1. gogoman on: Footballer,Kayode Olanrewaju's Wife, Dora Break..
    He should have gone through with it as soon as he pulled the knife on ya!!  ::) ::) ::) (15 minutes ago)
  2. gogoman on: Emirate Time Bomb, Hold FG Responsible For Viol..
    ::) ::) ::) (18 minutes ago)
  3. gogoman on: Amsterdam Police Detain Singer, Nicki Minaj For..
    Leave my babe alone!!!! I bought her ticket in January cos on the 28th Tuesday she will be at O2!!.. (19 minutes ago)
  4. gogoman on: Manchester United Beats All Odds, Defeats Manch..
    i was so happy lol we finally won something  8) 8) 8) UNITED FOR LIFE  8) 8) 8) no fight.. (24 minutes ago)
  5. gogoman on: National Hajj Commission Announces Airlift Of 1..
    Hajj Mubarak  8) 8) 8) (26 minutes ago)