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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: TB Joshua VS Octopus Successor on: 21-05-2012 12:25PM
Nigeria Pilot has made a mess of their reporting. The story is upside down. Please, do not use this newspaper as a model for professional journalism. A self-respecting journalist would check the facts before publishing rubbish.

The facts can clearly be checked on Emmanuel TV which broadcasts LIVE to millions of homes around the world.

The prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua can be seen there:
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / TO BELIEVE OR NOT TO BELIEVE YOUR GOSSIP on: 28-05-2011 08:28PM
Ignorance takes all they hear and read without questioning it. Is this how we choose to live? By letting anonymous people spoonfeed us whatever garbage they feel like until we die from gossip gluttony? Find out the truth for yourself! Stand up and take control of what you believe! Ignorance is not bliss - it's the kiss of death.

Go see T.B. Joshua for yourself and come to your OWN conclusion. How will this generation be any better than the last if we refuse to investigate, to seek, to discover on our own. Heaven help us!
3  Forum / Religion / Re: our pastors dont preach salvation again rather it prosperity.why. on: 23-05-2009 02:57AM
It is always good to confirm our beliefs in the light of God's Word - especially concerning men of God for they are God's anointed.

But there is one pastor I know who truly confesses Christ before the world, the fullness of the gospel and the integrity of the revelation of Jesus Christ. He preaches to those who are not convinced so that they may be convinced. He preaches to those who are convinced that they may be converted. He preaches to those who are converted that they may continue their relationship with God in the same way they began it, by trusting Jesus Christ. His confession, like every true believer's should, causes people to walk in the faith life.

He has shown a living example of Jesus Christ in every aspect of his life.
He is TB Joshua of Lagos, Nigeria.

See him here -
Hear his words -
Decide for yourself.
4  Forum / Religion / Background of TB JOSHUA? on: 22-05-2009 05:53AM
Just who is TB Joshua?

I have sat somewhere, heard this and that -- and just before I came to a hasty conclusion --- turned to my naijapals to help me answer my question.

Who is TB Joshua?

Some say he's a charlatan, some say he's a messiah - what do you say?

Some say he healed them of blindness, some say he delivered them from demons - what do you say?

Some say while they were buying private jets, he was buying homes and food and health care for the elderly and physically challenged - what do you say?

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Who is TB Joshua?
What do you have to say?