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he can leave
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na today dem don dey chop our money
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[verse 1]

Bang, Meezy is back in the game

smoke in the air like he THE GAME

runnin dis shit like THE LIL WAYNE

Pull out my dick and just pee on flame

man am so hot and ur so lame

am a wild beast dat u niggas cnt tame

this is ma shit u phyuker cnt claim

if ur shit is bad at ur skully ama aim

life is a movie and da after life is a video game

dis is da real shit and u niggas stinck of shame

ma shit is diamond and it has a golden frame

phyuk that shit Im superbad I dont give a hoover damn

Im a diamond in da rough like a baby in a can

You a rookie to me

I’m in dat wam bam purple Lam’ damn bitch you been a fan




nigga ur time is up

wr dem hoes at

tell`em i sait wassup

all i wanna do is

go up up up



[verse 2]

am wild as a lion

and calm as the ocean

ma shit is dope

and urs is broken

mine is real

urs is stolen

Meezy F baby and da F is for FOLLOW

so phyuk u bitch i roll and u follow

all of ya are bitch ass wannabe

ur alive cuz of me

so motherphyuker pay ur livin fee

do u want a cup of tea?

well kiss ma ass

cuz u aint gettin anythin 4 free

those wise ass niggas say life is a tree

i say life s a bitch so ama count 2 three

cut da bullshit and check out ma diamond teeth

this is ma show motherphyuker sou go and take a seat

Meezy got the smoke and Sweezy got the heat

some say most but i say least

got them bitches all over da place u can call it a feast

killin every shit steelin every shit like TOKYO heist


[verse 3]

every bad bitch luv me me am Young Money

ama tell ya smthin dat sounds kinda funny

i eat her honeypot up and it tasets like honey

and i like pink jst like da nose of a bunny

i do ma best but its still so sunny

tell`em pop dat honeypot 4 me pop dat honeypot 4 me

 so shout hola if u can hear me




nigga ur time is up

wr dem hoes at

tell`em i sait wassup

all i wanna do is

go up up up






ama kill everybidy wid ma cash money knife

i wont take da cash but i will take da wife

I mean maybe she won’t

Then again maybe she will

I can almost guarantee she know the deal,

Real nigga wassap
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5  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Rap Battle (Page 71) on: 28-07-2011 10:47 AM
im not a human being remix ( lil sweezy ft lil meezy)
by Hossam Magd on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 8:02pm

lil sweezy


i am not a human being

ugg call me lil tunch

im the whole tree nigga ur just a branch

where is my lunch

i kill every body just cuz i got a hunch

nigga i got that thang

not just the sun tan

i got no clues like the desert sand

me and my band kill all of yall

i only phyuk blonds coming soon

these niggas aint shit lil sweezy is

i wont phyuk u grl

even if u said plz

i never study but i always pass da quiz

lil sweezy on the biz phyuk that grl liz


now im bck on my blaz

u know y its too hot thats my infra red rays

shit phyuk with me and get it

next time ur wife wont even have kids ( dead)

just do it my nigga i just did

i kill every nigga who says my shit aint big

ya dig, this year ill do it bigger then any mother phyuker who ever did


I am the Rhyming Oasis

I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it

I got my foot on the line I'm not racin'

I thank God that I am not basic

I am not basic

I am not a human being


Uhh, rap star baby

Now get to my crib and we will play luxor baby

honeypot ass nigga u said im lazy

Ok that got me up now look im blazing

Hater on flame

cuz ur shit is still da same

Ur so lame

and I phyuk yall like damnn

nigger don’t blame

lil sweezy is all pain

im running this world

cuz im phyukin insain

uhhh, swag on infinity

lil sweezy, kill it just by being me

slowly like a remedy

all my game is penalty

god forgive me but the devil is in me

my words will tie u

and don’t even try to

imitate my shit special like dat mother phyukin ty food

young money baby we da shit like so cool

im in da stars boy in da pool cuz I rule

I stand tall like a muthaphyukin 9'2

I scream motherphyuk you and whoever design you

And if you think you hot then obviously you are lied to

And we dont die, we multiply and then we come divide you.


I am the Rhyming Oasis

I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it

I got my foot on the line I'm not racin'

I thank god that I am not basic

I am not basic

I am not a human being


lil meezy

screw dis magazines my GF is a better girl

marl got the weed phyuk this shit is borin girl

strong arm rap like a nigga did a hundred curls

rosk star beeatch check out how we rock

this is our hip hop phyuk off with your knee drop

my dick is on the top

and it will never be dropped

i dont like candy unless its from your mommies sweet shop

sittin in my hog with that key rock

im smooth not pete rock

and i get money every day when the 3 pops

still get a stomach ache every time i see cops

and i dont give a phyuk bitch if you rock

not even if your shirt says punk rock

i can your phyukin name using my pre-cum

colder than a ski shop

im still on over THE top and if you come to my place you will be phyuked


i spit on this rhyming phrases

i took your phyukin wine and i wont place it

i got my foot on the line im not racin

i thank god im not basic

im not basic

6  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Rap Battle (Page 55) on: 28-07-2011 10:40 AM
sweezy is not feeling gd


lets do this

(excuse my slang + cursin )

im mad

about to go bad

but hey call me that shit

like im waring da devils hat

who ate ur taung da cat ?

when i called dat bitch she came and sat

then i kicked dat nigga da rat

i got too much money im fat

i phyuk grls even in da chat

im a night owl a bat

ok im goin in

fresh out da shit

party on da jet

ur phyukin with da best

hater ur on hit list

frm phyukin depressed

to i phyuked da test


nigga im on top of dat tree

in da birds nest

i finished

never mother phyuker

cuz i still exist

i can rap all day

and still be better den da rest

i got one

hear this out

i will say this out loud

i am phyukin proud

and yall haters can keep goin round

im the greatest that has been ever found

u will never find a thing that sound

like lil sweezy no boundres

nigga u do my laundry

ok wait last but not least

i am a phyukin beast

over da stars

cuz i am one
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Rap Battle on: 17-05-2011 09:08 AM
Reachn ecstacy wanna kiss,she hissed,she said say chesse                                                                                                                                              i said holla wat d phyuk  please miss u're behavn childish lik ma niece,                                                                                                                              y dont u just get it done am flying high pls dont shoot me down....                                                                                                                                 4rm dusk till dawn dis bitch grow wild llk she is acting porn...........