SHOCK: Lupita Nyong’o's Father Reveals Horrible Family Torture in Kenya (VIDEO)

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Peter Nyong’o, Lupita’s father, revealed the torment and torture his family faced in Kenya, in an interview to The Independent. The horrible incidents that happened to him and his family were due to opposition from a regime led by former Kenyan president Daniel arap Moi.
“My brother disappeared in 1980. It was a very difficult time politically. We never recovered his body and it was never resolved who was behind the murder,” Mr. Nyong’o told that this was a result of bad relationship with the government of Kenya.
“Even now, no information has come to light. I know he was on a ferry in Mombasa and witnesses who I managed to talk to told me clearly that it was not an accident and he had been attacked and pushed off the ferry. But the witnesses were too terrified to testify to the police… I spoke to members of the Kenyan Special Branch and someone informed me that they knew what happened. They were not willing to help in any way whatsoever because of that.”
Later, Peter Nyong’o and his wife moved to Mexico, where their daughter, Lupita, was born in 1983. In four years, the family moved back to Kenya and they still suffered as victims of harassment from the regime.
Mr Nyong'o adds that due to this insecure time they had to move from one place to another, and it was not good for their kids, Lupita and Peter Jr.
“I was being picked up monthly and weekly. It would depend on the period. It was as often as they wanted. It was mainly psychological for me, although it was physical for others. You could not wash for days, you were harassed, threatened, you couldn’t sleep and it becomes unbearable.”
Now Mr. Nyongo is one of senior politicians in Kenya.
Back then, in the late 80's, it was common for families in Eastern Africa to experience such distress due to the government turmoil.
Mr.Nyongo also adds that both him and his wife were traumatised, and as the kids were too young, they did not understand most of the things that happened. They were not explaining what went on there not to cause extra trauma.
Inspite of that, he believes that all that changes of location, all that exposure that Lupita faces at a very young age, might have turned out to be her power to become a strong actor.
Peter was also asked to comment on Lupita's performance in her oscar-winning role at the movie '12 years a slave'. “Lupita was very, very captivating. I don’t know how she did it. It was a tremendous performance.”
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