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1  Forum / Religion / Re: There Is No Hell Fire; Adam and Eve Not Real – Pope Francis Claims on: 30-12-2013 08:38 AM
Pls disregard this post as it is fake from pit of hell. If you need to know about Catholic Church visit as this is not official but crooks trying to distract the church
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Breaking: El Rufai regains freedom, says Gov Peter Obi qualifies as a fool. Lol on: 18-11-2013 09:05 AM
what took you to Anambra for Christ's sake? Is a national election or state election? what concerned you there? Anambra people electing who will govern them not who will govern Nigeria. In fact you are a security threat there and thank Peter Obi for saving you because your presence might provoke some Anambra people that your brothers in Boko Haram forcefully sent home, killing their relations and destroying their properties lynch you in retaliation. Go and decide how your people in Kano or Katsina should be governed first and stop the killing of innocent Christians there please. better thank Peter Obi for saving your life as your presence is not needed in the State at that time or even if future if your brothers in Boko Haram do not stop what they are doing.
3  Forum / Sports / Re: Keshi, NFF have abandoned me – Emenike on: 17-03-2013 07:59 AM
Too bad for NFF even with Keshi that ought to know better having been there before. Very unfair indeed.
4  Forum / Politics / Re: GODFATHER! Atiku Kneels Down In Public To Greet Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo on: 28-11-2012 09:10 PM
what is my biznes with dat?
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: An Open Letter To Bianca Onoh Ojukwu (VERY INTERESTING) on: 19-06-2012 02:21 PM
The writer did noble and a good writer at that. She made a very important point I would like to pick on. She asked if the husband gave approval to the initial appointment and Bianca never addressed this till her husband died. The write is a rare and virtuous woman ok
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Shes Hot!! Meet Nigeria's First Female Police PRO, Ms Ngozi Conchita Braide on: 14-06-2012 05:56 PM
This girl no suppose to be Olokpa oooo. Too decent to do de job
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: UCHE jombo was disgrace in lagos on: 20-05-2012 10:20 PM
The picture is not clear based on the poster's story. If the film have been shot already before her arrest, then I refuse to accept the story. Something else should be the issue and settlement will not be far from it. How can she just enter police station and use their cell to shoot film without someone permitting her in the first place. Does she have police cell key? Abeg! abeg!! abeg!!! tell me something more ok
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: How the Meeting Between NLC and The Government Ended - To Be Finalized on Sat. on: 13-01-2012 09:41 PM
He started with Goodluck and now in Deadluck
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: MEND Apologises For Causing Abuja Deaths on: 4-10-2010 03:48 AM
Who is playing games with who? Very unfortunate. SDolution is still far folks
10  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: I have found my wife to be but my best friend disvirgin her on: 9-03-2010 08:19 AM
Pls wake up boy. I think u r still in a dream land ok