Michael Adebolajo "Mujahid" Is One Of The Nigerian Woolwich Terrorist Attackers (Page 14)

Date: 23-05-2013 8:16 am (8 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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The lunatic as you term him is of Nigerian parentage. Blood is thicker than water (and will always will be). His parents most likely came over in the 80's as economic migrants looking for work. They are in no way equivalent to those Nigerians who came over in the 60's.  How this young man was bought up has a lot to do with his outlook on life. If he was bought up (one of them is 28 years old) in the way most old school Nigerian parents bring up their children in Nigeria -  to be fearful of your everyone and to think everyone is after your life and that if anything bad happens to you - blame a family member I am not surprised by their attitude. We all know how steeped in sorcery and black magic some upbringing is. Of course the parents will carry these beliefs with them to England. The parents may be ardent "church goers" (note I did not use the word "Christian" - as I believe there is a difference) and hardworking (to keep the family back home in Nigeria happy) however I .believe they helped make their son a killer.

Lets just sit back and see what the horrendous events will bring to light!

Oh please... Save it! Youre tryna say that a parent is to be blamed for however & whatever their child becomes. Whether he was brought up old school or not, that wouldnt determine anything or who he woulda become. It doesn't matter what year they moved abroad either. Parents can only train, teach, & advice their child. At the end he/she will choose what they wanna do & who they wanna become. How you were brought up by parents is not the only case. A child being raised in a good home doesn't mean they'll turn out good. Remember there are peer pressure, negative influences, and temptation around a child esp. depending on what environment he/she was raised in and what kinda ppl he/she hangs out with. He was raised in a Christian home but later decided to convert to Islam. Was that his parents fault or some form of influences he musta been exposed to. I guess if your child becomes a serial killer, armed robber, rapists, kidnapper etc... youre the one to be blamed. NONSENSE!
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