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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / Nigerian Celebs Turn Up As Eniola Badmus Marks Birthday In Brooklyn, New York on: 8-09-2014 09:06 AM

 Eniola Badmus (Gbogbo Big Girls) was a year older on Sunday 7th of sept   (yesterday) and marked it Brooklyn.
The likes of Funke Akindele, Beverly Osu, Denrele Edun and co. were in attendance.
See more photos below:

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2  Forum / The Buzz Central / The true story behind Vector's 'proposal' to me on a plane-Chidinma on: 8-09-2014 07:59 AM

Next to Genevieve,Chidinma is always on every male celeb's crush list.She had everyone talking after a photo of them  acting all loved up on a plane surfaced. In a new interview she debunked rumours of a proposal saying it was just a publicity stunt....

    It was all planned out by Vector and I. It happened in a plane, when we were travelling to Abuja for an event, our flight was delayed so we started talking about funny rumours we’ve heard about ourselves. One of the rumours was a picture of myself and Phyno which we took and uploaded on instagram.Then people started talking...
    she is dating that guy and all those stuffs. Vector then came up with the idea to make people talk more, so that was why we decided make people feel that we are dating. The ring he used was even brought out by my manager, so that was how we started taking those pictures. I want to state today that Vector never proposed to me”.
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3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Yvonne Nelson Breaks Record In Ghana on: 8-09-2014 07:43 AM
Yvonne Nelson's hard work pays off.

    'Single Married & Complicated' has set a new record. The Yvonne Nelson's movie broke records by showing in 7 cinemas halls on the day of it's premiere.
    The premiere which held on the 5th of September at Silverbird Cinemas Ghana, had thousands of fans present to support the actress.
    According to the actress, the warm reception nearly brought her to tears. 

        Thank you Jesus!!! Pictures from premiere in a bit. I want to say a big thank you to you guys. I almost cried last night. 7halls!!! #recordbreaker!!!

The star studded movie features Yvonne Nelson, Chris Attoh, John Dumelo, Alex Ekubo, Eddie Watson, Tana Adelana and  Anita Erskine.
Directed by Pascal Amanfo and produced Yvonne Nelson.
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4  Forum / The Buzz Central / How 'fake' Hulk Hogan is being treated like a king in Lagos on: 7-09-2014 06:01 PM


 A few days ago,Ik Ogbonna posted a photo with Hulk Hogan and many said it wasn't him.
This man who looks like Hulk Hogan may have had many fooled . He was spotted with full police escort in Mushin,Lagos,treated like a star.
The fact is,the real Hulk Hogan hasn't been to Nigeria and it's either someone invited him to fool people or he came on his own .
 I went to his twitter page to confirm and realized this was a fake..
This won't be the first time a big star has been successfully impersonated, last year Psy (Ghangam style star) was impersonated by someone who fooled many celebrities at the Cannes film festival.He got 5 star treatments,hung out with stars until the real Psy was spotted on a live show performing in the US..The impersonator was then arrested.
more pics below...... after the break

Real Psy in white/Fake in black
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5  Forum / The Buzz Central / I prefer Sex before marriage - Actress Seyi Edun [Photo] on: 7-09-2014 11:16 AM

Why many would frown at sex before marriage, upcoming actress and producer in the Yoruba movie sector,Seyi Edun feels differently. She boldly told Potpourri,

    I think it’s an individual thing. Once you are an adult and you think you are ready, go for it. Personally, I think sex before marriage is good. Because it will make you know your partner well before going into marriage. So if there is anything you are not comfortable with, you have an ample time to correct it before actually going into the lifetime contract of marriage. Doing it before marriage also reduces adultery and fornication. It is also a good way of studying your partner before you get committed to him or her.

Who agrees with her?
6  Forum / The Buzz Central / Drake Parties With Neymar, Marcelo,Willian In Miami on: 7-09-2014 11:07 AM
Guess the stars that were spotted together in Miami on Friday night? Hip hop super star Drake and Brazilian football stars Neymar, Marcelo and Willian!
All men were grinding and sharing ideas at a hang out spot in Miami Friday night and seemed very happy and content with each other.
Drake posted couple of photos on his Instagram Saturday morning showing a perfect mixture of both both worlds (rap and football). He captioned a sexy pic with Barcelona FC wing man Neymar:
"Miami nights honoured to meet this man @neymarjr" and later he wrote, "And this man @marcelotwelve. Life is too crazy.... going up".
Well, Drake wasn't the only one having a great time that night. His dad, Dennis Graham was also in the building chiling with a mystery sexy chick.
His dad posted a photo on his Instagram page with his arms wrapped around a pretty woman and captioned: "Bringing the heat to the city..."
Now, how great is that?
picture below 

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7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / British Researchers Partnering with Dangote to Release Ebola Vaccine by December on: 7-09-2014 03:54 AM

There appears to be a ray of hope in the fight against Ebola.
Dr. Mike Turner, a British scientist researching Ebola, told Punch that thanks to a partnership between the non-governmental organisation he works with, and Dangote Foundation, an Ebola vaccine could be available as early as December this year.
Turner is Head of Infection at the Wellcome Trust, an NGO in the UK that facilitates medical research.
Speaking on the partnership, he said:

“We are delighted that the Dangote Foundation is joining the Wellcome Trust and others in the international consortium of funders to develop a multi-pronged approach to combating Ebola.
This is a fast-moving scene at present and it is not yet clear precisely which partners will fund which components of the work that we hope will lead to new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines.
What is more important is that the partners are all not just talking about the problems, but actually trying to make things happen and the future inevitable epidemics. If things go well, we hope to know whether this candidate vaccine is safe, with some prospect of protecting people by Christmas.”
In addition to the Dangote Foundation, the Wellcome Trust is also partnering with the National Institutes of Health and GlaxoSmithKline in the United States, as well as other organisations.
According to reports, the vaccine will soon be tested in Oxford, England as well as Gambia and Mali.
A company called Okairos is said to have originally developed the vaccine, but development was taken over by GlaxoSmithKline last year.
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8  Forum / The Buzz Central / 8 Rules of Being a Celebrity in Naija - Kunle Afolayan on: 7-09-2014 03:50 AM

Award winning filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan took to his official  facebook page to share his thoughts on 'being a celebrity in Nigeria' and the price to pay for fame.
According to the 'Figurine' producer, the below is the story of his life.
 Read below.

Being a celebrity in Naija!! Rules of Engagement.

1. You must be a mobile atm at all times. Very applicable to the following (Police, customs and immigration officers) at check points, airports and borders as well as area boys.*Fly* *run*

2. You must never have personal problems only solve people's problems. including buying breakfast for strange figures ' boys must chop'

3. You must never have moods. It's forbidden you are not human remember? =-s *SUSPICIOUS**Brrrr*

4.You must never have an opinion. its not permitted. Else you incur the people's wrath.=-( =-d

5. You must be ready to receive insults on social media platforms especially from annoying anonymous persons.>=-o ~=-) and also be ready to be impersonated on Facebook with as many pages. Miscreants ripping innocent people off in your name.

6. You must never have a life.

7. You must be ready to over look and endure everything even if it's to your detriment.=-/ After all you are a'Celeb'=-s

8. Be ready to pay your fans for seeing your movies or listening to your music. You are everyone's fan! Ever been told 'you are my biggest fans oo I dey watch your film oo make you settle. hmmnn if I'm your fan I wonder what you are to me?=-o =]y

Well just follow these eight simple guidelines and you can never go wrong. Remember that's the Price for fame.\=d/
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9  Forum / The Buzz Central / Star Actress, Chika Ike Loses Dad on: 6-09-2014 07:29 PM

News has just emerged that Nollywood actress, Chika Ike, has lost her dad, who had been suffering from a prolonged illness. The actress flew her dad to India for medical treatment two years, but unfortunately it was all to no avail. May God grant her the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
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10  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Took Off My Underwear [A MUST READ FOR ALL LADIES] on: 6-09-2014 04:36 PM

I used to be that innocent girl who had the world at her feet. I was beautiful and I had eyes and hips that could make men sway, and to top it all up, I was a Christian, a very good Christian with a heart burning for God.
When I entered the university, I met a guy, his name was Derrick. I couldn’t believe my luck the first time I bumped into him on my way to class, he had such a kind smile and a tender look that weakened my knees when he spoke.
Because I was late for class we couldn’t talk much but barely three weeks later, I met him at the fresher’s night party and I was overwhelmed. We got talking and I found out that he was in his second year and from that night, we became an inseparable pair.
At first, we were friends and as months passed by, we got closer and closer and the chemistry between us was undeniable.
About a year after I entered the university, Derrick and I started dating. He was everything a girl could ever
want and desire save the fact that he wasn’t so much of a Christian. Derrick had magical hands that made him hard to resist and most times I fell for it. At first, I felt bad but when I couldn’t help falling into the same pit I killed the guilt on my inside. And then one day, one of my friends said I was getting fatter and that got me thinking and in the process I began to link the dots…first I had a vomiting spree every morning which I thought was due to a flu and then I had this morning sickness which I felt was due to stress and then my missing period…oh no it can’t be possible I said to myself, I couldn’t be pregnant!!!
After a series of test outside school, I realized the deadliest truth, I was indeed pregnant. I was only nineteen, I still had a whole life ahead of me, what was I going to do. I couldn’t tell my parents, they wouldn’t hear of it. I had to go to Derrick to tell him what I had found out.
On telling him, I saw him fly into a temper I had never seen in my life. He was so hysterical, calling me all sorts of names and I didn’t even know when I started crying heart drenching tears of hurt and betrayal. When he looked into my eyes he must have realized how scared and hurt I was and so he pulled me close and ran his hands through my hair until I had calmed down and then he said to me in the most subtle voice ever ” why don’t you have an abortion”. I pulled back instantly, I couldn’t have an abortion! But when he talked about my parents and the sanctioning of the school and the fellowship which I belonged to, I knew I had no other choice.

Derrick had made all the arrangements and so on the supposed day we went to the room- like clinic. I shivered all through my way
there but Derrick kept telling me that it would be okay and that he was proud that I made such a brave decision. When I entered into the room where the abortion was supposed to take place I laid down on the table trying to dissociate my mind from what I was about to do and then a young man told me sternly, ” you know I can’t perform this procedure with your underwear on” and then I began to pull it off. As I did this a sense of guilt overwhelmed me, first I had pulled off my underwear of pleasure and now I was pulling it off to get rid of the stigma the pleasure had brought…what a shame, I felt so exposed.
All through the times that I felt instruments coming in and out of me, I kept thinking of the lady I had become and the hypocrite I had transformed into. I let out a sigh, only if I can get through this I muttered… only if…and then I felt a sharp pain pierce through the whole of my body, I screamed but then the doctor told me to be quiet. I felt another pain but this time I bit my lip and then the pain began to come in successions. I instinctively knew that something was wrong but I was too weak to talk or to move and then I heard the voices of Derrick and the doctor talking about the fact that I was bleeding excessively. The pain was so unbearable and I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker. With the last strength in me, I pleaded with God ”Oh Lord I’m so sorry for taking my under wears off, please forgive me.” and I drifted into a world where the pain seemed less hurtful and the voices seemed more distant.
Friends, our bodies are the temple of the Lord… Do not take off your underwear when the time is not right. Lots of girls who gained admission into the university as virgins eventually lost it so cheaply to guys who have nothing to do with their
destinies. In a bid to get a certificate, they sold out a destiny that certificate cannot guarantee.
Friends, permit me to say it for the umpteenth time, even if you have lost your virginity, you can become chaste again! Record a
period of virginity from a particular time till marriage and in the presence of God, you are as chaste as someone who has known no man because you have chosen to honor Him again despite your past.
Virtuous women aren’t in bed with their fiancé right now. If he is sleeping with you…he’s sleeping with others. Yup, you are not the only one. A boyfriend, even a long term one is STILL not a husband. Too many women are giving boyfriends husband privileges! We keep losing what is rightfully ours because we keep messing with what’s not ours. There is just something classy about a
woman who can control her emotions!
Many have been laid on the slab of abortion, yet they keep involving in activities that will take them back on that slab! Risking it all!
Please, DON’T TAKE OFF YOUR UNDERWEAR!; any man who has not signed his life to you is not worth it!
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11  Forum / The Buzz Central / Desmond Elliot prays for Ini Edo to get pregnant? on: 6-09-2014 10:47 AM

 Desmond Elliot and Ini Edo are best of friends.However on facebook,a purported account in his name prayed for Ini Edo to get pregnant.Obviously,many believe it's him because the page has a huge following and the post got over 100,000 replies

   "We all know actress, Ini Edo, has been married for a while now without any issue. Many of us have laughed at her, insulted her, judged her without knowing the pains she goes through indoors. She has entertained us, made us laugh and has inspired many of us. Today, let us come together and pray for her. Ini Edo, this year, 2014 will not pass you by, you will not only get pregnant, you will also give birth safe and sound. As you write AMEN to this, may God answer all your hidden prayers. Why not write amen? Your amen is so powerful, just type amen on her behalf. God bless you.”

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12  Forum / The Buzz Central / I spent 9 years in the University -AY on: 6-09-2014 10:41 AM

Comedian AY told Punch about his educational struggle and how he overcame it...

    I don’t like talking about this. But, yes, I spent nine years in the university but not as a failure as some people may assume. But I had to set my priorities right. It was tough I had to joggle so many jobs to make ends meet. I also had to cater to my siblings and I was a victim of different circumstances on campus.”

On why he hasn't joined politics

    “You do not put your hand in the mouth of a lion because you see your colleagues doing the same. Those who have indicated interest in vying for political positions must have weighed the pros and cons before deciding to do so. I have also weighed the pros and cons and my ministry has not moved to that site yet
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13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / I’m free from Ebola, but now I’m jobless' fiance of late nurse says on: 6-09-2014 10:30 AM

Dennis Akagha, the fiance of late nurse Justina Ejelonu who died from the deadly Ebola virus, says he's currently being stigmatized for being associated with the deadly Ebola disease. In an interview with Punch, he said he's faced stigma from people on his street, artisans and most recently his work place.

Dennis who was working as a marketing officer in an oil company before his fiancee contracted the disease, says he no longer works there. He said after he left the isolation center, his office refused to pick his calls or communicate with him. Excepts from the interview after the break...

You’ve been certified to be Ebola Virus negative, for how long has that been?
It’s going to two weeks now. Saturday (today) will make it two weeks exactly that I’ve been certified negative. I’ve not had any of the symptoms since then. But I’m granting this interview basically for one reason; before I was quarantined, I saw it in the Bible that I would not die but live to testify the goodness of God upon my life. When God saved me, it is my responsibility to tell the whole world and Nigerians that God is still in the business of doing miracles. So I’m a living testimony of the goodness of God.
You said before you were quarantined, that means at that point, you knew you had Ebola Virus
Yes. But it was not that I was tested positive to it but I had started seeing the symptoms; I had started feeling feverish and having pains all over my body, my muscles, my waist. I was described as being symptomatic at the time. The symptoms came up for like three days. My temperature rose.
So what do you really think saved you? Did the doctors give you any drugs?
I will always tell the whole world that it’s a miracle because I met people who were at the isolation centre before me and I left the place before them. I stayed there for five days. It was a miracle. What worked for me was my faith and my belief because right from the day I saw the symptoms, I had been talking to myself. I found it in the Bible that the power of life and death is in my tongue which means anything I speak happens for me. At that point in time, I started speaking to my body, my blood system and doing the things you will ordinarily not understand. These are the things we call mysteries.
Would you like to share some of these mysteries?
I can share them but some people may not believe them. In the church where I worship, we believe in holy communion and feet washing. The Bible says that the life of the body is in the blood and I also found where Jesus was telling his disciples, if you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you will have life abundantly and not die. With this understanding, I started taking the blood of Jesus and eating the flesh three times in a day. I started doing feet washing. These are the mysteries and they are the things that helped deliver me from the bondage of sickness. I got the bread from my church and I was blessing my water to do feet washing.
You were there for five days, what was your experience like within that period?
I was taken in on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 and left there on Saturday night, August 23, 2014. The experience wasn’t funny, anyway. I really want to appreciate Lagos State. The state has done the best out of all the places where Ebola has been ravaging lives. Initially, there were no volunteers and the facilities were not there but it was because the virus came unexpectedly. Nobody expected it. But within a short time, the facilities improved, so the state tried. The first day I got there, I was just telling myself that I was not Ebola positive. When I got there, they took my blood samples and the results came out the following day. Then, I was kept in a ward meant for suspects. We had two wards: one is a ward for persons suspected to have the virus and the other was for persons confirmed to already have it. So once you are confirmed to have it, they will take you away from the ‘suspects’ ward’ to the other ward. When I was confirmed to have it, they took me to the ‘confirmed’ ward. I went in with them and I met others there. Immediately I lay down on my bed, I cried but nobody knew I was shedding tears. I just lay there and cried. I was crying to God because I already told him that I would not die but live. It took me five minutes to shed the tears and afterwards, I wiped my tears. One of the doctors came in to tell me that my results were not clear to them. She said the results were bulky; that was the language she used and that they could not understand it. In other words, I wasn’t meant to be there. So they took me back to the ‘suspects’ ward and said they would rerun the tests. That was on Wednesday. They reran the tests and the results came out on Thursday afternoon. It was positive. So they asked me to go back to the ‘confirmed’ ward. I told them I was not sick. They said that I was positive but I insisted that I didn’t have Ebola. We quarrelled for sometime so it took me time to go back to the ‘confirmed’ ward. It was after much pleading and also because they said I was a risk to others in the ‘suspects’ ward. So I went back to the ‘confirmed’ ward but I was still saying I was not sick. I was still taking my holy communion and doing feet washing and praying. I slept thereon Thursday night and then they came again to take my blood samples. I was there on Friday too. I was doing my regular exercise- press up and everything. Then on Saturday night, they called me that I had been discharged. I had even forgotten that my blood samples were taken for a test. They said my results came out negative. In that case, I didn’t have any business there anymore.
How did you feel when you were told you could leave the centre?
The first thing I did was to go back to my closet, knelt down and thanked God. I felt happy because I knew it was not just an ordinary miracle. When I was there, I posted on my Facebook wall that my case would defy all medical terminologies and theories. And a lot of people wrote ‘Amen’ to it. But some of them may not understand but I had this belief in myself and in the God that I serve. A lot of people were also strongly supporting me with their prayers. I will encourage people having health challenges or suffering from terminal illnesses not to keep silent, they should tell others. I had friends and relatives praying and fasting on my behalf. On Facebook, my Whatsapp group, they were praying for me and sending me messages and Bible portions on what to read and declare. Those things helped me to boost my faith.
How have your friends, relatives and neighbours been relating with you since you returned from the isolation centre?
The stigma will always be there and it will take some time for it to phase out. It happened when HIV and Lassa fever came out. So this is not the first and it won’t be the last. But I know that with time, it will phase out. I faced a lot of stigmatisation on my street.
Can you recall specific instances?
Yes. When I was symptomatic, because I had bushy hair, I went to a salon to have a haircut. Somebody who knew what happened to my fiancée ran away from the salon. Also, I went somewhere to buy toothpaste and the mallam (Hausa man) refused to sell to me. He said he was not selling. I said but you have toothpaste, he said yes, but that he was not selling. And where I worked as a marketing officer, it happened. I got a job this same month Justina got a job at the hospital (where Patrick Sawyer visited). Mine was an oil and gas company. Indirectly, I experienced it there. I no longer work there.
Were you told to stop coming?
They did it indirectly. It will be shameful for me to go back there. After I left the isolation centre, I said no, I won’t go back there. God has a reason for everything. A lot of people have told me to protest but I said no. For God to bring me out of this, He has very big plans for my life. The communication was no longer there; I was calling (the office) and they stopped picking my calls. So I didn’t bother to go to the office. It got to an extent that even after I came out, my mum travelled to the east (my hometown) for an August meeting and as soon as she got to the venue, everyone ran away. They were like, since your son had Ebola, then you will definitely have Ebola. That was the extent of the stigmatisation.
What was the quarantine centre where Justina was kept like when you got there?
As I said, Lagos State government didn’t expect it. So the environment wasn’t that conducive. The place she was, was a different facility from where I was. It was the same hospital environment but not the same facility. Justina and others were put there while government was preparing a better place for them. She was already there before some others were moved to the other facility. There was no water or oxygen where she was, and the environment wasn’t okay. Lagos State government tried and did its best to make sure that they improve the facilities later and I can testify to that.
Were you disappointed that there was no water or oxygen?
It still boils down to the fact that it was not expected. There was no oxygen available when she needed oxygen but one thing about her was that she lived a good life and was very friendly. She was loved by people and had good friends, so when she needed oxygen, her group of friends rallied round and came up with oxygen that day. In fact, they said they would provide more if she needed more. The situation took government unawares but those things are there now. I was there and I can testify to it. The facilities are superb and the environment is nice. There are a lot of volunteers now.
When you saw that the place was untidy, did you approach the health workers and what did they say?
Nigeria as a whole, we didn’t t expect this. It was not expected. So it took time for people to start volunteering to come and work. So those people who were there were scared so I didn’t blame them. Nobody wanted to take the risk of being infected. It was not until after a lot of awareness had been done that people understood more and started coming to volunteer to work there.
Do you think that the government could have saved her life if the facilities were better?
Well, I really don’t know. God knows best. I was discussing with someone recently and I said she shouldn’t have died. The person asked why and I said I saw a portion in the Bible where God said He would satisfy us with long life. She had not even lived up to 50 when she passed on. The person told me that a new born child that dies within a week has lived a long life. I wondered how and he said the day we die is the day our lives end which means we have lived a long life and have fulfilled our purpose. I’m still pondering over that but I came to a conclusion that God wasn’t sleeping so He must know about everything that happened. As much as people were praying for me when I was there, people were praying for her also.
So what are your plans now that you’re fine, but out of job?
I intend to look for another job. If it’s the will of God for me to work, I will get another job. Aside from that, I made Justina a promise. I spoke with her the night she passed on but I had to go there to confirm the next morning. I had to go inside there after wearing the kits. I was led in and I held her hands, I just wanted to know if she was truly dead. At that time, she was already dead. I told her that I would make sure I pursued those things she could not achieve that I knew about, in my own little way and with the help of individuals. I would make sure she fulfils the dreams. Before her death, she had a vision of a project that I don’t want to share here. If that is what will keep me busy for the rest of my life, I don’t mind to keep her memory alive. I wrote the plan and we were just waiting to complete our marriage plans before proceeding with the project. After her death, I had to go back to my system (laptop) to fetch out those things and start reworking them. I’m done with writing the plan and the next step is to register the business. Private individuals who may want to support the cause since she died while trying to save lives, are welcome. I don’t mind since it will be in memory of Justina Obioma Ejelonu. Yes, a lot of people have been asking me, after now, what next? You have lost a loved one, you’ve lost your job and you’ve come out negative, what next and I tell them that it boils down to God.
You said you held her hand after she had died. But can you recall the last time you saw her alive and what she said to you?
The last day I saw her alive was three weeks today because she died on a Thursday morning. She requested to see me and I went inside to see her, cleaned her and made sure her surroundings were clean and okay. She was on drips and I spoke with her. She requested for tea, hot or cold. There was no way I could get hot water around so I went to get beverage and two bottles of table water to prepare the tea (beverage) for her. I also bought bread for her. That was the last thing I bought for her. I remember she said she loved me; that was the last thing she told me. After cleaning her up, she called on one of the doctors, a WHO doctor, Dr. David. She said softly to the doctor, did I not tell you? The doctor asked what. She said did I not tell you that if my husband comes here, a miracle would happen. I laughed and the doctor said yes. I had to clean her up that day.
You took some risks taking Justina to the hospital and cleaning her up, didn’t you know the risks involved?
You see, if you love someone, you will do those things, except you don’t genuinely love the person. If you genuinely love someone, you can do anything for the person. I genuinely loved her; she was supposed to be my wife. And at that point in time, I saw no reason why I should abandon her. I know most men would do that but my conscience would judge me for the rest of my life if I had run away. So I had to stand by her. I took the risks because I loved her and at a point, I started being careful at the same time. The Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. But I had been 100 per cent exposed already even before I started taking precautions. I started using polythene bags as gloves, which was not even safe. Not that I didn’t think of the risks, but love is a very powerful thing. I know she would have done the same thing for me. So why would I want to run away?
How did you receive news of her death?
Normally, I call her every morning but that morning , I called and called and she didn’t pick up. So I went to the hospital and I was supposed to get some things for her anyway. So I got the news when I got there. It was painful for me. Have you lost a loved one before? At that moment, I felt like going with her. I felt that I couldn’t stay behind (on earth). I felt like dying so that it would be like we both died, although it was not possible (for me to kill myself). But that was how I felt.
Did you receive government visits at home?
I didn’t encourage visitors; I didn’t want anyone to visit me. The only people that were visiting me were Lagos State government officials but they were not coming to my house. They would get to my street and call me to come out. They were only coming to monitor my temperature. I was given a digital thermometer to check my temperature and I would tell them the readings. I checked it every morning and I would meet them outside and tell them. They were the only people coming everyday until when they came to pick me; every other person had indirectly run away. They took me away when my temperature showed that it had risen.
Did they show up immediately Justina was confirmed to have had Ebola?
Normally, they were suppose to come and fumigate my house on that day but they didn’t come; they came two weeks after. I had already done it myself. I bought three bottles of JIK and mixed it water. I did the disinfection and cleaned my house by myself before they came.
Why did it take them two weeks to show up?
Well, I don’t know. I think maybe it was due to logistics. It’s none of my business.
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14  Forum / The Buzz Central / Happy Couple! "My Wife Is Very Understanding About My Music" - 2face Idibia on: 6-09-2014 08:08 AM

2face & Annie Macaulay tied the knot in 2013, and the couple have had to deal with certain challenges to the union, inclusive of rumors of infidelity in the media. But that has never affected the lyrics of his music.
Despite being married, Nigerian singer 2Face Idibia has the freedom to
include certain not-so-marriage-worthy lyrics to his songs. And that is due to the understanding of his wife, Annie Macaulay.
2face & Annie Macaulay tied the knot in 2013, and the couple have had to deal with certain challenges to the union, inclusive of rumors of infidelity in the media. But all of that has not made her to censor his lyrics,with 2face revealing the depth of her understanding during an interview with Olisa Adibua on 'The Truth'.
“My wife is very understanding." 2Face said. “Even if I say some things (in my music), sometimes it's just an artistic expression.
“It doesn't really mean that it happened to me, or I did it like that. But sometimes you need to create some excitement in music, and do all that. She's cool, she's very understanding. In that aspect.
“It's hectic, but when you put yourself out there to do stuff, responsibilities come with it. You have to create time for everything. You have to create time for work, create time for pleasure.
2face Idibia also revealed how his lyrics are born. For him, it comes in a number of ways, depending on several factors. Although, he leaves that to his moments of inspiration.
“For me it's depending on the mode, the situation, sometimes I'm in the plane or I'm in the club, an inspiration just pops up. At that moment, I might decide to just take my phone up, and record whatever is coming into my head from my phone.
He added: “Sometimes I just sit down at home, get a pen and paper, and just start creating the melody in my head, and writing the lyrics. Sometimes I write the lyrics, and create the melody before I go to the studio, and the producer will ...or I even do it myself.
2face Idibia recently lost his father to Prostate Cancer. His 6th studio album, 'The Ascension', is currently the highest selling album in iTunes Nigeria.
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15  Forum / The Buzz Central / I don’t need to do music to survive –MI on: 6-09-2014 07:54 AM

 Jude Abaga, better known as MI, has made a name in the music industry in Nigeria. But the rapper has been on a break in the music scene for about four years without releasing an album, though he still headlines shows.
In a recent chat with punchng, the rapper said that he does not need music to survive as his endorsements alone put food on his table.
He said, “People have been saying whatever they like but I have been blessed that I don’t need to make music to survive. But now is the right time for me to come out because the music is there and the story is there. I stayed away waiting for the right time. Whenever you drive through Lagos or anywhere in the country and you see my face, you would know what I have been doing to survive.”
He also debunked rumours that he was under any pressure especially from his brother to release an album. Currently his latest song, King James, is topping charts and the rapper advised that musicians should sing socially conscious songs.
“Although I did not release an album in over four years, my younger brother released two in about six months but I was not pressured in any way. The competition between me and Jesse Jagz has been over years ago. We have been doing this for years and he won. I am on a different path making different music. I am on my own path making my own kind of music and my advice to everyone making music is to make songs that feel right. Every artiste should do music to raise social awareness,” he said.
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16  Forum / The Buzz Central / Why P-Square do not live with their wives on: 6-09-2014 07:50 AM

 The cyberspace went agog when performing twins, P-Square revealed on a radio station that they do not live with their wives. The twin brothers have been living together virtually all their lives. During the radio programme, the singers also hinted that they would move to their separate houses in December, 2014.
However, many of their fans assumed that all was not right between the brothers and their wives, considering that just a few months ago, there were reports that the duo were on the verge of breaking up.
However, when Punchng contacted the singers’ publicist, Bayo Adetu, he denied that the brothers had any problems with each other.
But another source in the singers’ camp told Punchng that the brothers do not live with their wives at the moment because they are constantly in the studio working on their sixth studio album. Already, the first three songs they released from the album are enjoying massive airplay.
“You know that P-Square are hardworking people and when they are doing their music, they strive for the best. Most times, they are in the studio because of their new album and that is what they are concentrating on,” the source said.
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17  Forum / The Buzz Central / See What Afrocandy Said She's Going To Do To Stay Relevant on: 5-09-2014 09:55 PM

 Afro Candy will be the first Nigerian celebrity to come out openly to say she is ready to undergo a plastic surgery just to look beautiful for the game. She said she plans to stay another 20years which will make her have a plastic surgery in order to still look good. Here is what she said in a recent chat about how she started what she does and why she might consider a surgery eventually;

It was just an idea that popped up in my mind. It wasn’t in any way to get back at my estranged husband then. I’d been separated from my husband since 2007, but the p*rn movie thing came up just around last year. I can say that money was the primary reason because at a time after my husband left me in the US, I couldn’t pay my house rent. So I went into it both because of the money and the fun. I will quit when I get old with wrinkled body. I plan to have a plastic surgery because I wish to stay in the game for another 20years.
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18  Forum / The Buzz Central / Maheeda Australian Tour -In Pictures on: 5-09-2014 03:54 PM

Maheeda who recently  modelled for Ruggedman's Varsity Jacket is currently in Australia for her Naija Baddest Girl Tour and of course, she has been busy with publicity and interviews in different Radio and Tv stations across the country.
Below are some pictures we gathered from her recent outings.....

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19  Forum / The Buzz Central / See How Beyonce Celebrated Her 33rd Birthday on: 5-09-2014 03:50 PM

While the whole world celebrated her, Beyonce marked her 33rd birthday with Jay Z,Blue Ivy,her mum and family at a beach in France...
see more pics below.......after the break

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20  Forum / The Buzz Central / Banky W Relocates To New York For Three Months on: 5-09-2014 03:46 PM

RnB singer,& Empire Mates Entertainment Boss, Banky W has relocated. He made the announcement online to his fans, and when further queried he made it known that it was mandatory because he needed knowledge in Film Making and Directing, and he just enrolled in a school, which will make him stay in New York for three months.
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