1. smart61 on: Nigeria's Foremost Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Anu Of..
    [quote author=nikiniki link=topic=466158.msg5645051#msg5645051 date=1593823050]Did she forced them.. (1 minute ago)
  2. Fedchara on: “My Husband Looked Like A Farmer When We Met” –..
    DID HE ALSO LOOK LIKE A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED MAN? Spare me the crap, if he wasn't a billionai.. (1 minute ago)
  3. trulyval on: Man, Paul Eris Gives Taxi Driver Who Bashed His..
    Baba u2 much. God bless. If na election,  u don win already. (8 minutes ago)
  4. Goldtime on: US Court Confirms The Arrival Of Hushpuppi In C..
    [quote author=Olandetujaa link=topic=466177.msg5645049#msg5645049 date=1593820848]Too bad if he ha.. (27 minutes ago)
  5. felicilin on: “My Husband Looked Like A Farmer When We Met” –..
    how would u have morning sickness when ur pregnancy didn't come in a normal process. abeg shi.. (33 minutes ago)