"I Slept With My Boss To Give My Boyfriend A Job"

7 years ago by: OIL PRINCE
(m) at 20-05-2013 11:46AM (7 years ago)

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I got this email from one of my Blog Reader who need a public opinion on her predicament. I.D kept Confidential.

It Reads:

Dear OPB Readers,

I need solutions, it all seems like my world is crashing right before me.

I'm a girl of 28 and I'm in a relationship of about 2 years now.

I work with an insurance company and life has been good until my boyfriend lost his job roughly 10 months ago. And everything changed. I cater for him and myself as well since then.

He continually nags about not having a job despite his applications for a new one. And to be very honest this whole situation sucks life out of me.

So I decided to meet my boss at the office and I asked if he could help in any way. He accepted but requested sex with me and because I felt fed up with my boyfriend's situation, I gave in to sleep with my boss but we'd an agreement that it will be a one time stuff. I was desperate and was willing to sacrifice for my boyfriend.

Weeks later my boyfriend got the job and according to the company policy, employees must have a 3 months training before confirmation.

This situation led to my boyfriends being trained at my branch of the company,which is also where my boss that gave him the job works.

Just less than 6 weeks my boss couldn't let me stay for a day without further request for sex and in the process my boyfriend found out the whole thing.

He quit the job instantly and left town without a word. Doesn't take my calls to hear my side of the whole thing.

I feel confused as I've only intended to assist but it's all falling on me now.

I wrote so that I can have a public view and advice on what to do.

Is there a chance or anything I could do to salvage the situation

Please I need help.



What are you Guys opinion and advice to N.J's situation, does she still have a chance to rescue the problem?

makchris (m) at 20-05-2013 12:28PM
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I don't think that guy will listen to any thing you got say,but for your boss you have compromised already, you either go on with it, go to complient commission , or quit the job, adios
Idbabe (f) at 20-05-2013 01:27PM
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As  you sounded, it appears ur bf only knew u hv been sleeping with your boss but did not get to know that u started dat all bcos of him.  The chance of you getting him back to yourself is very slim.

I wish work is everywhere like manner, i would suggest u quit the job, go out there and start life afresh.

Good luck.
udenzeu (m) at 20-05-2013 01:38PM
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Clap for urself! Must u phyuk ur boss to help ur guy? Very disgusting sacrifice. Even vultures cannot accept such sacrifice. Mtcheeeeeeeew