1. SWORDMAN on: 'This Tailor Is Wicked"- Uche Ogbodo Share..
    You self wicked how can you ask her to sew this kind of clothes for you when you know how very com.. (13 minutes ago)
  2. SWORDMAN on: ‘I Don’t Care About Marriage, I Want To Be Happ..
    I will comment when you turn 40 then I will know if marriage isn't your priority (15 minutes ago)
  3. angelzizi on: ‘As Long As They Didn’t Kill Anyone, Stop Dismi..
    This lady's reasoning and mentality is sooo Nigerian!! Always turning a blind eye to evil wit.. (22 minutes ago)
  4. angelzizi on: 'This Tailor Is Wicked"- Uche Ogbodo Share..
    ;D  ;D ;D ;D but seriously this ain't funny  ;D (27 minutes ago)
  5. angelzizi on: "Stop Killing Men Due To Jealous & Emb..
    That culture has long expired ma.  Most children born in polygamy suffer a lot due to jealous.. (30 minutes ago)