50 Cent Baby Mama, Daphne Joy Flaunt Her Sexy Body In Bikini

Date: 17-04-2015 10:13 am (8 years ago) | Author: CLARA JANCITA
- at 17-04-2015 10:13 AM (8 years ago)


Model Daphne Joy is the mother of 50 Cent's 2 year old son, Sire, and her body is the truth. The 28 year old model and aspiring actress showed off her amazing physique during a vacation in Miami, Florida, this week.

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- echeeche at 17-04-2015 10:55 AM (8 years ago)
slut indeed hisssssssssssss
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- Abuguru at 17-04-2015 11:46 AM (8 years ago)
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Bosom tinz
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She make sense Die, her son actually stole her beauty

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Baby mama syndrom , na our celebrities dey copy
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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