Sad: Man dumps his 2 kids in court over Wife’s arrest

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A man identified as Emeka Akabundu stunned court officials yesterday when he dumped his kids in the court premises in protest of his wife’s arrest.

The kids named Miracle and Favour looked on gloomily as their father complained bitterly over the ‘unjust’ arrest of his wife by the police.

Trouble started for Akabundu and his family when his wife assaulted a neighbour’s daughter.She was detained at the station for three days because the husband did not show up to settle the matter.

At station that the woman was actually detained behind the counter with her kids because the police found it difficult to charge the woman with the kids. Akabundu later went to the police to see how he would settle the matter and release them but was told to pay N20,000 bribe. He couldn’t pay the money, so he decided to meet with the neighbour to settle the matter amicably but the police insisted that the case must be taken to court and declined to release his wife.He said instead, they handed him the children at the station and asked him to go and buy food for them.He said when he went back to the station after feeding the children, he was told that his wife had been charged to court for assault.

In anger, Akabundu took the children and dumped them in the court premises and left.