The Introduction Of Christianity Is The Genesis Of South Africa Problem - President Jacob Zuma

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at 14-05-2015 02:39PM (4 years ago)

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Jacob Zuma is at the centre of a religious storm in South Africa after reportedly blaming the introduction Christianity in the 19th century for the continent’s current problems.
Mr Zuma, South Africa’s first Zulu president, told an event in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal that Christianity brought about “orphans” and “old-age homes” thereby destroying Africa’s traditions, according to South Africa’s Times newspaper.
“As Africans, long before the arrival of religion and [the] gospel, we had our own ways of doing things,” he said.
“Those were times that the religious people refer to as dark days but we know that, during those times, there were no orphans or old-age homes. Christianity has brought along these things.”
Mr Zuma’s office later issued a statement saying that his comments had been reported in a “misleading manner” and were aimed at ensuring South Africans do not neglect African culture.
“While we should embrace western culture and Christianity, we should not neglect the African ways of doing things,” said Mac Maharaj, presidency spokesman.
However, South Africa’s Council of Churches has said it was “deeply disappointed”. “We are just taken aback. We are shocked and we don’t understand,” said Reverend Mautji Pataki, SACC general secretary. Rev Pataki said that it was the “calling” of Christians to care for the vulnerable of society.
“The Lord Jesus Christ was a friend to orphans and widowers and the old and the disabled. Wherever they are, we will do our ministry … which is to take care of them. It’s a calling. It’s not a choice.” Mr Zuma is a devout follower of tribal custom, including polygamy. In January last year he wed his third wife at a traditional Zulu ceremony. During the ritual wedding the bride, Madiba, 38, was introduced to the elders and ancestors, two years after Mr Zuma, 69, paid the Ilobolo (dowry).
In 2007, Mr Zuma was made an honorary pastor at a meeting of independent charismatic churches. Mr Maharaj said Mr Zuma would meet religious leaders in the new year to discuss joint initiatives on social issues.

olisax at 14-05-2015 02:46PM (4 years ago)
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sharap.....and am sure thus man is one of the men that supported xenophobia in south Africa... no wonder d attack started from zulu....

olisax at 14-05-2015 02:47PM (4 years ago)
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sharap.....and am sure thus man is one of the men that supported xenophobia in south Africa... no wonder d attack started from zulu....

bankadetoun at 14-05-2015 02:49PM (4 years ago)
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It is well.
eric2000 at 14-05-2015 03:00PM (4 years ago)
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true...not just christainity,all religion..religion is responsible for 90 percent of the problems on these planent in the last 20yrs...Nigeria(boko haram),Egypt,iraq Syria Somalia,rwanda,ethopia palestinia and Israelis,the philipines,libya..just the few I can remember right now..the truth is  that anywhere in the world were there is a problem in the last 20yrs,there is usually a religious connection to it in 90 percent of the cases...time to abolish all forms of organized religion for a safe and peaceful opinion
kelvos007 at 14-05-2015 03:18PM (4 years ago)
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Zuma rock head, he is d infamous world record holder of d president wit d , largest head.
anthonia406 at 14-05-2015 03:27PM (4 years ago)
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I don't know how come south Africans elected this man as their president.
Oways at 14-05-2015 03:30PM (4 years ago)
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Mr Zuma
Infinity77 at 14-05-2015 03:59PM (4 years ago)
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Christianity is simply civilization,so Mr Zuma,are u not enjoying modernity?
winace at 14-05-2015 04:11PM (4 years ago)
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Christiamity started right after CHRIST death. Any other one dat came after is jt for selfish reason. Meanwhile dis man is d cause of all d bad tins including xenephobia dat happen in South africa. We all kn he marries every year and I think he can't go futher so he is looking for ways to justify it.
Troublemenot at 14-05-2015 04:13PM (4 years ago)
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I dont know that black south africans can be so resist in everything they do or say is apartheid that bad to have corrupt their mind and way of thinking  
echeeche at 14-05-2015 04:15PM (4 years ago)
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Can you hear yourself old fool,,,,
Abubu86 at 14-05-2015 04:44PM (4 years ago)
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
beautysharp at 14-05-2015 05:05PM (4 years ago)
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I'm not surprised because from the name zooman( zuma) its very obvious that he comes from the zoo. Mr president remember that when u remove Christ from Christian the remaining three letters means I am nothing. And so are u repent now
Ken1230 at 14-05-2015 05:20PM (4 years ago)
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Poster Zuma is 73 years not 69 as you claimed. Anyway, Zulus are never Christians so why is Zuma crying now?
chealseafc at 14-05-2015 05:52PM (4 years ago)
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una say GEJ na clueless presido.
so wetin we go call this one?.
princemma at 14-05-2015 06:04PM (4 years ago)
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he's confused and mad
beneno at 14-05-2015 06:06PM (4 years ago)
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freethinker at 14-05-2015 09:11PM (4 years ago)
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Wysetots at 15-05-2015 05:29AM (4 years ago)
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I thought when the head is big........something is inside.
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