women comparing themselves with men, why? who gain?

at 12:18 PM, 23/11/2010 (7 years ago)
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these day, women are giving reason why they flirt around, both the married and single.
my guy married a lady, after some years in the married, they guy was seduce by one of these ladies of easy virtue. they did it.they did it. he asked his wife for forgiveness, she accepted and still set out to do her own. during a heated argument with the hubby over the issue, she said,to the hubby, havn't u done it before? what's there? the hubby decided that, ok, i will go back to the person i did it with, u can go back to ur man, case close, marriage over. she refuse that she want her marriage. the hubby divorce her and remarry, but the lady is still single today. her man didnt want her her, they bobo want a fresh single lady to settle down, not a second. let me forget the rest of the story. who gain in this situation? have she achieve anything from compering herself with her x-hubby?

this is one of the problem we are facing today, women are taking over the negative aspect of a men, instead of praying/ advising them to change. these days, is all abt equality, want a man can do a woman will do better? women in politics, women emancipation, women this, women that. i think women should understand their divine rule given to them by God and leave men to do theirs.
all of this has not help our society. i blame americans and the western world for this.  american has no moral values, no societal or family values. we should not emulate them. 


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