1. molala77 on: Princess Shyngle Jumps Into A New Relationship,..
    Lol..... Keep acting like a kid. (46 minutes ago)
  2. molala77 on: Close Shave: Man Narrowly Escapes From Lover's ..
    [quote author=gogoman link=topic=497494.msg5714713#msg5714713 date=1620928902]na woman dangerous p.. (47 minutes ago)
  3. gogoman on: Baba Ijesha Will Remain in Custody Till Court W..
    but na bailable offence u can't just hold am.. take am to court na  ::) ::) ::) (59 minutes ago)
  4. gogoman on: Angry Mob Descend on Woman Accused Of Stealing ..
    she won turn to winners over night  ::) ::) ::) ::) (1 hour ago)
  5. gogoman on: Popular Instagram Comedian Craze Clown Hails Do..
    cos u no get money na why u humble!!  (1 hour ago)