1. WESTSIDER on: VIDEO: "If My Husband Cheats On Me, I Will..
    Madam may you not marry a cheat. You never see something. (5 minutes ago)
  2. dopygenius on: #JusticeforBarakat:"Expose My Daughter’s K..
    Na wa ohhhhh,chai,chineke nna mere anyi ebere ni'ihi na ndi ojo abatala obodoMadam ejoö,Allah.. (7 minutes ago)
  3. Kormeijama on: “F*ck All Pastors, Imams And All So Called Men ..
    Tuba you're a buffoon and  this could be the beginning of your end. Stop this your rabid.. (12 minutes ago)
  4. Oways on: Check Out The Amazing Lifestyle Of Billionaire ..
    What are is contributions to the society? (20 minutes ago)
  5. kacylee on: Soon It Will Be Wheelchair - Kemi Olunloyo Wish..
    this woman na real broad daylight witch (36 minutes ago)