what to do if someone you love doesnt feel the same.

7 years ago by: Joshua
(m) at 13-10-2012 10:41AM (7 years ago)

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Many things are involved. Firstly, you observe if the lady you are dying because has any feelings for you or maybe she is only trying to get what you gat.if you are the type that do call and text her in seconds give it a break and see maybe she is gonna cal nor text to ask wat s happenin. And if she isn t. You ask her out for a date, make her calm, make her feel happily. Then you try to share idea wit her and also try to use instances to express feelings for her . But if she s tryin difficult to handle you give her a little time to go over it. After then she might have reason over it and later give you the response you needed but if not you just clear it off your mind cos if not you wil just be lik a person waitin for a ship to arrive at the airport.

winace (f) at 13-10-2012 12:10PM
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Forget d person.
HOPEA23 (f) at 13-10-2012 12:54PM
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Let go of the person

ela214 (f) at 13-10-2012 10:48PM
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delete the person frm ur memory
Solidstonez (f) at 28-02-2013 05:59PM
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dareper (m) at 3-09-2015 10:40AM
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U can't force love