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41  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: What You Don't Know About The Newly Appointed Acting IGP, Usman Alkali on: 6-04-2021 10:02 PM
So, IGP  post is a most for the Fulanis no other tribe is qualified
42  Forum / Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar Is'nt Qualified To Be President Because He's Not a Nigerian - Abubakar Malami on: 6-04-2021 04:01 PM
You, Malami and Buhari, are you Nigerians, foreigner calling another person foreigner
43  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: It's Slip Of Tongue! Tinubu Makes U-Turn After Saying Govt Should Recruit 50M Youth Into Army on: 30-03-2021 09:43 PM
Yoruba, sleep of tong, Hausa/Fulani, figure of speech, Igbo nko?
44  Forum / Politics / Re: "I Am Not A Negotiator Of Bandits" - Sheikh Ahmad Gumi on: 30-03-2021 12:33 PM
You are, and , infact, instigator and benefactor of the proceeds
45  Forum / Politics / Re: Video Of Justice Umar Danladi Publicly Assaulting And Brutalizing Security Guard At Abuja Plaza on: 30-03-2021 12:30 PM
Buhari appointment, people who don't know what it means to hold public office, and because of money senate approves devoid of due process. Why won't they behave like animals!
46  Forum / Politics / Re: "Women Are Far More Intelligent Than Men" - Rotimi Amaechi on: 28-03-2021 03:14 PM
That is why you are not performing well in the south as an Olodo, uncoordinated as you are. It's good you have opened up
47  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: Police Arrest Sixteen IPOB Members With Guns, Bombs In Various Parts Of The Country (Photos) on: 28-03-2021 03:10 PM
Nigerian police and their lies, the same arms and ammunitions displaying every time
48  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Top Liberian Celebrity Chef Leaves His Babymama With a Bleeding Face After a Quarrel (Photos) on: 28-03-2021 11:14 AM
You will still go back to him, someone who has no value of life, no sign of appreciation, no contribution to the family, yet he has the audacity to lay hand on you. That shows he is heartless and can kill. Sometimes ladies go on unwarranted infatuation to their detriment. Men are to provide while women are to help out. Better leave that he-goat and move on with your kids before you die early.
49  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Auditor General Of Nigeria Cries Out Over The Missing Of ₦521b & Another $21b Meant For TSA on: 27-03-2021 02:20 PM
A-G, better go and collect the money where you people kept even if it means killing the mystery snake. It is too much for you thieves. look at how Nigerian citizens are suffering and just few greedy humans are squandering resources. You must know how the money got missing, no smoke without fire
50  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Aggrieved Nigerian Soldiers Protest Over Unpaid Allowances In Borno, Shoots Sporadically on: 27-03-2021 02:09 PM
past service chiefs must be brought to book. How do you expect soldiers to fight with empty stomach, their families suffering and confronting insurgents with ancient weapons. Why is the APC government giving political coverage and faking information in Nigeria, yet they want to remain in power. Is that how the country is to survive and move forward. rather than fighting insurgents the army is after secessionists as if they are the cause of insecurity in the country. The military have no strategic plan to fight the insurgents hence the mis-carriage of justice on the secessionits, no focus, no vision just perambulating and enriching themselves with security votes. It will dawn on us when the insurgents becomes a ruling government in Nigeria
51  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: Magistrate Orders Lawyer To Be Handcuffed, Jailed For Interrupting And Challenging Him on: 23-03-2021 03:39 PM
Indeed, there was a conspiracy and the magistrate seemed biased on the case. The NBA  should look into the case. A case of Fulani and the south is  breeding in Nigeria
52  Forum / Politics / Re: Imo Gov. Hope Uzodinma Threatens To Arrest Any Protesting Teachers Insisting Over Unpaid Salary on: 19-03-2021 11:26 PM
People without blue print to politics vie for position to steal and not for service to humanity.  Just couple of weeks Ihedioha  was governor, workers and pensioners were smiling, they forgot the punishment meted on them by Okorohausa. Now , the court governor has taken IMO workers and pensioners back  to 'Egypt'
The wicked will never go unpunished, and the tears of the poor will send the rich to hell fire
53  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: President Buhari Reveals That Money Made From Mining Is Used To Fund Criminal Activities on: 17-03-2021 11:33 PM
Name the criminal activities and the money apportioned to each. Transparency matters in democracy
54  Forum / Politics / Re: President Buhari Names Abuja Expressway After President Of Niger on: 17-03-2021 03:56 PM
Indeed, Niger Republic is taken over Nigeria. A well perfected plans are being implemented
55  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Man Claims His Wife Gave Him permission To Cheat So Far He Doesn't Impregnate Anyone on: 16-03-2021 03:20 PM
That means she is into that, too. permitting you is giving herself more freedom and silencing you
56  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Young Man, Adeniyi to Forfeit his Car to Federal Govt as He Gets 3 Months Jail Term For Fraud on: 9-03-2021 11:53 PM
forfeiting car to federal government, and who is the 'federal government'?  All those properties and monies recovered, where are they, with the ghost federal  government
57  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: APC Youth Leader, Babangida Sadiq Adamu Marries Two Wives Same Day In Abuja (Photo) on: 7-03-2021 11:44 PM
No face mask, no social distancing but other ethnic groups will be arrested for violating pandemic rules
58  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: BREAKING! Notorious Herdsmen, Iskilu Wakili Arrested In Ibarapa, Oyo State (Video) on: 7-03-2021 04:26 PM
Police and APC government will still set them free, the best  would have been jungle justice
59  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Federal Govt Of Nigeria To Spend N10.6bn To Transport COVID Vaccines Nationwide on: 7-03-2021 01:56 PM
Which kind of special transport would that be? Yet civil servants are suffering, lecturers demand not met, soldiers are deserting, settling  bandits is now lucrative business with Sheik Gumi as negotiator, what is the Nigerian society turning to be? Corruption comes in varied forms and becomes acceptable norm; which no one queries. Government without vision, the people will perish.
60  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: Nigerian Soldier & Girlfriend Caught Supplying Ammunition, Uniforms To Bandits In Zamfara on: 5-03-2021 11:16 PM
He must be one of  those bandits pardoned and enlisted into the army for that purpose. Those bandits in the army should be flushed out if not things will get out  of hand that is why Buratai said  it will take 20 years to subdue the bandits as he has planted them for special task. Yet Buratai is made ambassador when  he failed the nation, we should be careful and watch out
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