Overpriced Celebrity Items-Auctioning Now

Published On: June 8, 2012, 3:16 pm (8 years ago)
Author: xty
lot101 (f)

Where are all the big boys on the internet. Those ones that spend 800k a night in clubs like club10 and the rest.
These items(abbove) are up for grasp and those men on nairaland/naijapals who claim to have similar things, well this time these are limited editions so go and place higher bids and get them for yourselves .
Kanye West is auctioning off a pair of his limited edition Nikes on eBay, and bids have already topped $80,000!
What? You don't have $80,000 lying around? Or maybe you do and you'd rather just spend the cash on 1,777 pairs of Vans sneakers. Personally, if I had to spend that money, i ll rather Just build a house in the south.
Surely that would be a wiser investment than dishing out $217,000(over 140 million naira) for a signed Jay-Z watch, $57 for P. Diddy's robe , or $1,000 for a pit bull puppy Chris Brown once cuddled with.
These auctions are currently running on ebay.com . Feel free to get some or all as your pockets can carry.

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tha is awesomely stupid waste of money ,http:///*****?page=act/ref&invcod=51183
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