1. Jiiitk4 on: Photos Of FIFA President Presenting No 10 Jerse..
    What about the Short? Let him appear in the complete outfit tomorrow. Buhari Vs insurgency. (1 minute ago)
  2. Jiiitk4 on: Just In: States Will Collect VAT Southern Gover..
    Let there SOUTHERN REPUBLIC. No more BIAFRA or ODUDUWA REPUBLICS. (5 minutes ago)
  3. OmoNobaUku on: We Will Give Goodluck Jonathan Chance to Contes..
    He won't be daft enough to fall for that bait and be disgraced again at the polls. because he.. (12 minutes ago)
  4. OmoNobaUku on: God Forbid! Reno Omokri Reacts To Rumors Of Goo..
    Why APC would want Jo-o-nan-tan is beyond me. He is neither an electoral asset nor a politician wi.. (13 minutes ago)
  5. OmoNobaUku on: Nnamdi Kanu Sues Kenya Government For Illegal A..
    Kanu who is behind cars haven't sued anybody. It is self-serving charge and pay lawyers repre.. (15 minutes ago)