SSS Director In Séx Scandal: Drags His Wife To Court For Attacking His Girlfrien

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That men find it difficult to sleep with only one woman for a long time is a known fact and this explains why in the days of old the men, even those celebrated and respected ones, have several wives and concubines.

But these days, women say it's 50/50. It's a serious battle. A Deputy Director with the State Security Service in Oyo State, Edward Magaji, has dragged his beautiful wife to court for trying to stop his "enjoyment".
The SSS director told the court that his wife had been a pain in the neck since he assisted his girlfriend, Miss Natasha Aminu Danbaba, a nurse with Specialist Hospital, Yola, with some token to buy a car, adding that his wife had been terrorizing his girlfriend, calling her all sorts of names to the extent of going to her work place to fight her.
He added that his wife committed the action in his presence while he was in Natasha’s house and engaged them in a fight resulting to the breaking of the car’s windscreen.
Edward Magaji filed the complaint against his wife in a Magistrate court sitting in Yola, capital of Adamawa.

When the counsel to the wife, Barrister Binanu Eston asked Mr Magaji to define the relationship between him and the girlfriend, Mr Magaji simply said he was tired of his wife and could not answer such a question as he has since dumped her due to her many troubles.

The wife has four children, but Magaji said her wahala his too much, hence he is no longer interested in her.


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No wahala
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I nor dey do agin nor be force
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