1. KazirLucidity on: Nigerian Singer, Barry Jhay Reveals Late IK Dai..
    Hmmmm (5 minutes ago)
  2. nikiniki on: POSTED WITH MOBILE APP
    [quote author=orunmilaifanla link=topic=490075.msg5700253#msg5700253 date=1615202528]Some marriage.. (24 minutes ago)
  3. nikiniki on: Actress, Maryam Charles - It Is Hungry Fans Tha..
    Not hunger it's poverty. (26 minutes ago)
  4. nikiniki on: “I Would Never Join My Wife To Bring Down My Fa..
    True. I never heard of ex-family. Plenty of ex-partners! (37 minutes ago)
  5. kacylee on: Fans React As Burna Boy's Name Is Omitted In Th..
    Lobatan! may be we go hear word small, just nomination he almost tore down the continent.. nonsens.. (38 minutes ago)