Kenyan lawmaker compares gays and lesbians to terrorists

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The problem of homosexuality is as bad as the problem of terrorism. This has been declared by the parliamentary leader of Kenya’s ruling party on March 26, 2014, Wednesday.
The majority leader from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ruling Jubilee coalition, Aden Duale, made his comments in response to those who demanded tougher anti-gay laws.
“We need to go on and address this issue the way we want to address terrorism...
“It’s as serious as terrorism. It’s as serious as any other social evil,” Duale said, reminding of constant threats from Al-Qaeda-linked Somali Islamist militants.
However, he noted that the Kenyan constitution and the penal code have already had sufficient anti-gay provisions, denying the government was reluctant to tighten such laws for fear of losing international aid.
“We do not need to go the Uganda way, we have the constitution and the penal code to deal with homosexuality, and so this debate is finished, we will not be enacting any new tougher laws,” Duale told Reuters later.
The parliamentary leader disclosed that 595 cases of homosexuality had been investigated in Kenya since 2010, when a new constitution was adopted.
Kenya’s penal code says any person “who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” is guilty of a felony and can be jailed for 14 years.
Anti-gay groups mounted extra pressure on the Kenyan government after Nigeria and Uganda toughened up laws against homosexuals.
One of these groups, The Save Our Men Initiative, has said it is launching a “Zuia Sodom Kabisa” campaign, meaning “prevent Sodom completely” in Swahili, to “save the family, save youth, save Kenya”.
It would be recalled that the African continent is really unfriendly to homosexuals. Such relations are illegal in 37 countries. Fear of violence, imprisonment and loss of jobs means few gays in Africa are open about their sexuality.
This year Nigeria has outlawed same-sex relationships. Uganda has voted for life imprisonment for some homosexual acts, prompting some international donors to suspend aid.
Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has said homosexuals are “vermin” and must be fought like malaria-causing mosquitoes.
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True talk! Sey dem no knw say homosexuality dey synonymous 2 terrorism b4? E don tey bcos na d same demons dey contrl both practice.
-- dynasty4all (m) at 27-03-2014 10:48AM
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I agree with him/her
-- winace (f) at 27-03-2014 11:14AM
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Gayism is evil.
-- Mobbysmartins (m) at 27-03-2014 11:30AM
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I agree.Homosexuality is biological and cultural Terrorism.
-- Neglito (m) at 27-03-2014 11:45AM
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They are bent on human extinction, that is correct.
-- johnaguinam (m) at 27-03-2014 12:24PM
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abeg poster send dis mtn N100 give daa kenya man 289052243962
-- Larry28 (f) at 27-03-2014 12:27PM
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I agree
-- chicco77 (f) at 27-03-2014 01:07PM
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true talk
-- bankadetoun (f) at 27-03-2014 03:40PM
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U got it Man
-- daveobahon (m) at 27-03-2014 04:01PM
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-- dareper (m) at 27-03-2014 04:59PM
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Even the bible and koran said that homosexuality is irritating to GOD's presence, and god is allergic to it cuz it makes god to vomit
-- proly (f) at 27-03-2014 06:19PM
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-- iamDonc (m) at 27-03-2014 06:54PM
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good one
-- cocoeni (f) at 27-03-2014 09:19PM
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very right
-- dickman2 (m) at 27-03-2014 09:55PM
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true talk..
-- zoe61 (f) at 27-03-2014 10:46PM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked
-- osamabinladin (m) at 28-03-2014 12:40AM
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Noted !
-- Lekan22 (m) at 28-03-2014 10:22AM
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