29-year-old man Kills Daughter over Plate of Rice (Photo)

Published On: May 3, 2014, 6:58 am (6 years ago)
Author: makinkosn james
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The police in Rivers State have arrested a 29-year-old man, Kingsley Ekerete, who killed his seven-year-old daughter over a plate of boiled rice in Obimama, Oyigbo Local Government Area of the state.

Nigerian Tribune reports that Kingsley Ekerete, 29, a commercial driver on the fateful day of April 12, 2014, returned home like every other day at 1900hrs, already famished. He hurried down to the pot of rice he had prepared before leaving for work only to find that his also hungry daughter, Favour, had helped herself to the meal he had reserved for himself.

Kingsley’s animal instincts became awakened and what followed were fits of mad rage as the red-eyed father unleashed his beastly tendencies on his seven-year-old daughter.

Little Favour Ekerete, who had been ill before this time, cried herself to sleep and her illness worsened as a result of the beating she received from her father. According to Kingsley’s own confession, she died some hours later.

He then proceeded to place the corpse at a corner of his one-room apartment, an apartment that also housed his two other children aged two and three, not even giving a thought to the implications of keeping the dead child with her frightened siblings.

The kids bore the ordeal as the remains of Favour spent a whole night with them before their father, having made sure his neighbours were all fast asleep, wrapped the corpse in his own clothing, took a shovel and buried it in a shallow grave behind his room.

But Favour’s spirit must have cried out from that shallow grave for justice, for as much as Kingsley tried to cover his crime, he was soon found out. One Ugwu, the caretaker of the building where Kingsley resides, noticed the strange and sudden disappearance of Favour, who had been the darling of neighbours.

She (Ugwu) quizzed her father about her whereabouts and the latter spun a story of how the child had taken ill and how he had taken her to a hospital in neighbouring Umuebulu community where she had died.

But Ms Ugwu insisted on seeing the corpse, which Kingley blatantly refused to oblige her. She then threatened to report to the police. But before then, she informed a neighbour, one Pastor Emeka Onuoha, of the situation.

While this was going on, men of the Afam Police Division who were on patrol were flagged down by the pastor. Kingsley was arrested and, after interrogations, was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Rivers State.

In an attempt to cover his crime, Kingsley gave different accounts to the police, claiming that the mother of his children abandoned him to take care of their ailing child alone and the child had died for lack of attention while he toiled for find money. Yet in another account, he claimed that being so poor, he had deposited his mobile phone with a Hausa rice seller in order to get the rice that he had prepared to feed the children, not knowing that the rice had been poisoned.

When asked to lead the police to the location of Favour’s corpse, he also gave conflicting accounts. He first said she had died on the way to the hospital and so he buried her somewhere along the way and couldn’t remember where it was. Then he later said that the body was in a mortuary at a neighbouring village.

But the truth was unfolded when his parents, Mr and Mrs Ekerete, visited the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID). They told the police of Kingsley’s strange behaviour even toward the mother of his children, who ran away from home to avoid his excesses. Kingsley’s father also narrated how his son had called him immediately after the child’s death.

He has since taken the police to the site where he buried his daughter in a grave so shallow that the corpse is visible even without exhumation.

Speaking on the development, the Commissioner of Police, Tunde Ogunsakin, explained that his men, after receiving the case file from Afam Police Station, noticed that Kingsley’s  explanation on his missing daughter was suspicious and that efforts to reach the mother of the deceased was rebuffed when police started investigation.

He said that this is a case of homicide and that considering the nature of the crime, Kingsley would need to go through a psychiatric test before he is taken to court for prosecution.
According to Ogunsakin, the Child’s Rights Act Sections 4 and 14 state that this is a violation of the child’s right to survival and development as well as parental care and protection.

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Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 06:58 AM | Newbie
weed guys are always like that,when you tell people to stop smoking weed,they won't listen at all...how can a poor smoke weed??many guys now are insane and some are mad already because of the ganja work
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 08:57 AM | Gistmaniac
This season is really full of shit(s).....homicide here and there....When will one cease to read/see such devilish acts...see as the man they lie anyhow...gosh...RIP babe girl
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 09:12 AM | Gistmaniac
Very bad
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 09:15 AM | Hero
Too bad RIp
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 09:41 AM | Hero
RIP little girl  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 09:43 AM | Addicted Hero
there are parents that would go hungry just to ensure that their children dont go to bed hungry,, but in this case, it was other way round,,pathetic,, killed your own blood  because of plate of rice,,why not quickly dash out and get  a loaf of bread or something else,,  who knows, the man might have been on drug,, this is pathetic,
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 10:05 AM | Gistmaniac
awful so sad, RIP!
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 10:29 AM | Upcoming
Another example of a Nigerian taking out their frustration on the vulnerable people - the sick, elderly and children.

He even had the heart to hide her body and pretend that all was well. Such a heartless "father."

They only look remorseful when they are caught.

After all Favour did not ask to be born into this world - you laid down with your wife and made that decision.

Mudering scum!
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 10:50 AM | Gistmaniac
Na wa o!wetin hunger dey cause
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 10:56 AM | Gistmaniac
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 01:09 PM | Addicted Hero
Nigga has some spiritual problems.. Stupidity..
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 02:09 PM | Gistmaniac
 A hungry man is an angry man...RIP little girl
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 02:18 PM | Hero
Quote from: cocoeni on  3-05-2014 02:18 PM
A hungry man is an angry man...RIP little girl
i c
same same?
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 04:21 PM | Grande Master
Wickedness to the highest order
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 06:40 PM | Addicted Hero
poverty is killing most of Nigerians, God  pls help us o
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 07:17 PM | Hero
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 08:06 PM | Hero
Quote from: teebaz990 on  3-05-2014 06:09 PM
You are in India and you advertising admissions into europe university how come ..... dont worry continue your 419 the indians will soon find out and hack to death

Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 09:33 PM | Grande Master
Poverty...the root of all nigerian problems!
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 10:06 PM | Upcoming
which kind father be this one ..
Posted: (6 years ago) on 3-05-2014 11:33 PM | Addicted Hero
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