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21  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Daddy Freeze Shares Photos And Video Of His Father To Prove Pastor Ibiyeomi Wrong on: 9-09-2020 03:14 PM
So Daddy Freez has a father! Imagine if someone takes to the media and say insolent words about his own father. for example; Nigerian girls may think he should have an African women or even a Nigerian instead of an Italian. Or another person may make derogatory statements on his father's tribal marks.
So, anyone can just be insolent for just anything using any perspective.
Instead of looking for churches to criticize, why not say something about the ethnic cleansing at southern Kaduna, the sentence to death at Kano, the increase in fuel pump price and electricity tariff.  There are a lot of issues in Nigeria but freez is interested in Bishop Oyedepo only.
Does freez know that Bishope oyedepo has employed over 5000 pastors this year?
22  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigeria Will Break If We Release Names, List of Looters in NDDC - Committee on: 1-09-2020 01:57 PM
Stop threatening Nigerians with 'Nigeria will break' Release the names, let us know the faces of the traitors.
23  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Evicted BBNaija Housemate Ka3na Opens Up on What Happened Under The Duvet With Praise (VID) on: 4-08-2020 03:20 PM
What about stylish taking of pant?
24  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Cross Dresser, Jay Boogie Reportedly A Contestant in the BBNaija Season 5 on: 16-07-2020 12:06 PM
As what? A she or a he or shehe?
25  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian Woman Who Welcome Triplets After Years of Marriage Shows Off Her Huge Baby Bump (PICS) on: 15-07-2020 04:26 PM
You tried.
26  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Show Us Evidence - Man Challenges Bishop Oyedepo After Claiming He Healed A COVID-19 Patient on: 9-07-2020 05:08 PM
Sometimes I wonder why some of you think you are wiser than everybody and that you are the one chosen to enlighten everyone. In the process you do nothing less that exposing your limited knowledge especially on religious matters. Bishop Oyedepo I know preaches balance Christianity and not lies. It is very unfortunate that you can look at a reverend gentleman and call him a liar without justifications. You cannot equal Bishop Oyedepo's contributions to humanity. What is your contention? That the bible is a lie and God does not heal again or what? I don't know what you believe in but I challenge you to show the clip where Bishop Oyedepo said that he Oyedepo was the healer and not Jesus. But if he had credited the healing the the power of God, then this write is a direct attack on the potency of Christianity.
27  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Daddy Freeze Blows Hot As He Condemns The Demolition of Church of Satan in Abia on: 8-07-2020 04:23 PM
I read the story about destroying the church of Satan. It was expressly stated that the youth of the community destroyed the church while authorities arrested the founder. I don't understand why Mr. Freez is now connecting the issue with church when no church was mentioned. If you want to justly address this issue, then you need to address your grievances to the community and the authorities and stop this open demonstration of hatred to the church. You cannot stop the church.
28  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Daddy Freeze Blows Hot As He Condemns The Demolition of Church of Satan in Abia on: 8-07-2020 04:14 PM
Was it can that demolished the church of Satan or the community?
29  Forum / Politics / Re: "Why We Demolished The Nigerian Embassy Staff House In Ghana" - Ghanaian Chief Of Osu on: 23-06-2020 10:41 AM
That was still wrong. You are supposed to first take it up with the government of your Country so as to follow diplomatic procedures. Where were you when they built the place?
30  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: How Married Woman Dies After Engaging In Marathon SEx With A Priest on: 15-05-2020 04:21 PM
Konji is a bastard.
31  Forum / Religion / Re: Controversial Pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim Arrested in Ghana on: 15-05-2020 04:18 PM
This looks like:
Police: They sent us to arrest you.
Obim: Okay
Police: lets us snap picture with you first. Please smile, because we may need this picture in the future.
Police Cameraman: cheers everyone.
32  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: Adamawa Police Arrest 13 Notorious 'Shila Boy', Recovers Ammunition & Tricycles on: 14-05-2020 09:32 AM
Quote from: dopygenius on 14-05-2020 08:54 AM
See them, honestly that part of the country should be left to rule themselves,these people are the ones Killin this country called Nigeria,now I put it to you all that the igbos will do very well more Better with out Nigerians,the hausas are so useless,these are people that believe Killing is acceptable to Their mysterious Allah,even if you take an hausa man to the highest education,that aboki blood will still be in him....

You have only succeeded in displaying how narrow and shallow you are in the knowledge of Nigeria. Your main undoing is your believe that the Hausas are the cause of your problem, so you always come out to insult them for every little challenge you encounter. Your mentor has brainwashed must of you and turned you to atheist. Aboki this aboki that, let me tell you parochial Igbos that you are your own problem. Foolish aboki can unit, strategies and win election, but the most intelligent as acclaimed will never unite. Tofiakwa. Common ministerial post, you guys will be fighting until veto power is used. Look at the Yorubas, they are putting their knowledge to use and they have to be reckoned with, but you people don't even know what Nigeria is. Can a country be divided on paper?
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