Nigerian Students In UK To Be Banned From Working And Forced To Leave When Their Course Ends

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Foreign students are to be banned from working in Britain under a fresh crackdown on immigration ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May. When their courses finish, they will have to leave the country before reapplying to return for a job.

Ministers say the new rules, which will apply to all those from outside the European Union, will stop colleges being used as a 'back door to a British work visa'.

Official figures show that 121,000 non-EU students entered the UK in the 12 months to June last
year, but only 51,000 left – a net influx of 70,000. The government also estimates that the number of foreign students coming to the UK will rise by more than 6 per cent a year up to 2020. Home Secretary Theresa May has taken action against 870 bogus colleges, banning them from taking foreign students.

They want to stop student visas being used as an easy way to enter the UK before getting a job and claiming benefits. Under the new rules, non-EU students will be denied the right to work while in the UK and will not be able to apply for a visa extension when their course finishes.
Students will have to leave the country before applying to return under a work visa.

The length of stay is also expected to be cut to two years when the plans are unveiled this week.

But universities have warned that any clampdown could damage the sector and business leaders are also wary of the move, warning it could rob Britain of vital skills. DailyMailUk reports that Seamus Nevin, head of employment and skills at the Institute of Directors, said:
'The Business Secretary's proposals to eject foreign students after graduation are misguided and would damage the British education system, our economy and global influence.
Britain already makes it difficult and artificially expensive for international students to enter and stay, and now these proposals would eject them ignominiously when their studies are finished.
Restricting talented workers from staying on in the UK would damage business and lead to a loss of important skills. Shutting the door to highly-trained international graduates at a time when our economy needs them most would be hugely damaging for UK businesses.
In the interests our education sector, our businesses, and our international standing, the Business Secretary should reconsider this proposal.'

There are arguments that this is good news for Nigeria, Your thoughts?

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-- Wysetots (m) at 13-07-2015 06:36AM
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Mehn !!
-- Obaneski (m) at 13-07-2015 06:43AM
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-- Wazubia Online (m) at 13-07-2015 07:00AM
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That's there law, Nigeria should emollient from them and do the same.
-- Wazubia Online (m) at 13-07-2015 07:20AM
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Is there law, naija should try and emulate them also. By stop so many immigrate that costing all this terrorist.
-- ignis99 (m) at 13-07-2015 07:22AM
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-- beneno (m) at 13-07-2015 07:24AM
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-- angesco (f) at 13-07-2015 07:29AM
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ALL foriegn students from nations that are NOT part of Europe are banned from working after completion of their studies in the UK.

Let's NOT commit slander and change the headline to single out Nigeria.  Nigeira was not singled out.  

We should be happy with this. Nigeria is suffering a real BRAIN DRAIN that needs to be reined in!

Every nation that has the welfare of it's people at heart considers their own citizens first. Nothing is stopping the AFRICAN UNION and/or Nigeria from doing the SAME!!! .  
-- uchex (m) at 13-07-2015 08:49AM
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No sense
-- mickeytoy (m) at 13-07-2015 08:50AM
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thanks @angesco, they have a little problem or painting Nigeria black in this forum... or maybe the idiot that posted it doesn't understand simple English.

so this British understands that they have been exploiting us through high tuition fees just like one of them told me that he cannot pay the kind of fees we pays for any on his children to study abroad that they are only exploiting us all in the name of we wanna study in the UK. then Nigeria too should start sending them packing too and put her citizens before anybody
-- winace (f) at 13-07-2015 09:01AM
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I wish african leaders will do same. Then africa will be a haven on earth.
-- edpete (m) at 13-07-2015 09:54AM
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-- Ritabrenice (f) at 13-07-2015 10:27AM
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Nothing like study abroad again
-- Vikkyid (m) at 13-07-2015 11:22AM
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i do hope such law will work in Naija, the retired immigration officers are agents of migrants in naija
-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 13-07-2015 11:54AM
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to hell with them
-- dis4real (f) at 13-07-2015 12:33PM
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Ok na
-- climax_man (m) at 13-07-2015 01:34PM
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-- echeeche (m) at 13-07-2015 04:19PM
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-- elchymo (m) at 14-08-2015 10:04AM
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Na wa oo