Abuja Independence Day Bomb Mastermind, Henry Okah Attempts Suicide In South African Jail Today

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(m) at 6-10-2015 06:45PM (4 years ago)

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Security operatives attached to Justice Gabriel Kolawole at the Federal High Court, Abuja, on Tuesday prevented Charles Okah, the alleged mastermind of the 2010 Independence Day bombing, from committing suicide in court.
Mr. Okah, a brother to Henry Okah, the leader of the Movement for the Emancipation Niger Delta, MEND, is standing trial on charges of terrorism.
He had sought the permission of the judge on Tuesday to speak on what he termed “endless trial”, as his counsel was absent in court.
The judge granted the oral application and permitted Mr. Okah to speak for about five minutes.
He said “I have been incarcerated for about five years now and I have a family to cater for.
“My children would grow up without feeling the warmth of their father and I am tired of this endless trial.
“I really do not know what I have done to be treated this way.
“Is it not better to die than to wait and be messed up this way?” he asked.
Immediately after Mr. Okah ended his speech, he grabbed a chair in the court and quickly moved toward a window on third floor of the five-storey building and attempted to jump down.
He was immediately pulled back by security operatives, lawyers and other litigants from jumping.
Consequently, Mr. Kolawole adjourned the case to October 20 for continuation of trial.
Others charged in the case are Obi Nwabueze and Edmund Ebuware.
The fourth accused, Tiemkemfa Osuvwo, died in Kuje prison, while Ebuwari has been jailed for life as his case was separately decided.
However, Messrs. Okah and Nwabueze have been facing long trial as a result of the introduction of numerous injunctions from both the prosecution and defence teams.

Source: NAN

dickieponga (m) at 6-10-2015 06:54PM
(13881 | Hero)

Hahahahahahaa e do shakara like say e wan jump knowing say dem go hold am back bcos ppl dey dere..
I beg make una give am life sentence...Im no say e get family e con dey organise terrorism...
Happiluv (f) at 6-10-2015 06:56PM
(7 | Newbie)

hmmmm ur not tired yet, untill u are jailed for life.
elchymo (m) at 6-10-2015 07:39PM
(22529 | Addicted Hero)

Una for allow am make him jump. After killing thousands of ppl, does he serve to live?
gogoman (m) at 6-10-2015 07:56PM
(31814 | Addicted Hero)

motherphyuker!!!! SEE HIM FACE YEYE BOY
osarobo62 (m) at 6-10-2015 07:57PM
(11725 | Hero)

why did they stop him Huh?
AmazingMarie (f) at 6-10-2015 08:13PM
(12049 | Hero)

protracted trial is frustrating this man. he may have meant to commit suicide o. hmmm
paulohking (m) at 6-10-2015 08:19PM
(12159 | Hero)

haba! no allow am to die cheaply o
he must suffer till death
papadip (m) at 6-10-2015 08:24PM
(7128 | Gistmaniac)

He can commit suicide anytime he wants in the prison when he is alone…please don’t come and shakara for us in the public….
What about the victims of that blast don’t they have families….?
proly (f) at 6-10-2015 08:42PM
(15537 | Hero)

I don't know why they re even still keeping him after killing many ppeople
china4jessy (f) at 6-10-2015 09:45PM
(2060 | Gistmaniac)

if he actually masterminded the bomb blast,  he should suffer for it.
china4jessy (f) at 6-10-2015 10:07PM
(2060 | Gistmaniac)

Many lives were wasted and whosoever that is responsible must die.
Ifeanyi1992 (m) at 6-10-2015 10:25PM
(19 | Newbie)

U will live without ur children so u will see how the families u killed their loved ones are feeling
kp45 (m) at 6-10-2015 10:26PM
(10372 | Hero) Online

Are u still keeping this dude character
china4jessy (f) at 6-10-2015 10:57PM
(2060 | Gistmaniac)

This man is a great pretender, he knew that he will not be allowed to  commit suicide  in the presence of  the Judge
allenspike (m) at 6-10-2015 11:30PM
(4044 | Gistmaniac) Online

they should let him feel the pain 1st of all, before sentencing him.
allenspike (m) at 6-10-2015 11:32PM
(4044 | Gistmaniac) Online

thank goodness he was not able to commit suicide
allenspike (m) at 6-10-2015 11:34PM
(4044 | Gistmaniac) Online

the name looks igboish, is he an igbo man?
okatee (m) at 7-10-2015 01:02AM
(7638 | Hero)

oga neva tire oo, dey shuld still keep him in prison, he shud ova suffer. wen u kill pple u no tink say u must go suffer ur actions
okatee (m) at 7-10-2015 01:04AM
(7638 | Hero)

oga neva tire oo, cus u go still ova suffer. shebi wen u mastermind d bomb e sweet u ko
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