girls especially Nigerian should admit that they are Gold Diggers, paper chasers
nature7888 at 08:28 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Quote from: osarobo62 on 08:09 PM, 21 Feb 18
it's the same way black men screw your women when we travel no hard feelings
No hard feelings ma guy, maybe he is a novice in some doings. at least he spent money on them, so wats the big deal?
nature7888 at 08:31 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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Clap for your self you have done well. at least I am sure some of them made money from u. Enjoy spending your Lottery money. Brokeness will soon be knocking on you again. try and go to sch. you might do better next time.
Jeonleon at 11:30 AM, 22 Feb 18 (3 weeks ago)
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If you're one of the girls this lowlife slept with, bow your head in shame!.... 'Desdemona Complex' according to Achebe.
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