1. taypetdun on: "Come To Daddy” - Nkechi's Ex, Opeyemi Fal..
    Try Yoruba ladies and leave Igbo ladies alone, why are you running away from your people? (27 minutes ago)
  2. Dopybadass on: How Man Loses His Motorcycle During S3x Romp In..
    It was his time of pleasure to satisfy and patronize an ashawo,na why they come steal his bike ,ab.. (45 minutes ago)
  3. Benti247 on: Who Owns Lagos? Isheri Monarch Counters Oba Of ..
    The Binis own Lagos . PERIOD. Yorubas are Land Grabbers who overwhelmed the Binis with population .. (55 minutes ago)
  4. Kormeijama on: Edo 2024: There Is No Annointed Candidate – Gov..
    In Nigeria, that's a very normal. didn't  failed Buahri  anoint Ti-fi-bu aka A.. (1 hour ago)
  5. Benti247 on: Asari Slams Oba of Benin, Reveals Ijaw Army Fer..
    Fool. Look at his mouth. What does he know?  Over rating his inconsequential ijaw tribe.. The.. (2 hours ago)