Policemen Caught on Camera Beating and Harassing a Man Along Lekki Rd, Lagos

Published 5 years ago by: Giwa bayo
at 27-10-2014 03:19PM (5 years ago)

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Policemen attached to Oando Filling Station were seen around noon today beating a customer at Oando filling station Ikate, Lekki Road. Passersby, one of them didn't know what he did to warrant the assault but took photos and sent it in.

Wysetots at 27-10-2014 03:31PM (5 years ago)
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Police brutality.....always exerted on a law abiding citizen.
When armed robbers appear, they all take off their uniforms and abscond.
Aniagain at 27-10-2014 03:44PM (5 years ago)
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Why police people yansh dey always flat?

Giftous1 at 27-10-2014 03:52PM (5 years ago)
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Na their way na....why am i not suprised
morgrawl231 at 27-10-2014 04:10PM (5 years ago)
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Police madness,,,,Crazy goats, they will never change,,,,
beneno at 27-10-2014 04:24PM (5 years ago)
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no body know what he did,so stop blaming the police.u dont know if the man has been declared wanted by the police before for commiting a crime   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Larry28 at 27-10-2014 04:27PM (5 years ago)
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Animals in uniforms
dareper at 27-10-2014 04:49PM (5 years ago)
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Is like God use police to punish nigeria
dareper at 27-10-2014 04:54PM (5 years ago)
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Quote from: beneno on 27-10-2014 04:24PM
no body know what he did,so stop blaming the police.u dont know if the man has been declared wanted by the police before for commiting a crime   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
even if he is a well known criminal, police don't have any right to beat or manhandle him so far he didn't resist arrest or show sigh of aggressive. We all have our own right police don't have right to slap, beat, or manhandle anybody who didn't go aggressive to them.
Ritabrenice at 27-10-2014 05:05PM (5 years ago)
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Na their way be dat, thank God say my father don retire
allenspike at 27-10-2014 05:24PM (5 years ago)
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Is writing a message
jejeniwa at 27-10-2014 06:21PM (5 years ago)
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they a fnd of dat rubish
ozzeey at 27-10-2014 06:30PM (5 years ago)
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nigerian police!!!! Nigeria police!!! Na wa ooo
shakurmaria at 27-10-2014 06:42PM (5 years ago)
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Nigeria police act like an animal , They are unprofessional, under trained. Imagine a police officer questioning a 45 year old man working class man where he got money to buy a car. Stupid questions. They treat the public like an animal , I don't even think they know whats human right and civil right. Imagine a police man with ammunition in a beer parlor , Imagine a police been a friend to a tout or miscreant. our force are just something else. Also check out the Nigeria Army, they maltreat the masses and our government cant do nothing about it. Nigeria force humiliate civilians and they act as if they are above the law. You can sue or charge any Nigeria force officer to court and win. Because the court is also corrupt. Shame to Nigeria Government.
bamilok2008 at 27-10-2014 07:28PM (5 years ago)
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Only in Nigeria Police harass citizen anyhow becos of bribe. Corruption will never reduce in Police
Abubu86 at 27-10-2014 07:49PM (5 years ago)
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Dats police 4 u
westside2034 at 27-10-2014 08:34PM (5 years ago)
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if nah armrobber now they go ran like 500klm marathon race idiot police. Most of them no finished secondary school talkless of ND...stupid animal  Cheesy
Foxtroft at 27-10-2014 09:54PM (5 years ago)
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Quote from: Aniagain on 27-10-2014 03:44PM
Why police people yansh dey always flat?
I no see am ooooooooooooh. . It is like you faggot (gay) is the only one on this forum that sees it
chealseafc at 28-10-2014 12:53AM (5 years ago)
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them dey only get power when them see harmless civilians, but when GODOGODO and co appear, them go take off like BEN JOHNSON. that is why nobody dey pitty them when armed robbers kill them.
zeigbo at 28-10-2014 09:42AM (5 years ago)
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