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Mummy's Boy Naeto C Calls Mum To Arrest Event Organizers Over Money Issue

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Topic: Mummy's Boy Naeto C Calls Mum To Arrest Event Organizers Over Money Issue (Read 15745 times)
nametalkam (6149) On
Gistmaniac (m) | 2 years ago

Wesley Hotel in Benin was the venue for the talked about – Love Concert 3 which was billed to feature Terry G, SoundSultan, Gandoki, Naeto C and other A-List acts for the 5th of November. All other acts behaved as expected except Naeto will not allow any media house have him on their Red carpet on the basis that he was only paid to perform and not to be interviewed.

Then, after he’s being lodged in his hotel and the time came for him to climb the stage. He asked for his return ticket fee which the organizers – EhiGlad entertainment said wil be paid immediately after his performance afterall his artiste fee which was 500,000 had been paid in full already but Naeto would hear none of it saying he had done the payment already and only needed a refund in physical cash.

After all pleadings fell on deaf ears, the show went on without him & after the show the organizers asked for a refund insisting not to allow him leave until a return was made there by the artiste but Naeto C placed a call to his mother – Mrs Kema Chikwe, Petroleum Minister & within minutes security operatives including the Police, SSS et al got down to effect his release. The rap artiste also claimed that his 6000 dollars plus a Bold 5 Blackberry phone could not be found and so they arrested the organizers & Hotel owner who was part of the sponsors of Love Concert 3. They both later effected their release yesterday.

Naeto C, yes boss, Shikena, dont mess with the son of an ex-minister.

But anyway Naeto C is still a big fool at the end of the day

8 Nov 11, 09:11 PM
Sodman4luv (443)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago


8 Nov 11, 10:04 PM
toibeli (4532)
Gistmaniac (m) | 2 years ago

If the story is true, Naeto is a small boy playing men's game Embarrassed

8 Nov 11, 10:10 PM
Wisdomross (3)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago

Oppresion...i didnt knw dat neato could be dis foolish..just a kid.

8 Nov 11, 10:16 PM
nuraini (21)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago

make una leave d mumu's boy abg shikena.. D guy is alredi 10/10..

8 Nov 11, 10:17 PM
babyleslie (1532)
Gistmaniac (f) | 2 years ago

 Shocked Shocked mama's boy..

8 Nov 11, 10:38 PM
Edagentle (21)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago

Neato C, if this be true, then . . . You don fall my hand big time, this is not power, it proves you'r still mummy's boy. Blackberry nii Blackberry kor  Mtchewww, nonsence.

8 Nov 11, 11:00 PM
mixbrown (887)
Upcoming (f) | 2 years ago

Poster, point of correction the event 'love concert 3' was in HEXAGON not Wesley hotel.

8 Nov 11, 11:04 PM
mixbrown (887)
Upcoming (f) | 2 years ago

Quote from: babyleslie on  8 Nov 11, 10:38 PM
Shocked Shocked mama's boy..

dont mind him

8 Nov 11, 11:08 PM
mixbrown (887)
Upcoming (f) | 2 years ago

He didnt perform, Yes....... but bcos of return ticket? am disappointed! The event still rocked without him though.

8 Nov 11, 11:33 PM
smallboy10 (183)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago

 Grin Grin Grin Grin

8 Nov 11, 11:45 PM
ugoma79 (99)
Newbie (f) | 2 years ago


9 Nov 11, 12:22 AM
Majestic3xd (506)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago

Naeto Chikwe, y call Mumy wen geez like us are here....u screwed men...

9 Nov 11, 12:37 AM
Majestic3xd (506)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago

dont kill your carrier my brother, b4 every go dislike/avoid you then you start begging for shows like some fomer big artist are doing now..... use your head, play cool n b good for d sake of your fans cuz no1 stays up for too long... u even lucky you were not a story to tell... Huh? Huh?

9 Nov 11, 12:47 AM
bismarkie (3)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago

cant phyuk wit a big boy

9 Nov 11, 01:27 AM
dourthing (332)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago

Na sleep dey naeto C eyes na we nor get mum .......fool all him mate dey street dey hustle him still dey do omo mummy

9 Nov 11, 01:49 AM
escapedprince (3162)
Gistmaniac (m) | 2 years ago

yeye boy!!! you think say na only you get big shot mama, ewu ohia!!!!

9 Nov 11, 02:02 AM
flameo (69)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago


9 Nov 11, 02:41 AM
osasu83 (420)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago

d opresion  continu in 9ja i be de tink am say as i open my club 4 london na him i go cal 4 d openin  but guy u don knock

9 Nov 11, 02:44 AM
sylax (131)
Upcoming (m) | 2 years ago

Well Nigeria has always been a failed state. If Obama's little daughters phyuk up today, Jails are yawning to welcome them, if he try talk he'll get impeached too. F**k minister, president, prime minister everyone deserves a fair treatment.

9 Nov 11, 02:53 AM
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