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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Believe In Or Not: This 64-Year-Old Farmer Has Not Slept For 30 Years (PHOTOS) on: 7-03-2014 07:29 PM
Believe it or not, but a 64-year-old Thai Ngoc has not slept since having got a fever in 1973. Simple calculations allow to conclude that he has spent 11,700 consecutive sleepless nights. This is how the always awake Thai feels about his strange condition: "I don’t know whether the insomnia has impacted my health or not. But I’m still healthy and can farm normally like others." Providing evidence of his good health, the man boasts he can carry two 50kg bags of fertilizer down 4km of road to return home every day.

Except for having a minor decline in liver function, the sleepless farmer is in perfect state, medical examination showed. His wife laments, however: "My husband used to sleep well, but these days, even liquor cannot put him down." According to Ngoc, at night he does extra farm work or guards his farm to prevent theft, which seems like one of the advantages of the disorder.
2  Forum / Politics / US Beautician can’t spell president Obama’s name correctly, see her Tweet on: 7-03-2014 06:57 PM
When a young British beautician realised relations between Russia and Ukraine were worrying, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter.
Without pausing to check her facts, or her spelling, Gemma Worrall, 20, wrote: ‘If barraco barner is our president, whey is he getting involved with Russia, scary.’
Within hours, Miss Worrall, from Blackpool, was trending in countries around the world as her message was retweeted thousands of times.
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Saudi lists Muslim Brotherhood as ‘terror’ group on: 7-03-2014 06:52 PM
Saudi Arabia listed Friday the Muslim Brotherhood of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi as a terrorist organisation, along with Syria’s two main jihadist groups, according to Al-Arabiya television network.
The jihadists listed are Al-Nusra Front, which is Al-Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a rogue group fighting in both Syria and Iraq.
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Tennis coach killed by hit and run driver at Auchi on: 7-03-2014 06:45 PM
A middleaged man was on Friday crushed to death by a hit and run driver near the main gate of the Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, in the Etsako-West Local Government Area of Edo.
The deceased, simply identified as the Chief Coach of the Esan Recreation Club in Ekpoma, Edo, was crushed to death on Friday at about 3.30 p.m. while on a motorcycle, on his way to the motor park.
The incident was said to have angered the youths, who took to the streets and set ablaze a trailer loaded with cement.
Officials of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) later arrived at the scene and dispersed them with teargas.
Mr Musa Ikpea, the Captain of Afenmai Recreation Club, Auchi, who was at the scene, identified the deceased as the Coach of the Ekpoma branch of the club.
Ikpea said the deceased was in Auchi to train lawn tennis players and that he was on his way to the park on motorcycle and was crushed by the trailer driver, who later ran away.
“The coach came to Auchi to train some lawn tennis players at the SETRACO Club, Auchi.
“I got a call that the man had been hit by a trailer, and on getting there, I met his dead body,’’ he said.
Some FRSC officials were directed to deposit the body of the deceased in a public mortuary at Auchi, while they also made attempts to contact his family.
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Ethnic crises claim over 534 lives in Nasarawa state on: 7-03-2014 06:40 PM
More than 534 persons, including security personnel, were killed during different ethnic clashes in Nasarawa between December 2012 and September 2013, the Justice Joseph Gbadeyan Judicial Commission of Inquiry has said.
Gbadeyan is the Chairman of the Judicial Commission into the Killing of Security Personnel at Alakyo village in Lafia in May 2013.
Submitting the commission’s report to Gov. Umaru Al-Makura, Gbadeyan said properties worth over N2.3 billion were destroyed during the crises, adding that 40 persons sustained various degrees of injury.
According to him, the casualties included members of the Nigeria Police Force and the Department of State Services (DSS), adding that there were no available evidences on 143 others who were allegedly killed.
He said that the commission received 22 memoranda from individuals, groups and communities and took evidences from 89 witnesses during its public sittings.
He also said that 65 exhibits were tendered and admitted by the commission during the sittings.
Gbadeyan commended the support of the state government and all stakeholders to the success of the assignment.
He expressed hope that the findings and recommendations of the commission would ensure justice and peaceful co–existence among all ethnic groups in the state.
Receiving the six-volume report, Al-Makura thanked the commission for a job well done, and assured that the report would be studied with a view to implementing its recommendations.
Al-Makura explained that the setting up of the commission became imperative following the killing of scores of security personnel and the incessant clashes in the state.
He said that the aim was to bring perpetrators of the killings to book to serve as deterrent to others, and to also dispel the aspersion being cast on the image of the state.
“No stone would be left unturned in the implementation of the commission’s recommendations,” he said.
Nasarawa State Government inaugurated the nine-member Judicial Commission of Inquiry on June 26, 2013
The commission was to unravel the immediate and remote causes of the crises that led to the killing of scores of security personnel in Alakyo village in Lafia on May 7, 2013.
The commission conducted its public sitting between July 22 and Nov. 11, 2013. (NAN
6  Forum / The Buzz Central / My hubby can marry more than one wife if he wishes – Foluke Daramola on: 7-03-2014 06:00 AM
Busty Yoruba actress, Foluke Daramola remarried last year  amid controversy after her first marriage to her ex-husband, Mr Sobowale crashed.  Though, she was accused of being responsible for the sudden collapse of the marriage of a female pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Olubunmi, as she went ahead to get married to the woman’s husband, Kayode Salako. But in this interview, Daramola, set the record straight, wondering why any man would want to drive away his ex-wife because of another woman. She also explains why they are not in a hurry to have more children.
You recently celebrated one year of your marriage, how has it been?
I can’t just thank God enough for bringing my ‘crown’, Olukayode Ezekiel Salako to my life. He has made me a contented and complete woman.I feel the best I can feel in life, I am very delighted and happy for having one of the best men of our time as my hubby.

In one of your Blackberry posts, you said  people could not believe your marriage would last a year: why?
Yes. That was what I posted. The reason for that is simply because of the controversy that surrounded our marriage and another reason is the general belief  that celebrities, especially the ladies, don’t sustain their marriages. So, our marriage lasting a year is a sign that  haters and critics got it all wrong about us and are shocked and surprised to see us growing stronger everyday.
What’s the difference between this marriage and your previous one?
Firstly, I was very naive and immature in my  first marriage. I will say, I was desperate because many of my friends were getting married then and I thought marriage was the ‘in-thing’, so, I guess I didn’t really know who and what I was going into.
But this one is based on spiritual conviction,true love, deep and mature understanding between two adults in love, ready to be together forever. We have both been married before and I guess that helped us to love and appreciate each other.
What do you love most about him?
What I love about my hubby most is his generosity,his heart and the fact that my husband is very clean in all he does.  My hubby doesn’t do shady deals or things that would not dignify a responsible man, and Kayode has conscience in all he does. He’s the definition of the kind of man I will love to have in my life again and again.
He’s also a very intelligent and hard-working young man  and he’s an expressionist. When you offend my hubby and he’s upset with you, he just spills it out and that’s it, he will even forget you guys ever had  issues in a matter of hours.
Though Kayode can  assert himself sometimes like most men do or tend to nag  but in all, I thank God because he’s very kind-hearted and  a good man.
Our readers will want to know how you and Mr Salako met and got hooked?
We never started out as lovers. We are both activists,my platform is called AARA, Action Against Rape in Africa,and he runs Fasholamania platform and Change Agents of Nigeria, he was just starting Change Agents of Nigeria and he needed a popular face to identify with the platform and I was introduced to him by a casual friend of both of us that knew what we both do in activism. We met and we discovered we have a lot in common, and the rest is history.

There is, or was a general notion that he chased his wife away because of you?
It’s not something I want to discuss, because my husband has told me sternly not to discuss his former marriage on the pages of newspapers. He’s capable of marrying more than one wife if he so wishes, so, I don’t see how or why he has to chase his wife out for me.
Besides, did he chase her or she left of her own volition? or then,  should  I say the person my ex hubby is married to chased me out of my former home as well? Well, I decided to walk out of my former matrimonial home for personal reasons.
I don’t know much about my hubby’s ex wife’s issue,  he is in the best position to talk about that, though, sadists and people that are just out to look for people to join them in their misery will always want to drag my name in what’s  not my business and can never be my business.
My hubby is very capable of taking care of his personal business and he is doing that to the  best of my knowledge.  He has a perfect relationship with his ex and his children and we have a wonderful relationship too,so people should just mind their business and leave us alone.
Are you going to have more children after your own two kids and your husband’s children?
We are both not in a hurry, because we have five already; my hubby has three and I have two and they go to quite expensive schools. We are not under any competition for  kids, even if we are going to have kids, it’s not an immediate plan,it will be later when we are both good and ready for  it. For now, our focus is to give the ones we have quality lives and expand our businesses and do our humanitarian works which we believe very much in. Furthermore,  I have to further my education with a doctorate degree.
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Landlord jailed for assaulting tenant on: 7-03-2014 05:54 AM
A Chief Magistrate Court in Surulere, Lagos on Thursday sentenced a landlord, Samuel Olofin, 60, to six months imprisonment, but allowed him to go home, having spent more than a year in prison custody.
Mrs O. Olajuwon, the Magistrate, said that Olofin’s discharge was in view of the fact that he had been in prison custody for the past one year since his arraignment.
She said evidence was established against the convict and was found guilty as charged.
Olofin, a landlord, was found guilty of assaulting his tenant by hitting him with a padlock on his forehead.
The convict was arraigned on Jan. 27, 2013 on a charge of assault.
When the trial started, he pleaded not guilty and was granted bail in the sum of N40, 000 with a surety in like sum which he never perfected throughout his period under custody.
The Prosecutor, Insp. Gabriel Ekundayo, had told the court that Oloifin had on Jan. 24, 2013 at No. 46, Sanya St., Aguda, Surulere, assaulted his tenant, Mr Nnanna Nnalue.
He also said that the convict wanted Nnalue to vacate his house and when an argument ensued between them, Olofin used a padlock and hit him on the forehead.
The prosecutor said that the offence committed contravened Section 171 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 2015: Why Nigerians ‘ll vote for Jonathan – Nanaghan on: 6-03-2014 10:30 PM
Mr Ben Nanaghan is a Media Consultant and a public affairs commentator. In this interview, he explains why President Goodluck Jonathan should be given a second term. Excerpts:
What is your opinion on the recent removal of four ministers by President Jonathan. Do you think the move is in the right direction?
My impression of the President is that of a man who cannot be stampeded into taking decisions. His maturity, astute reasoning and measured temperament are part of his defining personality.
The opposition and some Nigerians castigated the president for not sacking Princess Stella Oduah on the spot during the Oduahgate scandal.
Nigerians must be patient to stay on the same page with their president as Jonathan is not a military president who acts on the spur of the moment. Odi and Zaki-biam are good examples here.
However, this is not to say that the other three ministers were also sacked. For instance, Godsday Orubebe-the Minister of Niger Delta affairs, Caleb Olubolade-Minister for Police Affairs and the Minister of state for Finance, Dr. Yerima Ngama all have political ambitions, which they want to pursue. They have all done excellently well, even Princess Stella Oduah who unfortunately fell in evil hour to indiscretion.
What is your opinion on the National Conference,  do you think there should be no-go areas?
I have always harped on the fact that the National Conference with its present template will be the icing on the cake of President Jonathan’s political achievements.
The real opponents of the conference are those die-hard critics of the president, who would rather stab him at the back than jointly build an economically prosperous nation.
It is however heart warming that leaders from the region met recently in Ibadan and all supported the conference. The aim of the National Conference is for us to sit down on a round table to solve our peculiar problem as ethnic nationalities and groups.
Do you think Nigeria’s unity is negotiable as is being canvassed in some quarters?
The Federal Government has made it abundantly clear that the only no-go-area of the National Conference is the indivisibility and indissolubility of the nation called, Nigeria. This simply means that the geographical entity called Nigeria is not negotiable but every other aspect of its existence that could fast track a great peaceful prosperous nation is negotiable.
Our political progenitors did not have this golden opportunity to dialogue and so late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who believed that every Nigerian child should be educated was frustrated by the very slow pace of education and development in Northern Nigeria which led him to describe Nigeria as a mere geographical expression.
Remember that the late Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto also described Nigeria as a historical mistake.
Why do you think Nigeria should vote for President Jonathan for a second term?
Let me start by informing you that Jonathan’s profile is soaring by the day. In July 2013 the President was rated 53 per cent by Nigeria’s authoritative pollster – NOI polls. By August of the same year, he soared up by four notches scoring 57 per cent. Forget APC’s Jonathan haters and bashers who depend only on rigging elections.
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Tragedy hits Anambra, car crushes seven Awka pupils on: 6-03-2014 10:22 PM
Anambra State on Thursday at the Umuokpu Junction along the old Onitsha-Enugu Expressway, Awka, when a Toyota Camry lost control and ran into about 30 students of the Community Secondary School, Umuokpu, Awka, and Union Secondary School, Amawbia.
About seven of the students were feared to have been killed in the accident, while 10 others were critically injured, with head, limb and body injuries.
The students had just closed from school and were waiting in their numbers to board a bus home at the spot where the accident occurred when the car ran into them.
One of the victims was an old man, who had his right leg broken, his right eyes cut open and a whitish substance oozing out of his forehead.
One of the students feared to have been killed in the accident was crushed in the head.
Another of the victims was trapped under the belly of a commercial bus that tried to avoid colliding with the ill-fated Toyota Camry.
The car also crushed the stands of people selling fruits, food items and recharge cards around the scene of the accident and left several women injured.
The entire atmosphere was charged as sympathisers, amid crying, scampered about to rescue the victims. The road was littered with items, fruits and destroyed tables and umbrellas on which they were previously placed.
The driver of the car, who was also injured in the accident, was able to climb out of the mangled car. He went back inside the car, retrieved some valuables and crossed the road to catch a cab to wherever he was headed.
Men of the Federal Road safety Corps arrived the scene 20 minutes afterwards. But the victims had been taken away to nearby hospitals, one of them was the Enugwu-Ukwu General Hospital. The FRSC men proceeded to tow the car away.
The Anambra State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr. Hyginus Omeje, who confirmed the story of the accident, said he was waiting for his men to give him the details of the accident.
The Old Onitsha–Enugu road has become the preferred alternative route to the dualised expressway for many motorists after the state government reconstructed it.
10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Spoilt 18 Year Old Sues Her Parents For Support After She Ran Away on: 6-03-2014 10:17 PM
Rachel Canning (left) turned up to Morris County Court, New Jersey, yesterday dressed in her school uniform and pearls for the first hearing in her sensational case against her parents (right) who she claimed 'abandoned' her and owe her money. But her hopes were dampened when Judge Peter Bogaard read an expletive-laden and vicious answer phone message left by Rachel, from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, to her mother, Elizabeth, and said: 'Have you ever in your experience seen such gross disrespect for a parent? I don't see it in my house.'

Rachel, who is suing her parents for 'abandoning' her has made sensational claims that her mom calling her 'fat' and 'porky' led to her suffering bulimia and that her former police chief father dad used to get her drunk and kiss her inappropriately. The judge denied any immediate claim for cash and adjourned to a later date - but warned her there appeared to be insufficient evidence to support her claims so far. The judge added: 'what is the next step...are we going to open the gates for a 12-year-old to sue for an Xbox, a 13-year-old to sue for an iPhone... what about a 15-year-old asking for a 60 inch TV?' Her mother and father, Sean, broke down in court as details of how their family was torn apart were read out. The judge today blasted Rachel for being disrespectful to her parents. When Judge Peter Bogaard read an expletive-laden and vicious answerphone message left by Rachel to her mother, Elizabeth, in which the girl said: 'I wanna s*** all over your face', he said: 'Have you ever in your experience seen such gross disrespect for a parent? I don’t see it in my house.’ The judge, sitting at Morris County court added that Rachel had given her mom and dad, Sean: ‘The proverbial f you’. He also warned he must consider the 'slippery slope' where 'we open the gates for a 12-year-old to sue for an Xbox, a 13-year-old to sue for an iPhone… what about a 15-year-old asking for a 60 inch TV?'

Rachel, who is suing her parents for ‘abandoning’ her has made sensational claims that her mom calling her ‘fat’ and ‘porky’ led to her suffering bulimia and that her former police chief father dad used to get her drunk and kiss her inappropriately. In shocking legal documents submitted to the court, the honor-roll student said her parents’ behavior contributed to her developing an eating disorder at a young age and saw her weight plummet down to 92 pounds. Rachel, who has two younger sisters moved in with the parents’ of a friend and is now suing for child support, medical bills, college expenses and legal fees. She states that her parents have a combined yearly income of between $250,000 and $300,000 and she is entitled to $654-a-week in child support. Her parents have also refused to pay $6,000 owed in school fees for her Catholic High School. Her parents claim their daughter ran off to stay with friends when she turned 18 because she refused to abide by rules they had set down, including to stop dating her boyfriend. But today the judge clearly took a dim view of the lawsuit. He said: ‘What kind of parents would the Canning’s be if they didn’t try to set down some strict rules? ‘I’m not going to put myself in anyone’s shoes, he’s (father Sean) trying to raise a child. It’s clear to me all the positive qualities Rachel obviously has, in terms of sports and academics, but I’m not going to step on a father for how he tries to get his child on the right tracks when she has obviously come off the tracks, to put it mildly.’ When summing up later he denied all immediate financial claims, including monthly maintenance, private school payments and legal fees. Summing up, Judge Bogaard said: ‘The court was called upon to find whether immediate financial relief was needed… It is not necessary…. ‘We have to ask ourselves, do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in constant fear of enforcing the basic rules of the house. If they set a rule a child doesn’t like, the child can move out, move in with another family, seek child support, cars, cell phone and a few hundred grand to go to college. ‘Counsel, also needs to ask themselves, what is the next step…. Are we going to open the gates for a 12-year-old to sue for an Xbox, a 13-year-old to sue for an iPhone… what about a 15-year-old asking for a 60 inch TV…. ‘I want both counsels to think of the potential slippery slope here.’ He added: ‘I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize this family and Rachel in particular is well worth the effort to salvage or attempt to. Source: Daily Mail
11  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Grieving Woman Wins Right To Marry Her Dead Fiancé on: 6-03-2014 09:15 PM
A grieving French woman has been granted permission by the French President to marry her former fiancé, who tragically died in 2012, just a month before they were due to wed. The marriage is possible thanks to one of France's little known laws. In a few weeks time a heartbroken French woman will stand alone before the mayor of her village for what will be an emotional ceremony, the likes of which are rarely seen. It was revealed this week that after an agonising wait the woman, named only as Pascale, from the town of St Omer in northern France has finally been granted her longstanding wish by France's head of state, to marry her former partner Michael posthumously. The pair, who were together for six and half years, were initially due to get married in June 2012, but just one month before the ceremony, Michael suffered a heart attack and died. Stricken with grief Pascale vowed to carry on with her plans. “Although he is gone, he is still my man,” Pascale told France Television this week.Woman Wins Right To Marry Dead Fiancé She decided to make use of a little known and seemingly strange French law that allows someone to marry a dead person in special circumstances.

Pascale’s job was to convince the President of France that her’s was a special case and that her love for Michael went beyond the grave. It took four letters to the president and 20 months of waiting, desperately hoping for a positive response. “I wrote with my heart, I went beyond just simple words and it was accepted,” she said. In a few weeks time she will stand alone before the mayor of her town with a photo of her former partner, in what will no doubt be an emotional ceremony. But despite the pain she will finally be able to begin mourning. “I will be his wife, I will carry his name,” she said. The legislation that allows posthumous marriages stems back to when a dam burst in 1959 and killed 420 people in southern France. A pregnant woman who lost her fiancé was so upset President Charles de Gaulle penned a law allowing them to be married. However, the authorities require proof the couple planned to marry before one of them died. Despite the legislation existing for many years, posthumous marriages in France are fairly rare events, with around 50 taking place each year.
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Dame Jonathan’s pastor goes to jail on: 6-03-2014 06:37 AM
In October 2011, the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, was in South Korea as a participant in an international conference on church growth organised by Yoido Full Gospel Church, the largest Pentecostal church in the world. The photo-op that accompanied the report captured Dame Jonathan kneeling before the founder of the church, Pastor David Yonggi Cho; her bejewelled hands in his hands.

The First Lady was enacting what has come to be recognised as what she and her husband do best since they got to office – a public display of godliness that turns every church pulpit into a soap box. In the photo with Cho, she cut the perfect image of piety and religious devotion, but only if you didn’t know better.

Fast forward two years. She returned to South Korea to collect an honorary doctorate from Hansei University. The university said it honoured her for her “many good causes” and that she was a “defender of the poor” in Nigeria.

In her citation, she was described as “a humanitarian who has dedicated her life to working for the less privileged in Nigeria and Africa especially for women and children.” The irony of celebrating her philanthropic activities does not factor into account that as First Lady she had no business doing what the state is mandated to do for its citizens, let alone being honoured for the same. The entire affair would have been just laughable if it were not curious that her other side, the political part of hers, which has earned her opprobrium, is not available on the Internet for any and everyone to read.

Dame Jonathan, on her part, received the “award” with “surprise.” She said she was just “doing her own thing” in Nigeria not knowing someone faraway in Asia noticed. She promised to do more good works with God’s help.

The interesting part of Dame Jonathan’s honorary doctorate was that the awarding institution is co-founded by Cho, the same man of God she visited two years earlier. Cho is even the Chancellor of Hansei. He described her as “selfless” in order to justify the honorary doctorate.

Recently, Cho was, wait for it, sentenced to jail for corruption. And that was when some things about the award and the way they showered her with empty praises began to make sense.

To say every man has a price is jaded philosophising. What is news here is that for 14 years, an elder in Yoido Church said he beseeched Cho to end his unethical practices. Despite praying for many nations and individuals, Cho could not do the needful for his own salvation.

Cho, 78, has been a pastor far longer than Nigeria has been an independent country. He started his church in 1958 in the midst of an economic crisis. Both the country and the church rose to prosperity together. His church boasts some one million members/attendees. Cho is a prosperity preacher who took his own message too seriously.

Now, he has been convicted of financial misappropriation to the tune of $12m and directed to pay back $4.6m. He was also stamped with racketeering and tax evasion, and subsequently sentenced to three years imprisonment. He should be going to jail with his first son, Cho Hee-Jun, a mini-Cho whose list of sexual scandals and financial impropriety is longer than a leg but his sentence is suspended.

Three losers here: Nigeria for wasted resources devoted to the “prayer” photo-op; Dame Jonathan for being a dupe and, Cho for his crimes.

South Korea, in this story, is clearly a winner.

It takes moral courage to “touch the Lord’s Anointed”, especially one that has become a cultural icon like Cho. Who would have dared that in Nigeria? Cho says he has learnt that the pursuit of materialism is useless. Quite a humbling experience for a man who has spent decades preaching about God but the takeaway is that he was taught this lesson.

He will hopefully spend the rest of his life learning that being called by God does not immune one from responsibility. If he were a Nigerian, this might be a needless lesson because here, pastors get away with non-accountability and even boast about it. Last year, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA church, Abuja, was accused of marital infidelity. This alone should be enough for the church to investigate him to demonstrate moral standards existed in their church.

What did Fatoyinbo do when the story broke? He trivialised the allegation and fibbed during a church service. In one breath, he said God told him not to respond. Moments later, he said he was packaging a “robust reply.” Since then, he has not deemed it fit to tell us whether he had sex with his church member or not. He continues to pastor his church to the background song of devoted worshippers who throw around Bible verses about not judging another man’s servant. The point, however, lingers: If we fail to question our pastors’ excesses, we will carry over the same attitude to our political leaders.

People try to draw a line between the two vocations saying pastors are called by God, and not elected by people. What they forget is that we carry over attitudes from spiritual spaces to the secular. By the way, since pastors/churches have become a huge part of Nigeria’s political culture, they are no longer sacrosanct. Who holds them to account on issues of corruption?

It is bad enough that Nigerian churches and mosques do not pay taxes, they still get import waivers thereby denying the country revenue. Who says because they preach against sin they cannot be corrupt? Cho has pastored for longer than half of the world’s population has existed, yet he still used the devil (or the devil used him, whatever!). Who still thinks that “anointed-ness” immunes you against your own human failings?

The family that established global televangelism through satellite station, Trinity Broadcasting Network, racked up a massive corruption record that would make even the devil quake with envy. We know these things because they live in relatively accountable societies. In Nigeria where pastors are never pressured for their “robust reply,” how do you keep them in line? And which agency can develop the balls to start scrutinising the activities of these “men of God” when the President and his wife openly fraternise with them?
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / I raped my daughter to get a job –Father on: 6-03-2014 06:35 AM
A 42-year-old father, Pedro Anegbe, has told an Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court that a spirit asked him to rape his 15-year-old daughter to get a job.

He said the voice ordred him to rape the girl shortly after he lost his job and was idle at home.

Anegbe was arraigned on two counts for defiling his 15-year-old daughter (name withheld) at their home on Ifelodun Street, Fatolu Ipaja, Lagos State.

The Investigating Police Officer, Sergeant Bakare Murtala, told the court his findings in the course of investigation.

Murtala said, “The defendant is the biological father of the girl. She told us her father had sexually harassed her. We questioned him on his daughter’s allegation and he confessed to the crime. He said he had raped her twice.”

The magistrate, Olanrewaju Olatunji, asked Anegbe why he raped his own daughter.

The father of three said, “I am actually living with my wife and three children. I have two girls and a boy. She is my first born. I have had sex with her just two times. The first was on January 27, 2014. But I cannot remember the date of the second one.”

On how it all began, he said, “I did it because I thought it was God talking to me, but later I knew it was an evil spirit. The voice said I needed power. To get the power, the voice said I must damage some things.

“I started destroying the clutch and brake of the vehicle I was given to drive. Then the voice told me I should stop delivering money to the owner of the vehicle after each day’s work. I stopped and I was sacked.

“I became idle after I lost my job. The voice came again, saying I should have sex with my daughter or else I would not get another job. That was why I slept with her.”

However, despite his admission, the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape.

He also told the court that he wanted his case tried at the High Court.

Olatunji said, “You have confessed that you raped your daughter, why then did you still say you were not guilty of the crime after the charge was read to you? Don’t you understand the charge or what is the problem?”

“I am just forcing myself to talk, because the voice said I should not say anything,” Anegbe said.

His defence counsel, Rasaq Adeyemi, citing Section 115 of the Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011, prayed the court to admit him to bail in liberal terms since he was still presumed innocent until proven guilty by the court.

In his ruling, the magistrate said, “This is a bailable offence, but it is a family matter. The defendant is to be remanded in prison pending legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecution.”

The matter was adjourned till April 4, 2014.
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Obj @ 77: No Record for my Real Birthday- Says Obasanjo on: 6-03-2014 05:46 AM
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo who was 77 year-old today (Wednesday) confessed that he had no real record of his birthday.
Obasanjo said he could not give an actual date of his birth, attributing it to his parent’s inability to have it documented.
The ex-president spoke at his 77th birthday ceremony held at the ampi-theatre Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.
Obasanjo, who took a retrospective look at his life, admitted that God had been gracious to him despite his shortcomings.
He promised to make concrete revelation on the matter very soon.
He also thanked God for making him relevant and important towards contributing to the condition of the country.
“Sooner than later, the cat will be let out of the bag by myself but one thing that is clear is that I was born, there is no doubt about that.
“Another thing that is clear and that I was told by my mother that I was actually born on Ifo market day because according to her in our village, she had prepared to go to Ifo market and Ifo market is every five days.
“And then she was under labour. Before those who went to Ifo market had come back, I was born. I know and she knew I was born on Ifo market day. Don’t ask me what year or month. Whether I know the exact date or not, I think God has made my path to be glorious.
“There are those of us like me who have no real record of birth like me. I want to thank God once again for what He has done in my life. Whether I know the exact date of my birth or not, I think God has made my birth glorious”.
“There are some people including me who do not know their exact birthday.
“I am grateful to God and I cannot thank God enough for all He has done, for all that He is doing and all that I know He will continue to do in my life.
“For making me to be a source of blessing to others, for making me to be a participant in areas that are of relevance and importance in the life of this country, Africa and indeed in the world”.
Obasanjo however, assured that there is still hope for Nigeria to realise the goals and aspirations of her fore-fathers.
He said, “when you listen to these younger ones, you cannot but agree that there is hope for this country. When you hear them and listen to them, you will feel proud.
“Here we have two organisations that are working together not only to give hope, not only to raise expectation for the up and coming in Africa but to make sure that tomorrow will be better than today. And in those children, I am assure personally that tomorrow is better than today”.
Meanwhile, Obasanjo has said that the Senator Ibikunle Amosun-led administration in the state has performed fairly good.
“Normally I don’t like to say thing about politicians especially when they are still in power. It is only when politicians have been out of power that you can assess them accurately but this one,
“I will stick out my neck a little bit. So far, so fairly good. Those of you who were here in Ogun state will testify. Even if you belong to a party which doesn’t like the governor, you must say yes I didn’t like”, he said.
Earlier in his remarks, Amosun described Obasanjo as one of the greatest products of the state at the global stage.
Co-Chairmen of the library, Dr. Christopher Kolade and Amb. Carl Masters in their separate remarks, said Obasanjo remained one of the most revered African leaders.
Dignatories at event included Sierra Leonian Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Minkailu Bah, former Governor of Ekiti State, Engr. Segun Oni, former Minister of Education, Prof. Babalola Borisade, Prof. Akin Mabogunje, Olowu of Owu, Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu, Osile of Oke-Ona Egba, Oba (Dr.) Adedapo Tejuoso amongst others.
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15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Couple jailed for allegedly fighting Nood in public on: 6-03-2014 05:44 AM
A man and his wife were on Wednesday arraigned in an Abeokuta Magistrates’ Court sitting at Isabo for allegedly fighting Nood in public over alleged infidelity.
The accused, Kehinde Soetan, 37, and Aderinsola Lawal, 28, were arraigned for breach of public peace.
The duo, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.
The Police Prosecutor, Augustine Ozimini, said that the offence was committed on Tuesday at 2.30 p.m. at Obada Oko area of Abeokuta.
He alleged that the couple fought and tore their clothes in public.
” Soetan claimed that he saw his wife with another man and enquired from her, who he was, but her lack of answer caused the fight,” he said.
Ozimini said that the wife also hit her husband with a stone causing him serious injury on the head.
The prosecutor submitted that the offences contravened sections 83 and 355 of the Criminal Laws of Ogun, 2006.
The Magistrate, Mr Emmanuel Adekunte, granted the accused bail in the sum of 50,000 with one surety each in like sum.
He adjourned the case till March 19 for mention.
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / I ‘ve two kids, If killed, life isn’t worth living for me – First Lady on: 6-03-2014 05:43 AM
The First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, on Wednesday appealed to Nigerian youths to always put the nation first and embrace peace to foster development in the country.
Jonathan said this while receiving various youth leaders who visited the State House in Abuja as part of activities ahead of the National Youth Peace Concert.
The concert is scheduled for Saturday, March 8 in Abuja.
The youth leaders, who were led by three personalities, said they were at the Villa to chart a course for the concert.
The three personalities included Mike Omeri, Director-General, National Orientation Agency (NOA), and Onyeka Onwenu, Director-General, National Women Development Centre (NWDC).
The other one is Jude Imagwe, the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Youth and Student Affairs.
“I invited you here today for two reasons. One of them is to work with you to make Nigeria a better place for us to live in, and the other one is to ensure our states, local government areas, regions and zones are peaceful.
“No one can do it all, we need collective efforts to make Nigeria a better place to live in. Please, put the nation first, because no other country is better than ours,’’ the First Lady said.
She said the concert would be a turnaround for youths as it would enlighten them on peaceful ways to co-habit with their neighbours and thereby shun violence.
Dame Patience Jonathan decried the ongoing killings in Borno, saying the killing of students and other Nigerians was a dastard act as the youths are the nation’s future hope.
“Today, I have two children. If they get killed, life is not worth living for me. Why will anyone therefore want to kill people’s children? No mother will like to suffer in vain.
“Our joy is in the youths. You are the hope of Nigeria, the hope of tomorrow. I don’t want to lose any of you.
“Please, be co-ordinated, and also be good ambassadors at the concert so that the foreigners can take good news back home about us,’’ she said.
While responding individually, Yinka Gbadebo, Usman Ibrahim, Amina Abdulone and Dauda Abduljelil who were among speakers, spoke for the youths and also proffered solutions to the country’s insecurity problems.
“I appeal that your peace initiative should extend to the campuses which are the intellectual community of the nation.
“Also, our campuses in the North should be more secured so that our brothers and sisters can be safe.
“I also appeal that as you have successfully advocated for 35 per cent for women, advocate for 20 per cent for the youths so that we can be involved in governance and drastically reduce unemployment among us,’’ Gbadebo said.
Ibrahim, on his part, said: “I lost a namesake the oldest son of my sister and a friend in the Buni Yadi killings.
“The situation is pathetic. Satanic people are killing our brothers and sisters every day, and we need solutions fast.’’
Also, Abdulone said: “This concert is coming at a very crucial time for the nation. I grew up and schooled in Yobe, but when I went back there two weeks ago, I wept. We need to help the women who bear the brunt of any conflict’’.
On his part, Abduljelil said: “Our lives are at stake. No one understands what’s happening. It’s not about the North East but about Nigeria. The elite have created this monster eating deep into us.
“These were youths who were dedicated to working for this country but someone has polluted their minds and turned them against the system.
“We need to reach out to our brothers and bring them back to the path of peace. I’ll also laud the activities of the civilian JTF who are unarmed and unpaid, and yet risk their lives daily in the quest for peace.’’
17  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 2 killed over N1000 in Abia on: 5-03-2014 11:10 PM
TRAGEDY struck, last weekend, at Obegu Autonomous Community in Ugwunagbo Local Government Area of Abia State when two youths, Nkwachukwu Onyeukwu and Eze Kafor, lost their lives over N1000.
Nkwachukwu Onyeukwu, a.k.a One Thousand, was the son to the village head of the community and village youth leader, while Eze Kafor , a.k.a Senator,  was a prominent youth in the community.
A reliable eyewitness told Vanguard that the duo died while struggling for N1,000 commission meant for the youths from the proceeds of palm fruit sales in the community.
The buyer of the community palm fruit, from Cross River State, whose name could not be identified at press time, was supposed to have settled the youths with the said sum of N1,000 but was only able to provide N300.
While Nkwachukwu, the youth leader, appealed to Eze to allow the buyer to go and pay the balance later, Eze  refused and a scuffle ensued during which Eze collected the palm fruit buyer’s knife and fatally struck Nkwachukwu.
Angry youths of the community on hearing the sad  news, trooped to Eze’s residence, bundled him into his house, set it ablaze and watched him die inside it.
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Two sex workers docked 3 months for loitering in Lagos on: 5-03-2014 10:56 PM
A Tinubu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Wednesday sentenced two sex workers to three months imprisonment each for loitering and disorderly conduct.
The convicts are Blessing Esu, 28, and Rita Ume, 36.
The women had pleaded guilty to the charges of loitering and behaving in a disorderly or indecent manner in public place.
The Magistrate, Tokunbo Omoyele, who did not give the sex workers an option of fine, said the court had no option than to sentence them since they had admitted committing the offences.
Earlier, the prosecutor, Daniel Ighodalo, told the court that the two women committed the offences on March 1 at 2.30 a.m. on Victoria Island, Lagos.
He said the offences contravened Sections 166 (a) (i) and (ii) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
19  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Snake vs crocodile: Unbeliavable dramatic showdown on: 5-03-2014 10:22 PM
A dramatic showdown between a snake and a crocodile at Lake Moondarra over the weekend. Marvin Muller snapped this picture of the final moments of the epic wrestling match. The entire battle took about four hours and attracted the attention of several people with cameras at Lake Moondarra.

Marvin Muller took dozens of pictures showing intricate details of the animals’ fight to the death.

Tiffany Corlis took several pictures on her smart phone. The pictures were quickly shared around the world. She says the crocodile put up a fight, but was no match for the snake. “(The crocodile) was fighting at the start, it was trying to keep its head out of water and survive. But as the morning progressed you could tell both of them were getting a little weaker as the struggle was going on, finally the croc sort of gave in.” (Contributed : Tiffany Corlis)

Ms Corlis says she was shocked when the snake began to eat the crocodile. “It was just unbelievable, we were sort of thinking the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew, pardon the pun, but it did actually eat the crocodile.” (Contributed: Tiffany Corlis) Ms Corlis says the scuffle attracted a lot of attention, with several people taking pictures on their smart phones. She says everyone got quite close to the action. “We were probably a little too brave, a little too crazy,” she said. She says the sight became even more interesting once the snake had finished eating. “You could see the crocodile in the snake’s belly which I think was probably the more remarkable thing,” she said. “You could actually see its legs and see its scales and everything, it was just amazing.” Ms Corlis says the incident has not discouraged her from swimming at Lake Moondarra in the future. “I think I’ll just send someone else in first.”
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / GAY or straight? Kissing 'straight' men. Is it a big deal? on: 5-03-2014 10:12 PM
Is there anything wrong with two seemingly straight men kissing on the lips? Photo on the left shows Diddy and Rick Ross in an embrace, like they were getting ready to kiss each other. Rapper 50 cent posted the pic on his instagram page suggesting the rap heavyweights are gay. When fans blasted him for posting it and suggesting something like that, he quickly deleted the pic.

Photo on the right shows '12 Years a Slave' director Steve McQueen and star of the movie Michael Fassbender kissing on the lips after winning Best Film at Sunday's Oscars award. The men are known to be straight men with women in their lives (Steve has two kids with long-time girlfriend, Bianca Stigter. Michael has a girlfriend) but it didn't stop people from insinuating they are gay because 'no straight man kisses another man on the lips'.

I personally would not be comfortable with some girl kissing me on the lips, but for someone who is comfortable with it, is it a big deal? Can't two straight men kiss each other? Pls share your thoughts..
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