‘Goliath Must Go’

Published On: August 8, 2012, 3:35 pm (8 years ago)
Author: Kwame Pratt
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Aggrieved workers of Decorplast Limited in Accra’s North Industrial Area have expressed concern over a series of industrial accidents at the outfit which has led to the chopping off of the limbs of some of their colleagues.

According to the workers, the incident has been repeating itself every two years, specifically in July, and they suspect it is a ritual orchestrated by their chief engineer.

In an interview with DAILY GUIDE, the workers said Decorplast, owned by an Indian merchant, has about 300 workers who run shifts.

The employees have been victims to several levels of maltreatment, suspensions and sacking, they added.

As a result, the workers embarked on a demonstration and demanded the termination of the appointment of the chief engineer whom they suspected of being a ritualist and the cause of the misfortunes.

Akwesi Asante, one of the demonstrators, told this reporter that in the early hours of Sunday, one of their colleagues had his hand chopped off when he was operating a machine. He is now receiving medical attention at Korle-bu Hospital. He said this is not the first time such an incident has happened but the third in a space of 6 years, but strangely in the same month.

Others interviewed said the accidents started occurring when the chief engineer, whose name they gave as Mr. Bartels but also referred to as Goliath, was employed.

Noting that his negative utterances have also given cause for suspicion, they said he has overstayed his term in office. “If he does not go, we will not work, because we do not know who will be the next victim.”

They also alleged that Mr Bartels terrorizes and frustrates them frequently, saying that he has the police in his pocket.

Isaac Adjei, a machine operator and a victim, told DAILY GUIDE that when his hand got chopped off during operation at work, the insurance he was given was only GH¢2,200 by his employer and afterwards, he was left to his fate.

The workers further stated that they are suffering severely under ‘Goliath’, because he does not even want them to go for medical attention when they fall sick. “There is no salary increment and our working conditions are very poor.”

They said the production department is installed with a heavy faulty industrial machine which generates severe heat in an enclosed building with small windows at the top edges of the ceiling, adding that all efforts to get standing fans has proved futile as the chief engineer has been taunting them that if they need fresh air, they can go to the Labadi beach.

They further stated that the company has been using water and electricity illegally for so many years.

On several occasions, they said they spotted their boss issuing huge sums of money to certain government officials and police officers who visit there occasionally.

They therefore called on government to intervene and call the chief engineer to order.

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