WTF! Teenager Dies While Trying To Take A Special Selfie

at 14-05-2015 06:17AM (4 years ago)

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Anna Ursu, 18, went to the train station in the northern Romanian town of Iasi in the hope of taking a ‘special’ selfie to post on Facebook.

However, while lying on top of the train, she accidentally touched the electrical field of a live wire with her leg sending 27,000 volts through her body and causing her to burst into flames while her 17 year old who was with her was sent flying through the air.

A witness who tried to warn them of the dangers of what they were about to do, attempted to save Anna and extinguish her flaming clothes, but the 18-year-old died in hospital with more than 50 percent burns. Her friend, 17, is currently recovering in hospital.

The witness said he had called for the girls to get down when he saw them on top of the train but they ignored his warnings. He said shortly after he warned them, he heard a bang – and Anna burst into flames.

May her soul rest in peace.

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kelvos007 at 14-05-2015 06:42AM (4 years ago)
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1000 Ways To Die " SelfieFried"
Wysetots at 14-05-2015 07:36AM (4 years ago)
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seundavid88 at 14-05-2015 07:53AM (4 years ago)
(152 | Upcoming) (m)

1000 ways to die selfie  don't try it @home
bobchuks at 14-05-2015 08:14AM (4 years ago)
(385 | Upcoming) (m)

Lesson learnt the hard way.....I hope they would include her Fone in the casket so she wld continue her selfie in the grave ....mumu
DeboNero at 14-05-2015 09:28AM (4 years ago)
(390 | Upcoming) (m)

Rest in peace? How?
benbella1 at 14-05-2015 09:33AM (4 years ago)
(228 | Upcoming) (m)

suicide selfie.
echeeche at 14-05-2015 09:43AM (4 years ago)
(9431 | Hero) Online (m)

Is a lie which dead
beneno at 14-05-2015 10:45AM (4 years ago)
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osarobo62 at 14-05-2015 02:40PM (4 years ago)
(11725 | Hero) (m)

where is the selfie?
winace at 14-05-2015 03:02PM (4 years ago)
(30152 | Addicted Hero) (f)

Una see selfie madness whr it took her to now, to hell
Oways at 14-05-2015 04:34PM (4 years ago)
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olisax at 14-05-2015 05:15PM (4 years ago)
(28 | Newbie) (m)

may her soul rest in peace....but na for only abroad ooo in Nigeria we dnt have electric train so u guys r free to take selfie here in nigeria....even for high ways u fit take selfies

SOGaiya at 14-05-2015 10:33PM (4 years ago)
(5469 | Gistmaniac) (m)

A thousand way 2 die b4 death
PoliticxGuru at 16-08-2015 06:16PM (4 years ago)
(14192 | Hero) (m)

Things gone wrong
elchymo at 19-08-2015 02:55AM (4 years ago)
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