University of Abuja Shut Down Following Violent Students Protest

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For the second time this year, authorities of the University of Abuja have shut down the institution following students’ protest.

Despite the fact that second semester examination was already underway, the students’ protest which led to major roads and huge traffic congestion resulted in the institution being shut down.

According to Sahara Reporters, the students went on a rampage to protest the non-accreditation of some of their courses.

The accreditation panel of the National University Commission had recently refused to certify some of the courses being run by the university.

Some of the courses are in the Faculty of Engineering, Agriculture and Sciences.

The protest, which commenced at 6:00 AM, was started by students from the Faculty of Engineering.

Many students soon joined in blocking the main gate of the school to protest harsh conditions of education and general mismanagement of the university by officials the students regard as incompetent and irresponsible.

Some students said the university is in poor condition as inhabitants of the girls hostel lack of water supply which forces them to fetch water from the boys hostel.

Student leaders of the protest said the school is also bedeviled with overpopulated classes, cancelled lectures, lack of library facilities and lecture halls as well as the refusal of the school authorities to allow for independent student union elections.

The protests quickly spread as several students took to the street just as some of their colleagues began sitting for their first semester examinations, which ought to start on Monday.

The protest led to the cancellation of examination in various classes slated for the day as lecturers and invigilators abandoned the two campuses to safety.

It would be recalled that in April, the management of the institution closed the University after a violent protest by students resulted in a breakdown of law and order in the school community.

The students had protested the suspension of four courses offered by the University - Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Engineering and Agriculture which failed to get accreditation from the NUC.

Some Pictures From The Protest Below!

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Na wa o
-- jamesbondchick (f) at 20-11-2012 06:57PM
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Shame! A federal university located in the FCT without infrastructures,kai! Only in 9ja

-- beneno (m) at 20-11-2012 08:16PM
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naija for for me as the next president of naija and everything will be alright
-- EmekaBlue (m) at 20-11-2012 08:29PM
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-- Senegal (m) at 20-11-2012 08:49PM
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Yeye dey smell
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no be small smell
-- Yongichow (m) at 20-11-2012 11:21PM
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Shame, shame, shame .........Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame
-- PidginMOUTH (m) at 20-11-2012 11:21PM
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http://[b]make una carry go  ;D ;D ;D[/b]
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make una carry go  Grin Grin Grin
-- micc (m) at 20-11-2012 11:34PM
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Nigeria government are very wicked
-- presciousoluchi (f) at 21-11-2012 03:26AM
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too bad

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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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Nah WaH O
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Nigerians both students and adult individuals travelled abroad and  behave them selves made use with what they get if they can not get what they want also abide by the rules , I wonder why we can not do same in our own land. Especially students who has limited number of years to spend in the school are making things worst for them selves and their parents.
Student wants to graduate for courses they will not be able to defend the certificate.
-- Noble12 (m) at 21-11-2012 08:22AM
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-- JulietPaul (f) at 21-11-2012 09:20AM
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Shame! A federal university located in the FCT without infrastructures,kai! Only in 9ja
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin
-- warribimboye (m) at 21-11-2012 09:38AM
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How una want dem to accredit crucial corse for ashawo uni?
-- eoadex2003 (m) at 21-11-2012 10:25AM
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