Nigerian Big Girl Caught In The Act With Married Man Disgraced

6 years ago by: Adeniyi Opemipo
(m) at 4-07-2013 12:27AM (6 years ago)

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A popular big girl in town recently got more than she bargained for as the wife of a wealthy man who she has been enjoying “good times” with in different hotels finally caught her red handed.

This time she didn’t invite the sugar daddy, said to be a well connected businessman, to a hotel but followed him to his house after she learnt that the man’s wife had travelled out of town…

But the wife showed up and chased her out of their house without clothes.

cherishp (f) at 4-07-2013 02:54AM
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winace (f) at 4-07-2013 06:13AM
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D lady is stupid to go to someone matrimonia home. Even if d man told u its ok, why don't u tell him u can't. If its her own matrimonia home, will she like it?
kebella (f) at 4-07-2013 08:52AM
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cant see the video Sad Sad

bluebang (m) at 4-07-2013 09:57AM
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99 days for the thief 1 day for the owner,if you plan to have a peaceful matrimonial home someday you will not go and wreck somebody's own,apart from the fact that she was caught she has sown a seed that she will inevitably and eventually reap in the future.sometimes you can't help but wonder if this girls came from a home/or the pit of hell
Orojoe (f) at 4-07-2013 01:02PM
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She had another plan maybe her babalawo has told her that d man will eject his wife after she slept wit him on his matrimonial bed.. But God fought for the owner of d home.. This girls come from d deepest part of hell...
GreatDan (m) at 4-07-2013 06:07PM
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Foolish act!!!
EmeQuest (m) at 4-07-2013 06:27PM
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 Tongue Embarrassed Cry...
ajanni (m) at 4-07-2013 10:16PM
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she asked for it and she got it