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41  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Police Pension Scam: Witness Cashed 303 Cheques For Pension Director on: 25-10-2013 09:20 AM
A High Court in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Thursday heard that an accused, Veronica Onyegbula, cashed 303 cheques in the name of the Director Police Pension Office.

A witness, Mr Julius Adebulu, an Internal Auditor at the Police Pension Office, told Justice Husseini Baba-Yusuf, that the cheques were drawn in the names of Uzoma Attang and Onyegbula.

The EFCC had on April 10, arraigned Uzoma Attang, Esai Dangabar, Atiku Kigo, Ahmed Wada, Onyegbula, Sani Zira and Christian Madubuke, over their involvement in the police pension scam.

Essai Dangabar and Mrs Veronica Ulonma Onyegbula with others in the Court

They took their pleas on an amended 20-count charge that borders on criminal breach of trust, which contravened 315 of the Penal Code.

Led in evidence by Mr Rotimi Jacobs, the Counsel to EFCC, Adebulu alleged that the cheques were drawn in the range of 500,000 to 4.9 million.

He told the court that before September 2009, the Police Pension Office made payments in forms of cheques and cash in the names of retirees who provided Letters of Identification.

After listening to the testimony, Baba-Yusuf adjourned the case to 25 October for continuation of hearing.
42  Forum / Politics / "I Am A Money Magician" — Ifeanyi Ubah, Anambra Gubernatorial Candidate on: 25-10-2013 09:15 AM

Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, Labour Party candidate in the election responds to issues on his candidacy, capacity and controversies around his campaign Excerpts:

By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor & Kelechi Azubike

What is keen to me is politics of Anambra State. I am flexible, I am calm, I am relaxed, I am just doing it as if I’m like somebody trying to do his business. I don’t follow protocol, I don’t follow style.

I am doing it in my own style and I’m as a man that tomorrow, whatever the outcome is, I can always go home and sit. If I win the election I will still go and take a rest and say God thank. If I don’t win I’ll also go back home.

I am winning because I am the best candidate. I am winning because I have the solution to the problems of Anambra people. Whoever in Anambra politics that feels that he is better than me I challenge him with five million naira to come for a debate.

If anybody in Anambra be it Ngige, be It whoever and thinks he is better than me, he should come.
Because first it’s a challenge, if anybody is better than me in any line, he should come and challenge me for a public debate before our debate.

What gives you the assurance?

I came from a poor background, very humble background. I know the society. I have felt what people there are feeling.

In Lagos, this my street won the best street in Lagos in 2011 by Lagos State government. There is light, street light from street end to street end, there is covered drainage street end to street end, this is what I did in Lagos.

So Ifeanyi’s life style with the masses is not something I designed today. I have taken kerosene to every corner to touch the lives of the masses. So I know what people in Kano how they are feeling, the poor masses in Kano, the poor masses in Bauchi every part of this country.
Proud Anambrarian

Now coming to my state, I am with them and I am a very proud Anambarian. So what drives me into this politics is that the politicians have not been fair to Anambarians and the sacrifice I am giving today nobody can afford to give it. Nobody will be at the top of his business and then they say come and run the company and say I don’t want to run I want to go into politics. It is not that Anambra State has more money than what I am getting from my company, but I want somebody to manage it today let me go and see how I can fix Anambra, at least you should appreciate it from this point.

I want to tell you about other politicians that are contesting. Some don’t have any business with the masses, some have never been in the state, some were forced, some don’t even know the name of their deputy governor (running mate), you know it’s a big crime for somebody to be in a debate and he will not remember the name of his deputy governor.

It happened in America, the candidate they want to force on Anambra people couldn’t remember the name of his deputy governor (running mate). He was confused, that is the truth.

It took him two minutes to remember the deputy governor’s (running mate’s) name. Is that the kind of person we want in Anambra State? Somebody who doesn’t understand how to fix Anambra that is why I said anybody that feels he’s better than me should come for a debate and take five million if he wins me.

But he has intimidating credentials?

Credential is not all about practicality. Bill Gate once said it, it’s not all about credentials, it is all about being street wise, understanding the problem of your people.

Bill Gate said it, Aliko Dangote too said it. The solution is getting the result. It’s not about credentials. Credentials have not helped Anambra people, and I am not also saying that credentials are not good, but we should not lay emphasis on credentials because with credentials without understanding the problem of the people it is equal to zero.

How are you going to generate employment?

If I am looking at people, I can create fifty thousand employment in six months.
I am addicted to employing people, so I have that addiction to employing people.

How will you do it?

I’m a money magician. I don’t want to say it now till we get to the debate table.

But people will raise issues concerning your company and AMCON. Your company was taken away from you by AMCON. How will you react to that?
If they don’t raise it, I’ll raise it. In America nobody asked me (about) AMCON, I raised it.
I said I was expecting you people to ask me and by the time I finished nobody even challenged or discussed anything.

But how do you respond to the fact that your company was taken over by AMCON?

Have you ever seen a company that is bankrupt and somebody will go and raise the company up?
No. If you are quarter to die and somebody will come and say there is life for you. Capital oil and gas is not bankrupt.

When you see a company that has ten naira and is owing one naira that company is alive, and if they cannot make one naira based on government policy, government must come and see how they will help the company because Capital Oil and Gas is a company of strategic national interest.
43  Forum / Sports / Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi Vents Anger Over Unpaid Salaries of 7 Months! on: 25-10-2013 09:06 AM

Head coach of the Super Eagles, Stephen Keshi has finally opened up on his anger at the Nigerian Football Federation for owing him his salaries for seven months.

Keshi, who is preparing his side for November’s World Cup play-off second leg against Ethiopia, has not been paid since he led the Super Eagles to the Africa Cup of Nations title in February.

“The lowest point of my career is working and not being paid for seven months,” he told BBC Sport. “I have never had this kind of experience before.”  The former Togo and Mali coach first revealed to BBC Sport in June that he was owed wages.

And it is not the first time Nigerian coaches have been not been paid; Christian Chukwu, Shaibu Amodu, Samson Siasia, Austin Eguavoen, John Obuh and Eucharia Uche have all previously complained about outstanding salaries in the recent past.

Keshi feels the situation is disrespectful and unacceptable. “In Mali, they will never owe you; your salary will hit your account before the end of every month. It was the same thing in Togo,” he said.

“Owing me up to eight months makes me feel I am not being appreciated, it is like they think I am being favoured in what I am doing.  “I am not being favoured. I am giving everything I have to the job – I need to be respected and given my pay.”

Keshi’s comments come after a statement credited to the Nigeria Football Federation said that the allowances and bonuses the team’s coaches earn are enough to sustain them.

“I don’t like discussing money issues and if there is any NFF member who said we can work for free, then I will want to speak with him face to face,” Keshi said.  “If they say we can work for free and that they are not going to pay, so be it.

“I can’t have my family abroad and I will be in debt because I have not been paid for seven months and somebody is saying we should not complain.”  The NFF, which is in in serious financial difficulty, also owes money to assistant coach Daniel Amokachi and goalkeeper trainer Ike Shorunmu.

The football authority, which receives its funding from the sports ministry, has acknowledged the debts owed to the coaches but says they will have to be patient.  One NFF official, who did want to be named, told BBC Sport: “It’s embarrassing to be dealing with something like this ahead of a crucial game. Sadly, our terrible financial situation is solely responsible for this. We are hopeful this will be resolved before the game against Ethiopia.”

Nigeria will face Ethiopia in Calabar on 16 November and are favourites to progress to next year’s tournament in Brazil, having won the first leg 2-1 .
44  Forum / The Buzz Central / Official Photos Of Prince George Alexander Louis's Christening Released. on: 25-10-2013 08:54 AM


 He was on his best behaviour. With the eyes of the world on him, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge put on a perfect display of royal etiquette.

In an historic ceremony which brought together four generations of the Royal Family, the three-month-old future king was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace yesterday [Oct. 23].
45  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Yaba Tech Authorities Accused Of Threatening SUG Leader For Exposing Cults on: 24-10-2013 08:14 PM

Members of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) who pressed for an investigation into the activities of cult groups at Yaba College of Technology have accused the institution’s authorities of witch-hunting them.

Some NANS leaders told Saharareporters that the management of Yaba College of Technology was planning a vindictive move against Fatima Adeyinka Salau, the public relations officer of the Lagos State chapter of NANS’ Joint Campus Committee (JCC). Ms. Salau had recently granted an interview to SaharaTV in which she detailed her group’s efforts to rid the campus of cultism.

In the interview, Ms. Salau alleged that members of cult gangs brazenly descend on innocent students on the campus and brag about having the backing of the school’s management. She disclosed that violent acts by various cult gangs had soared on the campus.

The student leader suggested that cult gangs who largely control the institution, dictating what students wear, how students move, and other sundry relationships on campus.

She also accused the college authorities of impeding efforts by students to check cultism on the campus, adding that the school had set up a diversionary committee to interrogate squatters in the hostels instead of investigating cult members.

Sources at Yaba Tech told Saharareporters that the college’s management was livid about the interview and was moving to gag Ms. Salau. Meanwhile, added our sources, cult gangs continue their assaults on students.

SaharaReporters learned that a suspected cult member recently attacked an ND2 student of the Banking and Finance department. The victim, identified simply as Nonso, reportedly sustained severe injuries. Eyewitnesses told Saharareporters that there was no prior fracas or relationship between the culprit and the student he attacked.

Following the unwarranted attack, irate students seized the campus in a one-day protest, demanding an end to cult activities on the campus.

Instead, an executive member of the Student Union Government at the college told our correspondent that the cult gangs had become more emboldened in their violent acts.

“They rape, they rob and they attack innocent students,” the SUG member said. He also stated that the security networks of the Cadet and Man O’ War on the campus had weakened against the notorious cult members.

Another member of the SUG suggested that alleged cult members have now infiltrated the security outfits.

“Some of them in the Man O’ War are even cult members,” another SUG executive alleged.

Ms. Salau had told SaharaTV that the security outfits were often discouraged because of their awareness that the cult gangs enjoy the hardly veiled backing of college authorities. She said the Cadet and Man O’ War were doing their best, but disclosed that cult members arrested by them are quickly released by the police.

“They also boast that management is behind them and [that management] pays them,” Ms. Salau told our interviewer. She alleged that the school’s rector, Mrs. Kudirat Ladipo, was “trying to be a mother” to all students rather than flushing out the cult members.

During the student body’s one-day protest, they had demanded that cult members, who are allegedly known to the management, be identified and rusticated. The students also insisted that the management should take full responsibility for the medical treatment of the student viciously attacked by an alleged cult member.

The students had also demanded that none of the demonstrators who protested to draw attention to issues of student safety may be victimized. The college authorities had pledged to meet the demands.

A few weeks later, the college released a controversial list of so-called cult members. However, students rejected the list, calling it manipulative, and adding that it was populated with names of innocent students while real cult members were left out.

The management also set up a panel to investigate the listed students. However, the college soon told students that the focus was no longer on cult members but about students who squat in hostels or buy spaces from those who were originally allotted them.

This about-face led students to accuse the management of devising a plan to victimize Ms. Salau for publicizing the cult crisis at Yaba College of Technology.

A lecturer at the college told SaharaReporters that the rector, Mrs. Ladipo, was considering ordering that Ms. Salau’s academic records be withheld as a punishment for her SaharaTV appearance.

“Mrs. Kudirat Ladipo and others in authority are angry that Fatima exposed what they are trying to manage,” said the lecturer.

However, Omobayo Raheem, the college’s Dean of Student affairs, this morning denied that the rector or anybody at the college was after Ms. Salau for her SaharaTV interview. “How can we step down her result when we have not even investigated her? It is not true. The management has not even summoned her yet. How then could we have that conclusion?” the dean stated.

Several students confirmed that statements by Ms. Salau in the interview were correct.

“To deny what she said is to deny that there are cult members on campus. It is the same as denying the existence of the incidence for which we protested a few weeks ago,” a student of the Arts faculty told our correspondent.

“Well, it’s just that nobody wants his face to be marked by either the cult guys or the management, but everyone knows that all she said is true,” another student said.

But curiously, a student from the accounting department told our correspondent that the rector, Mrs. Ladipo, was maintaining the cult guys for use in upcoming elections. He suggested the management would do anything to keep the cult gangs.

“The rector doesn’t want to lose those boys. Her husband is a politician and she even became a rector by his influence. Her husband needs those boys for 2015, and that is why his wife is helping keep thugs on the campus for the sake of 2015,” added the student.

Disappointed by the college management’s “manipulative panel,” students wrote to the authorities demanding the panel’s dissolution. The students are insisting on a new panel composed of students, members of cadets and the Man O’ War as well as representatives of the school administration.

Our correspondent was unable to reach the rector as her mobile line was switched off. The new President of Students Union Government (SUG) in the institution, Mr. Salvador, could also not be reached for his comment.
46  Forum / Sports / Cross River State Governor, Liyel Imoke Joins Eaglets In Dubai on: 24-10-2013 08:09 PM

The Governor of Cross River State, Senator Liyel Imoke will lead the official delegation to the United Arab Emirates where the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup is taking place.

It was gathered that the governor will lead the support for the Golden Eaglets who will be tackling their Iraqi counterparts in the final group match in Dubai today.

Confirming the development, First Vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Chief Mike Umeh said, “Governor Imoke will lead the official delegation.

He gave us so much support throughout the long period of the boys’ camping in Calabar.
He shouldered the responsibility of taking care of their needs.

We will remain ever grateful as the board had no money,” recalled Umeh who led a delegation to Imoke before the team resumed camping in the Cross River State capital.

The NFF chieftain maintained that the Eaglets have been motivated enough to see them perform well at the tournament.
“I want to see them approach every match as it comes because, in football it is not yet over until it is over.”
47  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photos: Afro Pop Stars, Bracket Chilling in the Dominican Republic on: 24-10-2013 05:14 PM


Smash and Vast, the Bracket duo, were invited by Brad Entertainment Canada to be part of the headlining acts at the annual Caribbean celebration, Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival. This year’s theme is ‘Three Nights of Pulsating Rhythm’The festival is slated to take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th October, 2013.

Bracket is billed to perform on its second night alongside the likes of reggae/dancehall maestro Busy Signal and talented performers, Cadence All Stars - Fitzroy Williams with Halibut, Elisha and Chubby; WCK, Benz and Zouk All Stars - Patrice Hulman, Orlane, Alex Alexis and Jean Marc Ferdinand

So, before the big show, the two decided to briefly visit another Caribbean island, St. Martin for a mini-vacation. Bracket stays cashing out across the borders.
48  Forum / The Buzz Central / Olu Jacobs Gets Personal Statue In His Honor on: 24-10-2013 04:43 PM

Achieving legendary eminence never comes on a silver platter but that is what one of Nollywood’s icons has become.

Olu Jacobs, often times referred to as the granddad of Nollywood has achieved great feats in the industry beyond standards he probably set for himself.

From the old days of the mid 90’s when he acted together with Omotola Jalade and Emeka Ike in “Day Break”, to some of his most current movies, the style and class he brings into his roles is second to none; from the trademark roaring voice when he is angry and intent on creating mischief especially when he gets offended or his child goes contrary to his commands, to the sweet and fatherly affection he displays when pleased, Olu has remained the same person and kept true to his core acting values that has made him beloved by many.

In the years that have past, some of his age mates who were legends in their own rights that to great Nollywood achievements including the likes of Sam Loco, Enebeli Elebuwa, Pete Eneh, and Justus Esiri, have all passed on. So it is worth at least recognizing his great feat over the years and bestowing on him an award deserving of his status.

Even before that happens however, the legend has already received a sculpted statue of himself and Olu can certainly take pride of this because he deserves it.

49  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Alhaja "Yahoo Yahoo" Banker Arrested For Stealing N12M on: 24-10-2013 03:41 PM

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Wednesday October 23, 2013 arraigned a banker, Yagana Ibrahim Bukar before Justice Fatu Riman of the Federal High Court Kano on 10-count charge bordering on money laundering and theft.

The accused is said to have abused her position as account officer at Sky Bank Plc and stole N12, 626, 250 of depositors’ fund. She allegedly perpetrated the scam by posting the sum into three Sky Bank accounts belonging to her family members- Hajja Fanna, her sister; Grema Ibrahim Bukar, her brother and her child, Ummu Kulthum.

In order to conceal the illicit origin of the money, the accused allegedly used part of the money to open a provision store in the Kawo area of Kano Metropolis.

One of the charges read; “that you Yagana Ibrahim Bukar on or about 15th August 2011 in Kano within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court converted the sum N1, 166, 920 (One Million One Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Naira Only) derived directly from participation in theft by depositing the said amount into the Sky Bank account of Hajja Fanna with the aim of concealing the illicit origin of the resources and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 15(1)(a)(ii) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In view of the plea of the accused, the prosecution counsel, Nasiru Salele told the court to proceed with the trial, adding that his witnesses were ready to testify.

But the defense counsel, Ma’aruf Yakasai pleaded with the court to admit his client to bail.

Justice Riman adjourned the case to October 25, 2013 for ruling on bail application and fixed Monday October 28, 2013 for continuation of hearing.

Wilson Uwujaren
Head, Media and Publicity
24th October, 2013
50  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Feyi Agagu, Associated Airlines Plane Crash Survivor, Discharged From Hospital on: 23-10-2013 08:05 PM
Word out at the moment has it that Feyi, son of the late former governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Agagu, was yesterday discharged from the Orthopaedic Ward of Princess Grace Hospital, Nottingham Place, London two weeks after his admission into the hospital.

Africa Examiner reports that Feyi was discharged after he was deemed him fit and considered out of danger.

Feyi and Akin, his in-law were two of the survivors of the October 3, 2013 Lagos air crash.

Feyi, had multiple fractured bones and was also suffering from a neck injury which doctors said may permanently incapacitate him if not hurriedly treated. Apart from the neck injury, Feyi was also said to be suffering from what the doctors called one-per cent burn.

Feyi and his in-law, Akin, were moved from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, on October 8 where they had been receiving treatment to Harvey Street Hospital, London for intensive treatment.
51  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photos From The Christening Of Prince William & Kate's Son, Prince George on: 23-10-2013 07:56 PM

Prince William and Kate Middleton christened their baby son today at St James's Palace, giving the world it's second public glimpse of the future king of England. Prince George was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the historic Chapel Royal.

52  Forum / The Buzz Central / See Toke Makinwa’s Beau Maje Ayida’s Ripped Biceps for Upcoming Fitness Show on: 23-10-2013 05:38 PM

adies say hello to the very fit Maje Ayida.

Today his media personality girlfriend Toke Makinwa gave us the first look of an upcoming fitness show.

Maje who is a fitness specialist and an active lifestyle advocate (He’s the CEO of Eden Lifestyle), has been chosen as a judge for The FaSttest Shedder.

The TV show is said to be inspired by The Biggest Loser – a programme where a number of overweight individuals engage in rigorous exercises as well as diets to loose the most percentage of their weight, with teams and contestants voting out each other.

53  Forum / The Buzz Central / Actress Nkiru Sylvanus Sizzles In New Photos on: 23-10-2013 05:33 PM


54  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Doctors’ Strike Take Toll On LUTH Patients on: 23-10-2013 04:40 PM
Patients at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Lagos, are counting their ordeals as resident doctors’ indefinite strike enters the fourth week.
Reporters who visited the hospital on Wednesday reports that only few consultants were seen attending to many patients.

The National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) had on Oct.1 directed its members nationwide to embark on an indefinite strike.

The NARD President, Dr Jibril Abdullahi, said that the strike was to protest poor funding of residency training.
The other categories of health workers – consultants, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and cleaners – were seen attending to patients.

One of the patients, Mrs Dolapo Afolabi, told NAN   that the strike was taking worsening the conditions of patients.

She regretted that strike by health workers had become incessant.

Afolabi urged that strike by health workers should be avoided in the interest of patients.
“Strike is taking place too often in our hospitals; this is very dangerous because people’s lives are involved,’’ she said.

Another patient, Alhaji Ibrahim Amodu, told NAN that he came from Ikorodu to keep an appointment with a specialist.
Amodu appealed to the striking doctors and the Federal Government to reach an agreement.

Miss Nkiruka Eloho said that she was used to the services of the teaching hospital because they were   cheap.
Eloho regretted that she had been unable to see her doctor since last week because of long queues of patients waiting for few consultants.

“I came here very early this morning but yet to see a doctor. Consultants are attending to those with critical conditions.
“It is likely that I will not see a doctor today again.

“I do not like to visit private hospitals where I may not get a specialist. Also, their services are expensive.
”The strike is depriving us access to doctors to look after our health,” she said.

Mr Femi Samuel told NAN: “I spent the whole Tuesday without seeing a doctor because only few senior doctors were working.
“I decided to come early today, hoping that I would see a doctor to attend to me in time, but it is still the same story.”

The President of the LUTH chapter of NARD, Dr Emeka Ugwu, said that the strike was still on.

“During the emergency NEC meeting of NARD held on Oct.7, members were dissatisfied with the Federal Government’s position on our demands.

“As a result, we have to continue with the nationwide strike,” he said. (NAN)
55  Forum / Politics / N7m Fraud: EFCC Arraigns Former National Population Commissioner, Joe Ndu on: 23-10-2013 04:37 PM
A former Commissioner representing Imo State at the National Population Commission, NPC, Mr. Joe Ndu was today, October 23, 2013, arraigned before the Federal High Court, Owerri on one count charge for allegedly converting and selling a property belonging to the Federal Government for N7million.
The charge reads, “that you Joe C. Ndu, on or about the 29th December 2011 in Owerri, Imo State, within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court of Nigeria with intent to defraud, obtained the sum of Seven Million Naira under the false pretence that you (and two others) have the mandate and consent of the National Population Commission to sell National Population Commission landed Property located at Plot 5028 Commercial Area, New Owerri, Owerri, Imo State, covered by statutory certificate of Occupancy dated 27th May 2011, registered as No. 90 page 90 volume of Lands Registry, Imo State which pretence you knew to be false and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 1(1)(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and Punishable under section 1(13)of the same Act.

The said plot was allegedly allocated to the Commission to build its Owerri office by the Imo state government but by the time the Commission was ready to develop the property, it was discovered that someone had taken over the land.

A researcher at the Lands Registry Owerri revealed that the land had been transferred by Joe C. Ndu, the suspect via Power of Attorney dated 29th December, 2011, to one Emmanuel C. Eke. The sale of the property was conducted after Ndu had completed his tenure as the Federal Commissioner representing Imo State at the National Population Commission.

When the charge was read to the accused, he pleaded not guilty.

The prosecuting counsel Mainforce Adaka Ekwu then asked the court to fix a date for trial but counsel to the accused, N. A. Nnawuchi (SAN) urged the court to grant bail to his client.

However, Justice S.M. Shuiabu asked the defence counsel to present formal bail application and remanded the accused in EFCC custody pending the hearing of the bail application.

The case was adjourned to October 30, 2013.
Wilson Uwujaren
Head, Media and Publicity
23rd October, 2013
56  Forum / The Buzz Central / Nigerian Supermodel, Oluchi Orlandi Explodes On Twitter on: 23-10-2013 04:20 PM

57  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 72-Year-Old Father Kills Daughter For Refusing To Follow Him To Church on: 23-10-2013 04:18 PM

Police in Lagos State have started investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 14 - year - old girl , who was allegedly beaten to death by his father over  which church to attend.
The 72-year-old father,  John Udin, has been accused of killing his daughter for refusing to follow him to  his church.

The mother of the deceased girl, Comfort Udin, accused her husband of being excessively angry since the deceased  refused to attend his church.

She accused the man of using  a log, laced with nails, to hit the deceased,  simply identified as Ejiro, in the forehead, which subsequently led to her death.

The  40-year-old woman narrated that it all started last week Tuesday, when the deceased and others told their father that they were going to church other than the  church which he attends.

Nigerian Tribune gathered that  the disagreement over which church to attend led to a hostility between the man on one hand and his wife and children on the other hand.

John was accused of taking advantage  of the disagreement to whip the deceased Ejiro at every slightest offence.

He was also alleged to have locked the bleeding girl and her mother in the kitchen and the girl was not taken to the hospital until after five days.
The suspect, however, denied killing any of his  14  children, claiming that he wanted to hit his wife, who allegedly dodged the log and pushed her daughter to it.

He  narrated that on the fateful Tuesday, his wife and daughter had attacked him, after he told them not to go to church that evening because they  did not give him food  and they would not come back till the following day.
58  Forum / Politics / [Photos] Ex-Reps Member Dino Melaye Arrested For Protesting Against Oduah on: 23-10-2013 04:11 PM
Former House of Reps member and Executive Director, Anti-Corruption Network, Dino Melaye was this afternoon arrested by the Nigerian police during a protest at the Federal Secretariat in Abuja.


Dino led a group of protesters to the Federal Secretariat, Abuja around noon today, calling for the sack of the Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah, over the purchase of two BMW armoured cars.

Unfortunately for Dino and his group, another group in support of the aviation minister emerged from nowhere to counter their group.

The police led by an Assistant Commissioner of Police in the FCT, Sunday Olukoya, arrived at the scene and promptly arrested Dino Melaye's group. They were taken away in a Toyota Hilux van, marked NPS 21280 at about one this afternoon.
59  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo: OJB Recuprating Well After Surgery on: 23-10-2013 04:07 PM

OJB has finally had his kidney surgery in a hospital in India and is said to be recuperating well. We thank God!
60  Forum / The Buzz Central / Davido & Olamide Get Guinness Deals on: 23-10-2013 04:05 PM

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