Obama To Nigeria: U.S Does Not Need Your Oil

at 2-07-2013 01:40PM (6 years ago)

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The President of United States of America, Barack Obama categorically told Nigeria and other African countries that have oil deposits that his country do not need the oil and energy as they are capable of generating their source of energy.

The American number one citizen who created lots of rucus when he visited Africa last week and refused to visit Nigeria, confirmed the fears in some quarters that the days of crude oil importation from African oil producing countries, including Nigeria, were numbered, as oil export from Nigeria is on a downward trend.

Speaking at a press conference with South African President, Jacob Zuma, during his visit to that country as part of his three-nation African visit, Obama said his country does not need energy from Africa. “Well, the truth is, the United States, at this point, on issues of energy, for example, frankly, we don’t need energy from Africa. Because of advances that have been made, we’re seeing oil production and natural gas production, as well as clean energy production all growing at a rapid rate in the United States,” he said.

“So our primary interest when it comes to working with Africa on energy issues has to do with how do we power Africa so that it can be an effective market creating jobs and opportunity in Africa, but then, we also then have somebody to trade with and sell iPods to, and airplanes, and all kinds of good stuff,” he added.