SHOCKING: 55 Killed As Tiv Youths And Fulani Herdsmen Clash In Benue

6 years ago by: Victor A. Ofoma
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(m) at 24-03-2014 04:54PM (6 years ago)

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It was a bloody afternoon yesterday March 23 in Benue state as some youths of the Tiv tribe clashed with suspected Fulani mercenaries in the state, leaving 55 people dead. The communal clash which is reported to be about land matters happened at Gbajimba, the headquarters of Guma LGA of the state.

Sources say suspected Fulani mercenaries had attempted to attack the Tiv community in the morning at about 10am but were resisted by the youths. They then made a return after a well coordinated attack plan had been hatched. They came in their hundreds, shooting indiscriminately and burning down houses. Continue...

"They came in their numbers very early in the morning from Awe, Nasarawa State and made an attempt to seize the town and the local government secretariat but they were confronted by our youths who resisted them, forcing them to beat a retreat. Later in the afternoon at about 1pm, they staged a more coordinated attack on the town, this time they came in their hundreds, shooting, burning down houses, huts and killing anything in sight. The Police station in Gbajimba was helpless because we have less than 50 officers and men on ground at the station and this attack has completely overwhelmed them". A witness said

Benue State Deputy Governor Steven Lawani while speaking at a thanksgiving service yesterday at the state capital, Makurdi, pledged that residents would reclaim their land being occupied by Fulani herdsmen.

christianity (m) at 24-03-2014 05:00PM
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Nawao,naija alway bad news
schmit (f) at 24-03-2014 05:12PM
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wcollins (m) at 24-03-2014 05:45PM
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People beware of Suya meat... cos all these killing ..killing game don dey too much... i suspect say no more cow for suya and as adamu must sell suya... they must kill human's.... Admin go and investigate Isa wey dey sell suya for front of mama tunde shop  wey dey sell rice under the bridge..... Grin
paulohking (m) at 24-03-2014 05:46PM
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Fulanis!!! na wa o
gmarley (m) at 24-03-2014 05:49PM
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every time bad news why
HOPEA23 (f) at 24-03-2014 06:08PM
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Fulnai...they want to take the whole place ..what's wrong with dem.....they need to be ship back to where they really belong....the British see what you pple have caused... for bring different pple with diffferent belief  to be one....

Mobbysmartins (m) at 24-03-2014 06:16PM
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I think it is high time the Benue State Government handle this miscreants,he have the constitutional powers to do so.The Youths should have continued to be on alert waiting for them.
dareper (m) at 24-03-2014 06:33PM
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War loading... Up biafra!!
winace (f) at 24-03-2014 06:36PM
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Wat nonsense. Fulanis are fighting TIV in their own land again? Male dem no bring dat rubbish cum my place o.
sucre4u (m) at 24-03-2014 06:48PM
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Lord av mercy
deboalabi262 (m) at 24-03-2014 07:28PM
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These Fulanis are becoming nuisance every where/every state in Naija. They should go to their homeland.... Angry Angry Angry Angry

cocoeni (f) at 24-03-2014 09:05PM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked killing everyday in naija ..God help us.
proly (f) at 24-03-2014 09:10PM
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these fulanis cause prob everywher
IDOKOO (m) at 24-03-2014 09:15PM
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I am a bonify benue guy, and what they are sayin is all truth but, as dey came in hundreds, so dey must die in hundreds. it is our land, and we must fight dieing and wining. DEATH IS D END OF PAINS. & IT BETTER 2 SERVE IN HEAVEN THAN TO RAIN IN HELL.
akinmanchy (m) at 24-03-2014 09:40PM
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End result of poverty + illiteracy

chicco77 (f) at 24-03-2014 09:50PM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
Gentle29 (m) at 24-03-2014 09:59PM
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Aboki line mumu ppl  Grin
 Mak una dey kill una self
Larry28 (f) at 24-03-2014 10:06PM
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Rip to the lost Souls !!
dickman2 (m) at 24-03-2014 10:17PM
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but cow dey fight here with people..abi na the cow be the Fulani  people..i ask oooh..
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