Trifling Tragedy: Student Stabbed To Death For Seizing Fellow Student’s Sandals

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«§»22 July 2013

Tragedy struck at 13 Amphibious Brigade, Eburutu Barracks, Ikot Ansa in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State recently when the Labour Prefect of Army Day Secondary School, Boniface Odinakachukwu, 19, was stabbed to death for confiscating fellow student’s sandals.

Investigations revealed that Boniface, an SSS II student and an indigene of Onicha-Igboeze Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, met his untimely death penultimate week when his fellow SS II student, one Francis (surname withheld), allegedly hired a colleague, Godwin (surname also withheld), 20, to assist him in beating up the Prefect for daring to accost him (Francis) for improper dressing in school.

The late Boniface, it was learnt, was a stickler for discipline and therefore, ensured that students complied with the mode of dressing within the school premises.

And in carrying out his official functions, the Prefect had accosted Godwin, queried him on why he should fly his shirt’s collar and adorning a pair of sandals during school hours and as a punishment, the late Boniface allegedly confiscated  the sandals and handed over to one of the school masters, hoping to return them to him the following day as has always been the practice.

Francis, sources said, did not raise any eyebrow as he walked quietly to his class without showing any sign that he was annoyed or out to do anything funny over the seizure of his sandals.

But trouble started, when after school had closed at 3:00 pm, Francis and a few of the students alleged to be cultists including Godwin, a school drop-out, were unknowingly trailing him and subsequently attacked and killed him in the process.

On discovering that Boniface was dead, the boys fled, but were later arrested by the soldiers and handed over to the police.

May his soul rest in peace (amen)

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