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201  Forum / Politics / Re: PROGRESSIVE OR ISLAMIC PARTY ? on: 15-01-2015 09:02 PM
It doesn't matter what you say, APC is the change that we need. You better join the people for CHANGE so that you are not left behind.
202  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Buhari's Touching Message This Morning on Security and Baga Killings on: 14-01-2015 12:53 AM
If Buhari is truly the one behind Boko Haram, why Jonathan government arrest and prosecute him? For the majority of GEJ supporters are saying he is the one sponsoring Boko Haram...A guy that does not have 1 million Naira in his account, how can he sponsored? Goodluck can not do that, they are the one causing the confusion in North, so that election will not take place their, because they know that Buhari will beat them badly in coming election.
203  Forum / Politics / Re: Some Thugs In Plateau State Set GEJ's Campaign Bus On Fire [See Photos] on: 11-01-2015 06:04 PM
I know PDP will come out soon accusing APC of organizing the attack...The end is near for GEJ and the crooks looting our money.
204  Forum / Politics / Re: Joseph Benjamin Spotted At GEJ’S Rally After Supporting Buhari On Twitter on: 10-01-2015 07:36 PM
All of you Nollywood should relocate to Ghana when Buhari wins, because there will be no free rides into politics for you. Thieves everywhere, people that suppose to be a good ambassadors to youth are very corrupt.WHAT HAVE JONATHAN DONE TO STOP PIRACY IN YOUR INDUSTRY?
205  Forum / Politics / Re: Lagos Gov. Fashola Condems Pres. Jonathan’s Speech at PDP Lagos Rally on: 10-01-2015 07:32 PM
Jonathan is just throwing jabs in his campaign, instead of telling us what he did for 6 years and what he will do for Nigeria if re-elected again...Nigerians open your eyes very well and sharp your brains...Like Ogunde said...YORUBA RONU! Not only the Yorubas now, but the entire nation.
206  Forum / Politics / Re: Buhari Can’t Remember His Phone Number – Jonathan on: 10-01-2015 07:25 PM
GEJ is an educated illiterate. Instead of telling Nigerians his plans and how tackle the problems arises, he's using his campaign as an avenue to attack people...Throwing jabs everywhere.He have Ph.D certificate, but not the brain. Brainless man!
207  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Exclusive: Jags Exposes Buhari's Dirty Past As Head Of State On Twitter [Tweets] on: 10-01-2015 07:07 PM
No matter the Blackmails, Buhari will win the election convincingly.
208  Forum / Politics / Re: Buhari Not Too Old To Lead Nigeria — Dele Momodu on: 7-01-2015 07:05 PM
On the match again, looking for Mr President. Buhari is our man, and anybody that doesn't want him to get their will eventually perished with Badluck.
209  Forum / Politics / Re: Catholic Secretariat Disowns Mbaka, Asks Enugu Bishop To Caution The Priest on: 6-01-2015 06:06 PM
Truth Hurts!

210  Forum / Politics / Re: Buhari Dresses Like GEJ at the Ongoing APC’s Portharcourt Mega Rally (Photos) on: 6-01-2015 06:00 PM
President Buhari, we love you. You are hope and dream!
211  Forum / Politics / Re: ''I Consulted with Adeboye Fully before Accepting APC VP Nomination'' - Osinbajo on: 5-01-2015 05:18 PM
We need God in Nigeria, and the only way he can intervene in our situations is through one of his disciples, and we give him the glory for the nomination of Osinbajo.  God is going to perfect everything that concerns Nigeria through him. Nothing wrong in men of God joining politics. It's a good development.
212  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: PHOTOS: Pastor Adeboye, Buhari, Fashola At The Lagos State Annual Thanksgiving on: 5-01-2015 12:26 AM
Quote from: benjamin4show on  4-01-2015 09:42 PM
This is why Nigeria is no longer moving toward .the men of God that are suppose to be praying for the country are now politicians and they will be biased in their prayers
Stop talking trash about the man of God if you don't want to see the wrath of God, Christianity is a religion of peace and not hatred, and it doesn't prevent us to extend hands of fellowship to our Muslim Brothers.
213  Forum / Religion / Re: “God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists” – Oyedepo on: 4-01-2015 11:54 PM
Jonathan spent only 4years look at what he did despite the problem & pressure from the BOKO HARAMIST & his opposition party including OBJ himself but with all this pressure Jonathan was still able to do  lots for this country..... I personally believe Nigerians should appreciate for ones in their life...... All the illletrate Ex leaders, if they were like Jonathan or have atleast minimum level of education , Nigerian would'nt have be like this today..... Fact!
I think you are the illiterate, and need to be educated because you are blind...And i decree into your life that you and your love ones will continue to leave the life that you are leaving now under Jonathan for the rest of your life IJN. Amen. So shall it be!
214  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Chibok Girls Will Return In 2015 - Tunde Bakare Prophecizes on: 3-01-2015 07:33 PM
Guys watch your mouths against the man of God. Let us wait and see if this will happen, after all we are already in 2015.
215  Forum / Politics / Re: Obasanjo And His APC Gangsters Will Be Arrested & Prosecuted –Minister Of Police on: 3-01-2015 07:21 PM
Look at this local Brass...JELILI Oniso. You will eat your words after GEJ is done using you and dump you. OMO ALE!
216  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: LMAO!: Kim Kardashian's Daughter "North West" Features In Yoruba Movie [Photos] on: 3-01-2015 05:25 AM
Guys open your eyes and brain, this is not real.
217  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: LMAO!: Kim Kardashian's Daughter "North West" Features In Yoruba Movie [Photos] on: 3-01-2015 05:24 AM
This is Photoshop guys.
218  Forum / Politics / Re: Jonathan's New Year's Message Is Deceptive - Yoruba Forum on: 2-01-2015 04:46 PM
Buhari/Osinbajo is the solution!
219  Forum / Politics / Re: Blame Buhari For Lagos Traffic – Jumoke Akinjide on: 30-12-2014 10:16 PM
People keep calling Buhari a poor man, a man that's making 2 million naira a month without stealing oil money. As a matter of facts, that's the kind of man that we need, someone that already know poverty will understand the suffering of the masses.
220  Forum / Politics / Re: Blame Buhari For Lagos Traffic – Jumoke Akinjide on: 30-12-2014 10:12 PM
See one of Goodluck concubine...If Buhari did terminated the Lagos Metroline projects initiated by Jakande...Do you know how many PDP Presidents that ruled after Buhari? How come they can not re-instated the projects? ODE, MUMU.!
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