1. dopygenius on: Slay Queen Beaten Mercilessly At Shopping Mall ..
    Shameless set of African ladies with their abounded fake detrimental life style...Borrowing a dres.. (2 minutes ago)
  2. dopygenius on: "I Joined Cultism To Bring Shame To My Fam..
    Oya take him to the correction center,he pose and many of his kinds pose a high risk to innocent p.. (5 minutes ago)
  3. smart61 on: Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Of 3 Yrs Afte..
    [quote author=Baye77 link=topic=466192.msg5645076#msg5645076 date=1593850546]Imagine small pikin t.. (15 minutes ago)
  4. olowoinlionsden on: Nigerian Law School Illegally Paid N32m Into Cl..
    Hmmmm, a case of a policeman being a practicing Armed Robber. (23 minutes ago)
  5. ikpotokin on: Man, Paul Eris Gives Taxi Driver Who Bashed His..
    You are a man and not like those fools that called  themselves politicians (36 minutes ago)