Nigeria criminal gang busted in China

Date: 30-04-2015 3:22 am (6 years ago) | Author: Collins Emeka
- at 30-04-2015 03:22 AM (6 years ago)
A criminal gang named “Freedom Fighters” was hunted down by police of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province recently. 18 suspects, including 16 foreigners and two Chinese, were detained for accusations of violence and drug dealing.The police noticed the gang at the end of 2014, when a foreigner reported that he had been robbed by some other foreigners. After studying about the case, the police found that several similar cases all lead up to the same gang composed of foreigners.
With investigations and three raids between January and April this year, the police finally eliminated the gang, solving five robberies and two drug dealing cases. The gang’s leading members, Odunukwe Chinedu and Abdoulaye were arrested and several axes, drugs and the gang’s uniforms, signs were also seized by the police.
“Freedom Fighters” was first established in Guangzhou in 2009 to “help” foreign businessmen to deal with chain debts. They would hack the debtors with axes if they failed to pay back the money.The gang had grown to over twenty members before they were eliminated, with their “businesses” spreading to nearby Foshan and Dongguan cities.

“Freedom Fighters” was organized according to a rigid hierarchy. The leader, in the highest position, made major decisions of the gang’s affairs. He has his own priest and treasury. And as a businessman in China for years, he has a good knowledge about the country.

Below the leader there was a “Commission of Founders” composed of five members, who were in charge of implementing and supervising the criminal acts; the third level, also the bottom class, was consisted of thugs, who committed the actual crimes such as robbery, assaults and drug dealing.

Gang members were summoned for gathering-ups regularly and were issued with uniforms, scarves and hoods with the gang’s signs. Their main income included payments after they helped dealing with debts and membership of new members, whom they threatened to join with violence.

They also started drug dealing through a Chinese drug dealer. Their main targets were foreigners in Guangzhou. The police claim that the gang had created a bad social influence in the area and call for more reports by victims

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