Exclusvie: Cultist shoots man in Shomolu ahead of EID celebrations

Published 6 years ago by: Lola vita
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at 14-10-2013 10:45AM (6 years ago)

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 Just as many are anticipating the week-long Sallah celebrations, the family of late Mr Azeez Ibrahim wouldn’t be taking part in this sacred event joyfully as they hoped- An indiscriminate shooting in Shomolu area of Lagos led to the death of their own ward; who was shot in the arm, and died some hours later in a gutter infront of his residence. Recently, the people of Shomolu have been experiencing recurring fights between cult members within the vicinity, with robbery activities also present; it has been torrid times for them. Ibrahim, whom many observed to be friendly and warm, ended up being the victim of this rather irrelevant cult blitzkrieg. On that night, October 11, the victim was apparently heading out of his home to buy something, unknown to him that it was his last night on earth. According to a close source who witnessed the tragic event, the bandits drove into his street and started shooting sporadically, and one of the live bullets met Mr Azeez on his arm, very close to a gutter. Due to the excruciating pain from the wound, he opted to fall into a nearby gutter to avoid being hit by another bullet. That move was indeed fruitless, as he ended up hitting his nose on the tarmac before falling into the chute. Albeit, he didn’t die immediately from that collision, the late discovery of his body by the concerned searchers resulted to his death. He was discovered 3 hours after being shot.

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ThoRam at 14-10-2013 11:25AM (6 years ago)
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 Undecided Undecided Undecided  
merion at 14-10-2013 11:31AM (6 years ago)
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to bad
chylind5 at 14-10-2013 11:47AM (6 years ago)
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Sorry dear, RIP. We should make our ways straight before the Lord cos these are terrible times. No one knows the hour. My sympathy goes to the family.
akinmanchy at 14-10-2013 11:49AM (6 years ago)
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Which way Nigeria? RIP bro

Austinjack at 14-10-2013 11:54AM (6 years ago)
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Na waooo,RIP Guy
IDOKOO at 14-10-2013 12:03PM (6 years ago)
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me, i think say na only BENUE STATE na him dis kind CULTISM stories dey.becus, every day 4 BENUE. na killing cults members dey kill dem self's. inshot, na BENUE national anthem. R.I.P. BROS.
unyimeN at 14-10-2013 12:17PM (6 years ago)
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why didn't d eyewtness wu saw wen dis man was shot n opted to d gutter to avoid further bullet call d attention or d searchers for survivers? He just rmaind silent stayd in his closest n allow dat man die like dat, nw he's cumng to b an eye wtness.... RIP all d same...
micc at 14-10-2013 12:42PM (6 years ago)
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Tipsytessy at 14-10-2013 01:10PM (6 years ago)
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paulohking at 14-10-2013 01:17PM (6 years ago)
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Noble12 at 14-10-2013 01:28PM (6 years ago)
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schmit at 14-10-2013 02:59PM (6 years ago)
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so sad R.I.P
cococabana at 14-10-2013 03:16PM (6 years ago)
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@merion (2691)  do you ever have opinion ? or you can’t  write ? your opinion is either, HHHHHHHHH OR MMMMMMMMMMMM   OR  TOO BAD  OR WOW OR OK OR I SEE,  is this real you?
toibeli at 14-10-2013 05:00PM (6 years ago)
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OH Naija! If it is not the Kidnappers, Armed Robbers, Boko Haram, it will be the Cultists  Sad
Jennybaby at 14-10-2013 05:14PM (6 years ago)
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sonjohn994 at 14-10-2013 05:35PM (6 years ago)
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 Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
dareper at 14-10-2013 06:19PM (6 years ago)
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Too bad, RIP bro
winace at 14-10-2013 07:39PM (6 years ago)
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Dis is wat bad upbringing will cause
zoe61 at 14-10-2013 07:42PM (6 years ago)
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too bad
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