A Nigerian Job Seeker's Suicide Note

7 years ago by: Jerry Tosin
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A Nigerian Job Seeker's Suicide Note
Dear world,
Dear Joblessness

You win, I can't take it any longer, and I know you have been waiting for this to happen. I hope it makes you very happy, this is not an easy thing to do, but I've got to the point where there is nothing to live for, graduated for 3 years and still no job, no love. All will and determination to fight on has left me. I feel calm and at peace and grateful that I can go to sleep painlessly. I feel justified in terminating a life which no longer holds any hope of having the essentials which make it worth living. I did desperately want to get a good job, have a beautiful wife, bring forth wonderful kids and love mankind. But now, I am defeated and exhausted emotionally by the situation of my Country, Nigeria.
To my Unborn child: My love for you would have had no limits, I grief that I could not meet you but try to understand that your birth would have made my life worse, life is too corrupt, seeing vision of a broken man. So, with my passing, all menace to your well-being has disappeared. Forgive me for the many mistakes I have made. Now that it is all said I feel at peace.
To my friends: Try not to grieve. I ask all of you, my dear ones, not to mourn my passing. Be glad I am at least free from the misery of the joblessness and intimidation and oppression. I have endured for so long and that at last I'll have peace and rest...This is no way to live either is it any way to die. I'm going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call the time eternity.
Goodbye, cruel world
Goodbye, God forsaken Nigeria
Goodbye, cruel destiny

You win.

Naijapals Let us pray for our fellow country brothers to have faith, for a better tomorrow

-- Tayvado (m) at 26-07-2012 11:01AM
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Many more wld still go dis way if somfin is nat done 2 arrest dis ugly situation in naija. Wat a brightless future 4our youths in naija, where injusties, nepotism, favouritism, corruption, brutallity, wickedness reigns in d blood of our leaders. indeed nufing is wot dyin 4 buh somtimes u gat 2die 2 evn get peace. Naija pls learn frm Tunisia. D youths ar not smiling