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Quote from: Rihannaaa on  5-12-2012 12:28 PM
Undecided still pb4

hmmmm....... my bad...... didnt knw...... Grin
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AKPORS:the boss interviewed 4 girls for a Secretary position. He asked the same question to each one of them. And the question was: A woman has lips in two different places on her body, what is the difference between the two lips?

1st Girl: One is hairy, the other isn't. Boss: Ok, Good! 2nd Girl: One can talk but the other can't. Boss: That's better 3rd Girl: One is vertical and other is horizontal. Boss: Hmmmm...Very clever 4th Girl: One is for me to use and the other is for my boss. AKPORS: You are hired:::::start work 2morrow............... Wink
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Quote from: KINGJHOE on  4-05-2011 11:27 AM
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Quote from: KINGJHOE on  4-05-2011 11:27 AM

sure mahn..... guess u only saw it
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easy na...... every guy wuld wanna be d third party..[meanin it wuldnt be his own chick] nd likewise gals.......
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Demn!!!!!.......... datz crazy
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Quote from: Hutlikfire on  7-05-2008 11:17 AM

i thot u said ur current woman don't let u outdoors....

She probably asks him everytime he inserts JT in.... "Osituga do you love me?" He pants Tongue Tongue Tongue "Yes!! Yes!!  Yes Ma!!" She then replies

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Wuld luv 2 giv u points mahn or gurl................ but u shuld knw dis,......... d Gospel has  different versions of christ,s life.......mattew, mark, luke,....... a sensible persn wuld knw dat dey were written by different people based on wat dey tot dey heard or knew........ dey neva came 2geda 2 write d gospel........
3: u cnt predict God
4: did u read d galatians 4rm 1 - 10?.... i dnt tink so.... or probably u didnt read 2 understand bt read 2 condemn... ( behavin lyk a sec skul studnt determined 2 find fault in teacher nd failin 2 undastand)
plant as meat:.... REASON MAHN!.. U nid sense of reasonin...... wen u say meat, doesnt literally mean beef,etc.. bt sumtin u 'eat'
snake & dusts... yeah... dey literally eat dust cos dey crawl and also if u nid anoda explanation.... livin tin end up as dusts.. snakes eat meat nd d rest bt nt grass
4 d last point,... U,re daft.. d day adam nd eve ate d fruit was d day man became CONDEMNED 2 DEATH........ sumhw.. u nid 2 go for sunday skul lesson or sumtin else dat,ll make u reasn wella.. nd nt jst bring out sentences.........
Mahn.. u gonna be condemned or crucified by me{if i still got tyme 2 prove tins 2 u} or others who'll practically call u a dumb, daft..{by now, u shuld knw wrds 2 classify people who talk}...... NO hard feelins mahn... jst go re-read nd reasn nd undastand ur bible..
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WELL............... datz no reason 4 u 2 ignore ur guy..........
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cool though.... hp it pays off wen she's also got anoda guy doin same