Liberia desperately hunting for 17 ebola patients who fled quarantine

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One of the youth carries an infected girl
Liberia is desperately searching for 17 Ebola patients who fled after an attack on a quarantine centre in the capital Monrovia. On Saturday,youths wielding clubs and sticks attacked a medical facility set up to isolate Ebola victims.
They chanted "there is no ebola" as they carted away equipment and personal effects of patients .They said Ebola is a myth....
 Despite the search,they are yet to find any of the missing victims.They are now considering sealing off the entire area which houses over 75 thousand house

Information Minister Lewis Brown said:

    "All those hooligans who looted the centre are now probable carriers of the disease.... They took mattresses and bedding that were soaked with fluids from the patients. To quarantine the area could be one of the solutions."
    We run the risk of facing a difficult-to-control situation," "The police had to stand down because they were concerned not to put their men at risk. They got a supply of protective equipment yesterday and my expectation is that they will redeploy today."